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WOW! What a letter!

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Don’t be fooled by political stunt

The result of the police union vote on its support for county executive is not a surprise. In truth, what would you expect from an organization that calls for a vote from less than 7 percent of its membership? Union Secretary Dan Besseck would not say how many of the 290 members had a chance to vote. The answer is that with less than 25 people in attendance, the union allowed a vote with union leadership cheerleading the way. And who is that leadership? Dan Besseck, a member of the Democratic Central Committee running for re-election, and James Fitzgerald, the union president who is running as a Democrat to be the next county sheriff.

While the union could have reached out to the entire membership to ensure no appearance of impropriety, the sheriff wannabe and the central committee member ensured they did not disappoint their party leaders.

With a vote taken late in the evening with only a handful of members present, they ensured their own protection within their party. The truth is that the police union endorsement is far from a stamp of approval by the nearly 400 officers on the force. Your officers will not be fooled by the political stunt, and as citizens you should not be fooled either.

Mr. [Ken] Ulman was credited with saying that the vote meant “concrete volunteer help from union members.” Well, Mr. Ulman, I wouldn’t expect that if I were you. Already, many more union and nonunion (command level) police officers have come forward to support Chris Merdon than attended the union meeting.


2 Responses to “WOW! What a letter!”

  1. No kidding. It should be noted that Wayne Livesay may have also benefited from the sparse crowd that decided on the endorsements. Fitzgerald, who was mentioned in the letter, was one of the people defending Livesay in the press during the entire Hatch Act kerfuffle.

  2. Sheriff's said

    Luna should stay out of this>> The Deputy’s want him and thats what matters.

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