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County Council District One Straw Poll Results

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, August 7, 2006

Tony Salazar (R) = 76

Courtney Watson (D) = 55

Undecided = 4


7 Responses to “County Council District One Straw Poll Results”

  1. Bubba said

    Looks like November is going to be a very bad month for Jen/Molly/COURTNEY! Hope she has plans for life after elected office….


  2. Hayduke said

    Of course, the readership of this blog is probably not a representative sample of the voting public in District 1.

  3. hocomd said


    No it isn’t. People take them too seriously and have taken the fun out of these straw polls. Not one person wants to vote just once and they try gaming the voting. Maybe that is what they find fun about the poll – gaming the one vote restriction.

    I may do one more for district 5 and watch everyone trip over themselves – now that would be fun.

  4. Mary Smith said

    What would be really interesting is to set up the same poll on the Hayduke site.

  5. Voter said

    Watson will win!!! She is the BEST canidate for District 1.

  6. Bubba said

    If wasting $850,000 of taxpayers money (see latest blog on software fiasco) is a pre-requisite for winning a county council seat than Courtney is definately the front runner. If on the other hand fiscal accountability and a true concern for what the voters in district 1 want than Salazar is the winner!


  7. HC Voter said

    Watson is the BEST and she is proving it.

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