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Republican Primarys

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, July 31, 2006

The GOP has a number of uncontested primary races:

  • County Executive: Chris Merdon
  • County Council One: Tony Salazar
  • County Council District Three: Donna Thewes
  • County Council District Four: Tom D’Asto
  • State Senate District 9: Allan Kittleman
  • State Senate District 12: Richard Martel
  • State Senate District 13: Sandy Schrader
  • House of Delegates 12A: Joe Hooe and Albert Nalley
  • House of Delegates 12B: Chris Feldwick
  • House of Delegates 13: Mary Beth Tung, Loretta Gaffney, Rick Bowers
  • Clerk of the Circuit Court: Marge Rappaport
  • Register of Wills: Kay Hartleb
  • Sheriff: Tim Galt
  • Judge of the Orphans Court: Joyce Pope and Chuck Coles

I applaud each of the candidates and encourage all Republicans, whether they be candidates or voters, to enthusiastically endorse these fine candidates.  We should applaud them for taking on a very difficult task, for representing the values of the Howard County Republican Party, and working tirelessly for one another.

BTW: I applaud the Democrats for willing to make similiar sacrifices.  It isn’t easy being a candidate for any party, and our Democratic friends have more difficult job since they are on the wrong side.

We do have some contested races:

  • County Council District 2: Gina Ellrich and David Hlass
  • County Council District 5: Jim Adams, Greg Fox, and Wayne Livesay (the former Democrat and anti-gun activist)
  • House of Delegates District 9A: Warren Miller (I), Gail Bates (I), and Melissa Covolesky

It isn’t wise for other candidates to involve themselves in contested primaries.  However, their are execeptions to this rule.

  • Always support the incumbent.  In District 9A that is easy.  Gail and Warren have done a great job.  They have my endorsement.
  • Support the real Republican.  In County Council District 5 that would be Jim Adams and Greg Fox.  Greg is my friend so the choice is easy.  As for Jim, I hope he seeks appointment to a board or commission, preferably the Spending Affordability Committee.  As for Wayne Livesay.  Enough said already.  Read his own words about why he left the Republican Party.
  • Support the best candidate:  Mr. Hlass has just had too many issues and embarassing public incidents to garnish my support.  What was once a promising new elected official racked up some high profile incidents that raise questions in my mind about his suitability for public office.

So, what do you think?  Who are you supporting in the GOP primary and why.  Talk your head off and pass this around.  Do you think I am full of it for inserting myself in contested primaries or should I wait on the sidelines and not involve myself in those races?  How about you?  Are you going to choose sides?  Should our candidates choose sides as some have (The Howard County Leadership Slate is one example)?

Relative to our uncontested races.  Do you think our County Candidates are doing enough to show a united front?  Can they do more or should they do less?  What should they do to show that we have a powerful slate of canidates for November?

Over 125 people visit this site daily (and it is growing fast).  Lets hear from you.


3 Responses to “Republican Primarys”

  1. I have to disagree with your first point – “Always support the incumbent”. In this day and age of gerrymandering, the primary has become the defacto general election in many districts where the winning one party’s primary is tantamount to winning the general election. I think the primary process still has to be contested enough so that incumbents are not complacent with being in their position. This goes towards your second point that we need to make sure that the person nominated truly supports Republicans ideals, maybe not 100% of the time, but enough where their election would mean something to the voters in their party that put them there. If incumbents are always guaranteed support from the party no matter what, what incentive is there for them to vote in a manner that reflects the views of the voters that put them in that position in the first place? Obviously there are exceptions to this when delectability is a concern. Cripes, Republicans put up Connie Morella for years knowing she was one of the most liberal Congresspeople out there, but realizing her single vote for Dennis Hastert every two years was worth it and what she did after that was her own concern and she was given a pass. But in districts that are already decidedly Republican, I think the voting pattern of an incumbent should matter and that incumbent should be accountable and not automatically get the support of the party.

    I should clarify that I don’t believe any HoCo Republicans incumbents fall into that category this year and believe they have all earned re-election. But what if one of the challengers this year becomes elected and after four years, their voting patterns don’t reflect Republican values enough to satisfy a majority of the base? Should they be given a pass, following the “Always support incumbents” rule, or should the Party attempt to find someone better to reflect the party base? Since the districts have become so one-sided towards one party or the other, where would the accountable be for that elected official if they are given a pass in the primary?

  2. hocomd said

    I stand corrected

  3. Jim Adams said

    I visit your site often, it is good reading, very informative. You have a nice style of writing and more often than not just the right level of depth to teach and keep the reader informed. Today I add another element in your style. Humor. I knew it was coming when I read the above, realizing you would include Wayne Livesay. I quess this unpredictable, predictabiliy, is part of what keeps it interesting. Keep up the good work David.

    p.s. I agree with Dave Wissing in reference to incumbents.

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