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Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, August 1, 2006

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  1. Mary Smith said

    Can you check the i/p addresses for the views, to know whether one person (like me) continually goes to a particlar page irrespective of page age?

    Also, can you check the i/p addresses for the votes to determine if someone is voting more than once?

  2. hocomd said

    I can see domain names and ip addresses. However, not always. I could tell that Jen and Molly were the same because they would post within minutes of each other and they would be the same IP address. The other information I get on comments/views are the email address and user name the commenter entered into the comments form (they can enter anything they like). When I can see domain names or ip addresses most time I can see what page they entered the site. Putting two and two together is mostly a guessing game. However, my best guess is that you bookmarked one of the Wallis posts and you enter through that page.

    I don’t run the site for the polls so I can not see who is voting. The site (POLLHOST.COM) restricts multiple voting, not me. They completely manage the poll. If people are voting multiple times I have no way to know it. I put the polls up for fun. They are not scientific by any means.

  3. Mary Smith said

    Blog stats: 16,869 hits

    What is the timeframe?

    I send links to this, and Hayduke’s site to anyone who may be interested. It is a valuable item. I appreciate that you two have the energy and time to maintain these blogs, and that I can walk away from the madness for a while and come back (fully recovered), wondering how you can do this everyday, nonstop.

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