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See Tom Run, again?

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In a previous postI wrote about Tom Snyder.  Mr. Snyder was (or is) a Maryland State employee who resigned his position to run as an independent candidate for Howard County Executive.  Since he (embarrassingly) didn’t meet the eligibility requirements his campaign was short lived.  I hope he got his job back.

That didn’t keep Tom from running.  Apparantly he smells blood in the water.

Mr. Snyder is the campaign manager for Steve Wallis’ independent run for Howard County Executive.  See Mr. Wallis’ web site, bottom picture.  Additionally, you can check of the Maryland State Board of Elections database.

What does this mean?  I don’t know.  I do find it interesting that Mr. Snyder’s had to drop his campaign before it even launched because he failed to check on the eligibility requirements, and has now taken a high profile role in Mr. Wallis’ campaign.  Perhaps together they will be much better at fact checking.


6 Responses to “See Tom Run, again?”

  1. lisa said

    well at least he’s moving up. Too bad it’s due to his incompetence rather than his talents. Might explain why most of the leaders in the world get to where they are…

  2. Mary Smith said

    Interesting. Please provide examples of incompetency that acted as the catalyst for ‘moving up’. I’m sure you have something other than the lone residency item.

    Also interesting; what is the basis for the character barb (innuendo?) with the statement, “he smells blood in the water”, likening Tom Snyder to a shark?

    So often, people tag others with the very descriptions that are aptly applied in the mirror. In order to know if this is or is not what is happening in these posts, bases for these statements are required.

    Much appreciated.

  3. hocomd said

    “Smells Blood in the Water” = Sees opportunity. Considers Merdon and Ulman vulnerable. Considers 2006 a good chance to elect an independent as County Executive, etc. Based on his own aborted campaign and getting involved in Wallis’ campaign. Do they know each other? Any history? Just curious.

    BTW: The shark is a noble creature in my mind. Stong, adept, tough, relentless, agile, and adaptable as predators. What do you have against sharks?

  4. Jim Adams said

    They bit.

  5. Jim Adams said

    Sorry – They bite.

  6. hocomd said

    Well Fran. YOu should email me directing at david (at sign) I am not going to reply on this forum. This is a family matter after all.

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