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Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Washington Times and WBAL (Jayne Miller) are rehashing this continuing saga.  A couple of things caught my attention.

Basically they both report that former Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Clark’s lawyer claims a city owned laptop contains clues as to who MD4BUSH might be.  They are demanding that the city preserve the laptop as evidence.

What peaked my interest was this statement:

Skeptics of the story point out that the computer was stolen from Mr. Malone’s home Oct. 4, 2004, which was before the MD4Bush account was created at and MD4Bush’s first posting on the Internet message board Oct. 15, 2004.

Still, any reference to MD4Bush at such an early date would seemingly indicate foreknowledge of the plot.

I don’t know if their was foreknowledge of a plot or not.  I do know for a fact that O’Malley was blaming Ehrlich for the rumors as early as Feb/March 2003.  See my post “Me and Martin O’Malley” in which I recall:

On another occasion I was at a parade pub fundraiser and a friend of Martin’s was playing music for the event.  Martin showed up to see his friend.  After his friend finished his set they sat for a pint.  I sat down with them a few minutes later and O’Malley was blasting away at Bob Ehrlich for spreading rumors about Martin’s alleged infidelities.  This was 2003.

If O’Malley was blaming Ehrlich that early on (way before MD4BUSH) is it possible that the Maryland Democratic Party (or perhaps an O’Malley operative) did set up Ehrlich, or was Ehrlich a hapless victim of a long set up?

BTW: Is this in the Baltimore Sun?  I can’t find it.

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