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GOP the Party of Civil Rights

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some factoids you may find of interest:

1775 — First abolitionist society founded in Philadelphia

1789 — George Washington signs a law where no Federal territory can become a state if it allows slavery

1808 — United States bans the slave trade; smuggling continues.

1818 — The Democrat Party founded in 1792, become a majority in Congress

1820 — House Democrats repeal the law of 1789 in the Missouri Compromise

1850 — Democrats in the House and the Senate pass the Compromise of 1850 which establishes a Fugitive Slave Law in exchange for admission of California to the union as a free state, those accused of being a slave gave up:

  • Right to an attorney
  • Right to trial by jury
  • Right of habeas corpus

1854 — Democrat who were firmly in control in the Congress wanted more land opened up to slavery passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act which sets aside the Missouri Compromise and lets these two new huge territories, much of it north of the 36 30’ line established by the Missouri Compromise, decide whether they will allow slavery.  This was the deciding moment for people of conscious who left the Democratic Party for good.

The Republican Party starts out with 9 planks.  6 deal with Civil Rights including:
– Slavery ended
– Segregation ended
– Full civil rights
The Republican Party is founded as a Civil Rights Movement

1857 — In the Dared Scott decision, the Supreme Court says that blacks cannot be citizens and that Congress has no power to outlaw slavery in any territory.

1861-1865 — Civil War.

1863 — President Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves in the Confederate States.

1865 — Republicans passed the 13th amendment to the Constitution abolishes slavery in the United States.    Not a single Democrat voted for it.

1868 – Republicans passed the 14th amendment giving African American citizenship.  Not a single Democrat voted for it.

1870 -Republicans passed the 15th amendment giving African Americans the right to vote.  Not a single Democrat voted for it.

1870 – On February 25, Hiram Rhodes Revels became the first black member of the Senate – a Republican.

1870 – Joseph Hayne Rainey became the first African American to serve in the United States House of Representatives – a Republican.

1870 – First 23 black member of Congress are all Republicans – 13 were ex-slaves

1866-1875 – Republicans in Congress passed 19 Civil Rights Laws

1876 – Democrats took control of the House and no more Civil Rights Laws were passed until 1964.

1892 – Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the White House and repealed all civil rights laws including voting rights law.

1964 – More than 80% of the Republican members voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Compare to less than 70% of Democrats

1965 – More Republicans as a percentage of members in the Congress voted for the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Nearly Leading the Majority


One Response to “GOP the Party of Civil Rights”

  1. SaferToTheRight said

    I figure that Hayduke would have been able to dispute at least one of these claims by now…

    If not, then maybe he can explain why he is a Dem?

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