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I pledge no tax increasess ii…

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The nice thing about blogs is that when someone writes something one doesn’t agree with then one can almost immediately respond.  As opposed to a newspaper where one’s quotes may be edited, or only having the option to write a letter that may or may not appear in the following weeks paper when everyone has already forgot about the story.

Now, I think I asked some real questions in a related post.  Hatchet job?  Well, as I said.  Anyone can respond almost immediately to anything I post here.  I also got to once again highlight how Courtney Watson wanted to raise the tranfer tax.  So, here are the answers to the questions in my previous post from Melissa Covolesky.  Other than the defensive tone (judge for yourself) it is a reasonable explanation. 

I post Melissa’s response here because the comments don’t get a lot of visability.

Get real Dave, Gail Bates also sat for the Teachers edorsement and she and Warren have hit every single paper with their editorial whining that they DIDN”T get the endorsement. Warren has signed the pledge so what would he have done if they endorsed him? Humm? Also, why has Gail NOT signed the pledge? Maybe you could look into THAT.

I don’t need to explain the HCEA’s position to you – ask them. Do I need to get every voter’s assurance that they support 100% of the things I believe or is it enough that they support me more than Gail and Warren?

Is this evidence of YOUR inability to view issues in and of themselves and not solely in light of an US and Them mentality? If this is not the case, why is this post linking me to Courtney Watson? I signed the No New Tax Pledge at Grover’s Wednesday morning meeting, at his invitation, back in Jan or Feb I think. Gail?

I was very upfront with the teachers panel that while I might agree in theory with a particular program, that I *wouldn’t* raise taxes to fund them. I am big on reassessing programs and re-allocating money (something you will hear repeated throughout my campaign, interviews and every forum, if you have/had been listening) rather than just heaping money into programs for perpetuity. Maybe it was my candor to the interview board that led them to think they should endorse me over my opponents. Novel, huh? But certainly not within the scope of your attempted hatchet job.


I noticed that Gail didn’t sign the pledge and I will ask her why she hasn’t.  I know Warren signed the pledge, I didn’t know he sat for the endorsement?  Is that true?  I will have to ask him, but I think I know the answer.

It is difficult for anyone to get a perfect rating with a voter or organization.  It just struck me that one is committed to not raising taxes and has the endorsement of two organizations that consistently support taxes.  How does one balance that in their official capacity?  I’d find it difficult to try to retain their endorsement and oppose them on tax increases.

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O’Malley’s School System Lowers Standards For Passing

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, August 16, 2006

David Wissing beat me to the punch. 

Maryland Politics Now has commentary on this as well.

Need I say more?  Absolutely not… 

David Wissing’s report follows…

What a simple way of boosting your school system’s performance? How about lower the standards for passing. From The Baltimore Sun.

Mayor Martin O’Malley rallied Tuesday to the defense of city school board members who lowered the passing grade for key subjects taught in Baltimore’s schools, but the move drew criticism from several City Council members and a spokesman for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.During an appearance at an East Baltimore middle school, O’Malley said lowering the minimum passing grade from 70 to 60 changed the grading scale, but it did not lower standards.

So according to Martin O’Malley, lowering the grade for passing from 70% to 60% is somehow “not lowering the standards”. I see…. read more

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