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Zoning Legislation Testimony in The Sun

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Baltimore Sun

Consistent with what I wrote yesterday, however without any immediate feedback from readers.  Read the comments from yesterday’s post and you will know what I mean.

Larry Carson reports that the trio of Democrats who proposed the legislation are going to consider amendments.

“We’re going to take the feedback and make them better,” said east Columbia Democrat Calvin Ball

The idea of using voluntary mediation in Zoning Board cases took the most fire from a baker’s dozen speakers, and Guzzone, a North Laurel-Savage Democrat, suggested changing that bill.

Added Ulman, a west Columbia Democrat: “We’ll work through potential changes.”

Make it better, changing the bill, and POTENTIAL changes.

Is it me?  It has to be me.  Am I reading something into Ulman’s words that isn’t there?  Potential changes?  Why are Ball and Guzzone on board with changes and Ulman will look at that potential.  It comes off as arrogant.

I wasn’t there when Ulman gave the quote so I don’t know the complete context of his comments.

Larry Carson quotes me among a number of others:

David W. Keelan, a candidate for Republican State Central Committee, said the mediation idea “is a step in the right direction” but not enough.

“It looks good, feels good, but seems to lack substance,” Keelan said.

Larry doesn’t mention my criticism of how Mssrs. Feaga, Guzzone and Ulman managed the comp lite process in the first place which is what brought this legislation about.

Larry also quotes the following testimony

But Stuart Kohn of Scaggsville, another longtime Maple Lawn critic, praised the Democrats for trying to improve a poor zoning process.

“To say this is a political stunt is simply not true,” he said, thanking Ulman, Guzzone and Ball for not waiting to attempt changes.

Mr. Kohn, coming from an obvious critic like myself, you are an obvious supporter of Mr. Guzzone and Mr. Ulman.  Which is fine.  I happen to believe that we would be better off it Mssrs. Feaga, Guzzone, and Ulman kept their hands off zoning laws and regulations for the remainder of their terms.  They have done enough damage already.  I would trust the next council to come in and make those changes.

Yes, yes, yes… They will be unexperienced, but at least untainted.

Finally, Larry did not mention perhaps the most compelling testimony of the evening.

Nothing in the Examiner today (Laura Greenback was there).  She was getting a lot of background information from one of the people who testified and got a lot of interesting information.  I look forward to her article (granted she only has 300 words to work with) to see if she can work in any of the additional information she got.

The Howard County Times was there too.  We shall see their coverage tomorrow.


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