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Fraternal Order of Police Endorsements

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, August 18, 2006

As the newspapers reported the Howard County Fraternal Order of Police issued their endorsements.

It is just as interesting as who they didn’t endorse as it is who they endorsed.

Not endorsed were:
Jim Robey

Former Police Chief, current County Executive, and carpet bagger er candidate for Senate District 13

Wayne Livesay

Former Police Chief, former republican, former democrat, current republican candidate for County Council District 5

Why did the FOP endorse Senator Sandy Schrader and County Council District 5 candidate Greg Fox over Robey and Livesay?

You won’t read the whole story in the papers but since I know the guys at the FOP I can share some insight.

Sandy Schrader helped the FOP in Annapolis and supported their legislative efforts.  The FOP is showing their gratitude.

Jim Robey for over the past 12 years has treated the Sheriff’s department as a red headed step child.  They get no respect from the police department.  I have written about it in the past regarding HFSetival and how the Sheriff’s deputies were treated.  You might say, “Wait Keelan, that was Livesay and not Robey”.  Same thing.  Robey gave them no respect so Livesay gave them no respect.  I call it “follow the leader”.

Also, Robey’s explanation about funding and leaving it up to department heads.  BS.  Look at how much the Police Department’s budget has grown over the past 8 years.  It has more than doubled to over $74 million.  I wonder when the last time Robey was at the Sheriff’s offices.  Is he saying that the Sheriff’s department couldn’t use any of that funding for upgraded body armor and other needed equipment such as adequate office space?  He does have a point about Cave though.  Why couldn’t Cave shown more leadership and get some of the huge increase in Police funding for the Sheriff’s department instead of a measly raise for himself.

I dare any reader to go check out the work conditions and the equipment at the Sheriff’s department and compare them to the Robey/Livesay palace or the new public safety training center.  I have.  It is blatently appalling to see how our Sheriff’s deputies are treated.  They do put their lives on the line everyday.  What is it going to have to take to get them some respect.  Does one of them or a Judge have to be killed?

Chuck Cave (D) is surprised that he didn’t get the endorsement?  What?  He works there.  He sees this every day and he knows what I am talking about and what the FOP is talking about.

Jim Fitzgerald (D) (Chuck Cave’ primary opponent) is promising to get the Sheriff’s department access to the new public safety training facility.  I don’t know what that is about but it sounds like that the Sheriff’s deputies are persona non grata.  I will find out more.

Chuck Cave says he didn’t know that the Sheriff’s Deputies were seeking collective bargaining and the FOP President, Andy Mackert says “I talked to him about it 8 times?”  What is Cave trying to pull?  One of them is lying?  Who do you think it is?

Wayne Livesay says he is “Surprised” he didn’t get the endorsement.  He shouldn’t be.  He ignored the Sheriff’s department for 34 years until they gave their endorsement to Greg Fox, his opponent.

Fox went after the endorsement.  He told the FOP he would make a difference for them.  Now get this.  Livesay didn’t even know the FOP President’s name.  Then he tells the papers that he is SURPRISED!

The FOP endorsed Warren Miller too.  Some people might say, “What?  Warren Miller is anti-union.  Why would they endorse him?”  For the same reasons that they support Sandy, Kasemyer, DeBoy and others.  Because Warren worked with and supported the Sheriff’s Deputies in Annapolis when it counted.  I wonder if Melissa sought their endorsement?  Melissa posted a comment in response to the FOP comments in a previous post.  There is one thing you can say about Melissa – she is passionate.  However, I would call her response to the FOP a little more than defensive, but it doesn’t tell me if she sought the endorsement.  Melissa is a former Military Police commander.  She has law enforcement credentials.  The FOP only said – “Why haven’t we heard from you before?  The only time you mention us is after we endorse your opponent.”  They didn’t question her law enforcement credentials they only explained that when they needed help Warren was there.

I am very impressed with the slate of candidates that the FOP endorsed.  Most of all I am impressed that people are now paying attention to the Sheriff’s deputies.  A job well done.

These endorsements represent a cross section of Democrats and Republicans that have demonstrated support for the Sheriff’s deputies and pledged future support for the Sheriff’s deputies.  I see the FOP endorsements as among the fairest and most diverse I have ever seen.  They are not married to one party or the other.  Their endorsements are black and white.  Either you have supported us, or pledge to support us.

I encourage you to check out their web site.  They really are not asking for much.  They just want to be treated fairly.

As to future funding?  After the new sheriff takes office whether it be Galt (R), Cave (D), or Fitzgerald (D) the FOP should work with the new Sheriff and have an open house to show the public the conditions that the Sheriff’s Deputies have been working in for ages.  In fact, they should do it now so that voters can understand why they endorsed who they endorsed.

They can call it “The Robey, Livesay, Cave tour of shame.”

16 Responses to “Fraternal Order of Police Endorsements”

  1. Howard County Republican said

    Another typical Keelan post. Why don’t you check your facts, do a little real research. The Howard County Sheriff’s FOP consist of 29 members. Of these 29 members, many are retired deputies, non-sworn courthouse security, and associate (non-Howard County Sherif’s Dept. employees) members.

    While I certianly respect and admire each and every Sheriff’s office employee and what the Sheriff’s Office does, they are not the primary law enforcement agency in Howard County. Their charge is the service of court papers, extraditions, court room security, and other duties associated with the courts. They are not the police officers out on patrol, answering 911 calls, responding to traffic accidents, and taking a routine role in protecting the citizens of Howard County through proactive and reactive law enforcement and crime prevention activities in our COMMUNITIES. Did you even know that?

    How can you honestly say that Wayne Livesay gave the Howard County Sheriff’s FOP “no respect”. It was not Wayne Livesay’s position as Chief of POlice to be dealing with the HCSO FOP, this in fact would be improper. I’m sure that Wayne Livesay enjoyed a good working relationship with the Sheriff, that was his responsibilty
    not interfering with the Sheriff’smanagement of his agency.

    The facts, plain and simple are that you can not compare the roles and responsibnilities of the Howard County Sheriff’s Office to those of the Howard County Police Department, it is like comparing apples to oranges.

    You say “you know” the members of the HCSO FOP. Ask them if they invited Wayne Livesay, Jim Adams or Donald Dunn to a meeting to talk about their positions before they made their endorsement of Greg Fox. Ask them why Greg Fox was invited to a private meeting of the FOP and Livesay, Adams, and Dunn were not.

    I don’t believe for a second that Wayne Livesay did not know Andy Mackert’s name, I don’t know the situation, but haven’t you ever forgotten a name (probably not, you’re perfect!)?

    After reading the Sun today and seeing the story of the Howard County blogs, it’s obvious that they did not talk to anyone about your biased slant and sometimes outright lies about individuals you do not support. I know your excuse that you only write based on the knowledge that you have at the time….but this is getting very old. I look forward to speaking with the sun reporter and telling them how you “moderate” (edit out what you don’t like)and put your biased slant on everything (I know, this is your blog and your opinion!)

    And by the way…..I hope the Republican voters of Howard County elect Republican Central Committee members who are UNBIASED, and give every republican candidate the fair impartial support that they deserve.

  2. Mike B. said

    It’s interesting in your comments about how much you seem to know about the Sheriff’s Office and you “know the guys at the FOP.” I’m a member of the FOP and, if you are David Keelan, candidate for the Republican State Central Committee, I’ve never heard of you.

    Yes, the Sheriff’s Office has always been treated as a “redheaded stepchild”, but that’s consistant with the way most Sheriff’s Office’s are treated in any county in this state where there is a Police Department as the primary law enforcement agency. If you know as much about the Sheriff’s Office as you say, you’d know that any Sheriff’s Office is in reality a State office funded by the county in in which it serves. The Sheriff’s salary is governed by the State Legislature and not by the county Council or Executive. If you were the governing body of a county, who would you first give the money to? The County Police or the Sheriff’s Office? The Board of Education or the Sheriff’s Office? County Teachers or the Sheriff’s Office?

    The Sheriff’s Office has received money to upgrade body armor, which was done very recently. Office space in the Circuit Court Building has been newly renovated for the deputies to occupy and the old operations building (the old jail) is going to be vacated in the very near future.

    The Fraternal Order of Police (which is not a union or bargaining representative), endorsed candidates who were not endorsed by the majority of the deputies. Of all the deputies who voted, just about half actually endorsed one candidate or the other. Mr. Fitzgerald’s portion of the vote was less than half of the total votes cast. The remaining deputies either voted to endorse Sheriff Cave, Mr. Galt or no one at all. About a dozen votes were not to endorse any one at all because those deputies didn’t feel it proper for the FOP to endorse a Sheriff’s candidate. And, for your information, since you know the guys in the FOP, about 90% of the employees of the Sheriff’s Office do not even live in Howard County and would not be able to vote for any of the candidates anyway. Maybe you should give some thought about the endorsements representing a “cross section of Democrats and Republicans.” I don’t see the FOP’s endorsements as being among the fairest and most diverse. They were not “black and white” and the endorsements for those living out of county are hollow to begin with.

    A “no endorsement” vote for myself was one made because I’ve seen endorsement votes being taken before and sides being drawn. These things can tear the office apart, which would be a great diservice to all of us how have made and become good friends within the office. Untrue rumors are already flying around and false accusations have already started being made. People are being hurt and it’s a shame.

    Tell me what Mr. Livesay has to do with the Sheriff’s Office and what happens with the deputies? He’s been the police chief for the past upteen years and has had nothing to do with the operation of the Sheriff’s Office. He hasn’t been in a position to affect the Sheriff’s Office one way or the other. As a candidate for County Council, he can vow to help as much as he can, but you lost me on your comments about how he has treated the Sheriff’s Office. Who cares whether he gave us individually the time of day or not as the police chief? It wasn’t his job to care about us. His responsibility were the police officers he commanded.

    Finally, to be Sheriff in this or any other county with a police department, you have to be a realist. You are only going to get what the county is willing to give you, no matter what you need or how much you fight for it. Where is the sense in going to the County Executive and asking for 20 deputies when you know, in reality, you might get one or two? All you do is frustrate yourself and those you represent because they expect you to get everything they ask for. A realist will go and ask for 3 or 4, knowing what he’s actually going to get is 1 or 2. A realist will not go and ask for a 20% increase in salary for the troops, knowing full well that he’s only going to get what the rest of the county employees are getting. The police department gets good raises because they have a union who can bargain for them and because the County Administration knows they have to keep the police happy if they want the crime to stay down. That’s how it works, folks. I’ve been in this line of work for over 30 years for several different agencies and I haven’t seen done any differently anywhere else. It’s just the name of the game. It’s not that Sheriff Cave hasn’t done anything for the agency. It’s that he’s tired of banging his head against the wall every time he tries to get something and he’s passed a note by the County Executive telling him that’s all he’s going to get. It isn’t that he’s not trying, it’s that he’s speaking to deaf ears that only hear what they want to hear and dole out only what they want to dole out.

    Give Sheriff Cave a break. I believe he’s done the best he can under these circumstances. I think he’s been a fair man and I challange anybody in the agency to say they’ve been hurt or mistreated by him. I’ve never heard him say he would turn down anything offered to the agency or that he would not support anything the agency needed.

    If I may quote you exactly, “but since I know the guys at the FOP I can share some insight.”

    Get you facts straight before writing about how fair the endorsements were. The figures don’t always add up the way you think they do.

  3. hocomd said


    I understand who the primary law enforcement agency is in HOCO. I just feel Sheriff’s Deputies are not treated with respect. They go to the defense od police when needed. They put their lives on the line. If Sheriff Cave is tired of beating his head against the wall maybe it is time for him to step aside and let someone else solve some of the issues the Sheriff Deputies face.

    I am aware of the renovations and I should have mentioned them. I also saw the current conditions and wondered why temp space wasn’t made available at the Police Department. Also, the Police Dept budget is the 3rd largest in the County and have almost doubled in8 years. How about the Sheriff Dept?

    I am sure Chuck Cave would do anything for the Deputies and that he supports them. It is my impression that it is time for a change.

    As for my insight. I only offered some insight. Not perfect insight

  4. hocomd said

    Btw: sorry we haven’t met but Ido know the FOP but not all of you

  5. Robert Sybert said

    I just want to respond to the comment made about the way the Sheriff’s Deputies were treated at the HFSetival. As one of the Deputies that was working, I would like to say that we were treated with nothing but respect. Under Chief McMahon And Major Bender the Deputies that worked were treated as professionals and appreciated. I think that the incident you were referring to was the Phish Concert at Merriweather several years ago. At that time there were others in charge. The Deputies that worked the HFSetival had no problems and were treated great by the current command staff of the HCPD.

  6. hocomd said

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Please note I never indicated that the Police Department or its personnel treat the Sheriff’s Deputies with anything but respect. However, I don’t think that the Deputies are treated as full law enforcement partners.

    My information is limited, but it does come from a reliable source as such I should have written a follow up the the HFESTVIAL because I understand that the Sheriff’s Deputies did finally get some work from that event. At first your department wasn’t considered. I don’t know what prompted the change, but I am glad the HoCo Sheriff Department got the overtime.

  7. Blazen said

    In response to the article “Deputies Fail to Endorse Sheriff’s Re- Election”. I am disgusted with the remarks that have been made by the FOP President Mackert. Sheriff Cave has been in office since 1998 and has improved the Department in many ways for the employees and the citizens of the county. Prior to his election as Sheriff, he was Chief Deputy for eight years. Who is better qualified? In 1998, he had 51 total personnel; today he has 69; that is an increase of 35%. President Mackert has a lot to learn when it comes to establishing budgets and fiscal responsiblities. County Executive Robey has an entire County to think about, with limited funds. Sounds to me that he has recognized the needs of the Sheriff’s Office and has worked well with Sheriff Cave in providing resources. Fiscal responsiblity is taking care of NEEDS VS WANTS..and the pie and the sky. Some just have no clue. President Mackert and a handful of Deputies, I ask you what happen to your Oath of Office to us, the taxpayers? When you accepted your position you knew what your exact salary and benefits were. If you didn’t like them, you should of went elsewhere. Oh, by the way, the Sheriff of Howard County DOES NOT get a retirement. He can however receive a pay raise if the County Executive and the State Delegation see fit. Executive Robey gave President Mackert and ALL county employees raises thoughout his terms and the County picked up health insurance increases. FOP President Mackert must have also forgotten that Sheriff Cave supported the deputies in Annapolis to protect their employment benefits under the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights. Now that their jobs are protected some deputies seem to be looking out for their own greed. I thought law enforcement/deputies signed on for public service to the citizens. My hat is off to both Sheriff Cave and County Executive Jim Robey! Sheriff Cave is the only man for Sheriff!

  8. Maybe the Howard County Republican should join in the “Tour of Shame.” After 33 years of law enforcement in Howard County, 25 with H.C.P.D., 8 with H.C.S.O., 1993 Baltimore Sun Officer of the Year, and 2000 Deputy of the Year, I might get a word in for the F.O.P. Lodge I helped start. No one should be called the “redheaded stepchild” or worse, treated like one.
    As the elected Secretary/Treasurer of the Howard County Sheriff’s Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #131, it’s time to get the facts CORRECT. We actually have 34 active members who are sworn, full-time deputy sheriffs at the Howard County Sheriff’s Office. Our by-laws and constitution are governed by the national and state F.O.P. Lodges and have been approved by them. Only active members who are sworn, full-time deputy sheriffs can vote on Lodge business (elections, meetings, by-law changes, etc.). All 34 active members were given a ballot after ALL three sheriff candidates attended our Candidates Night meeting and were given the opportunity to speak to our Lodge and then answer questions. The meeting was open to all members, including our associate members (retirees, non-sworn courthouse security officers, community service workers, clerks, secretaries, our F.O.P. friends, etc.). Anyone could ask a question of the candidates. The Candidates Night meeting was recorded and the tape transcribed by a court reporter, so anyone wanting to know what happened at the meeting, could read it for themselves. Again, only sworn, full-time deputy sheriffs were given a ballot, a stamped addressed envelope and 10 days to mail their ballot to our F.O.P. attorney for counting. All 34 members voted during this process. Members were allowed to vote to endorse a Democratic Candidate or choose “No Endorsement” and they were also allowed to vote to endorse a Republican Candidate or choose “No Endorsement.” Here are the OFFICIAL RESULTS of our ballot: Democratic Primary: 16 votes for Jim Fitzgerald, 12 votes for “No Endorsement” and 6 votes for Chuck Cave; Republican Primary: 8 votes for Tim Galt and 26 votes for “No Endorsement.” We did NOT allow any Retired or Associate Members to vote in the endorsement ballot. All other employees at the Howard County Sheriff’s Office were NOT allowed to vote in the endorsement ballot.
    Our F.O.P. Lodge was started about 2 years ago, with a mission of enhancing the working conditions, training opportunities for growth and development, as well as salary and benefits of sworn, full-time deputy sheriffs. All active members carry the same credentials as the Maryland State Police and Howard County Police. It’s the Maryland Police Training Commission Police Officer Certificate, as required by the Public Safety Article, 3-201.
    Some of the Sheriff’s Office duties that have been omitted by commentors are: service of all grand jury indictment warrants, service of all Circuit Court warrants on Howard County defendants from Maryland’s other 23 jurisdictions, all juvenile warrants, all child support warrants, all witness body attachments, all civil body attachments, ex-parte domestic violence orders, peace orders, all court ordered evictions; transport of all Howard County Detention Center inmates to their court hearing/trials throughout Maryland, extradition of all Circuit Court defendants on commitments and warrants back to Maryland, transport of all District Court defendants committed to the Howard County Detention Center from Maryland’s other 23 local detention centers, supervise and monitor court ordered community service hours from the District and Circuit Courts. Yes, we are not the primary law enforcement agency in Howard County. Our deputies are not assigned 911 calls, but they DO respond to 911 calls. It would be dereliction of duty for deputies to ignore a traffic light outage, call for assistance, personal injury accident, felony in progress call, burglar alarm, stranded motorist, etc. while driving in their Sheriff vehicle. Unfortunately, the county’s 911 computer-aided dispatch system has not been asked to supply the countless number of times deputies have come to the aid of county police officers, state police officers, citizens, etc.
    Your readers may want to ask themselves, “Why wasn’t the Sheriff’s Office invited to participate in the planning and usage of the new public safety training facility?” How about, “Why does the Sheriff’s Office transport all District Court committed defendants to the Howard County Detention Center from Maryland’s other 23 local detention centers, after former Chief Wayne Livesay told his officers to stop?” How about, “Why did the Howard County Detention Center stop transporting its inmates to district and circuit courts, and the Sheriff’s Office was told to handle all inmate transporting?”
    Now about the ENDORSEMENT for Sheriff’s Office. Your readers should ask themselves, “Why did 82% of our F.O.P. Lodge members vote NOT to endorse Sheriff Chuck Cave?” Look at the voting: 18% voted to endorse Sheriff Chuck Cave in the Democratic Primary and 23% voted to endorse the Republican Candidate Tim Galt. After the results of the endorsement were distributed to all 3 candidates, along with a copy of the whole transcript from our Candidates Night, the Lodge’s Executive Board asked members why they voted to endorse Jim Fitzgerald, voted “No Endorsement” or voted to endorse Jim Galt. Some members who wanted to express themselves said the following:
    (1) Candidate Jim Fitzgerald had a clear and concise plan to improve the Sheriff’s Office, the integrity to run the Office and leadership skills necessary to implement his plan. His presentation was upbeat and he has been able to gain numerous enhancements for the rank and file Howard County Police Officer as President of their bargaining unit.
    (2) Sheriff Chuck Cave on the other hand, did not give our members any hope for his next term. He has isolated himself by moving his Office to Columbia, away from his Courthouse Operations and staff. Sheriff Cave has not updated his county website since 1999 and has permitted non-sworn personnel to make management decisions, which fails to follow the normal chain of command. Sheriff Cave has not supported the F.O.P.’s legislative initiatives for collective bargaining and enhanced workers’ compensation.
    He has also permitted nepotism in his Office by hiring the Chief Deputy’s wife.
    I invite any employee of the Sheriff’s Office and our Lodge to speak candidly on any BLOG. Anyone wishing to view a copy of the Candidates Night transcript can contact our Lodge for a copy. Anyone wishing to talk with me can email me at our website,

  9. Mary Smith said

    Blazen: since you are a Robey supporter, you might offer some insight on his recent behavior. See the post on this site this morning.

    HC Republican: No one likes to see posts pulled from a blog (censorship!). But I disagree with many of the blog owner’s views but he hasn’t pulled my posts, so as a reader, I’m uninformed about who perpetrated the greater infraction when something is pulled. Regarding facts, it’s not as if Keelan has a staff of researchers. We’re here for the discussion which hopefully produces some facts.

    Which brings me to Gable: Thanks for the facts. You’re offended by the title redheaded step child? Hopefully you can get past whatever nerve that struck and pose those questions to Livesay on this site so that we can all see the answers. If we don’t get answers from him, maybe we can at least get a discussion going on what is happening.

  10. hocomd said


    Thank you for you comment about pulling posts. I only pull posts that use foul language, and in one case when someone suggested Bubba was a racist (no basis in fact and it was too insulting). As for HC Rep comment – he can find every single one of his comments on this site unedited.

    His comments are held in “moderation” because he goes off the handle at times and I am going to inspect his comments before I let them post.

    I also would refer him to Charles Gables comments for clarification of his perceptions of the Sheriff Deputies and the FOP. Mr. Gable, I do not think of the SD as ‘redheaded step children’. It is my perception that they are treated that way and I don’t like it one bit.

  11. Howard County Republican said

    Mr. Gable;

    I have the utmost respect and admiration for all of the members of the Sheriff’s Office and with such a distinquished career such as yours, you are a shining example of the Howard County Sheriff’s Office’finest! I was not trying to diminish the very important role of the Sheriff’s Office, or be ungrateful for the back-up services your agency provides for our County police department, I was merely pointing out that the primary roles and responsibilities to the citizens of Howard County are very different.

    I think you may be confusing my post with that of the publisher of this blog. He was the one who stated that Jim Robey has treated the Sheriff’s Office like a red headed step child, not me. I was also not questioning the endorsements of any Sheriff’s candidates, I was questioning the endorsement of Greg Fox by your FOP. Can you please provide the vote tallies for that endorsement so we all understand the will of the FOP in regards to that particular endorsement.

    As for my statement about the number of members in the Howard County Sheriff’s FOP, I took those numbers and the descriptions of the various classes of members directly out of President Mackert’s letter that is posted on your FOP website.

    As to the publisher of this blog’s comments about me “going off the handle” that’s why my posts are held in “moderation”, I have never said anything inappropriate, threatening (other than saying oif he didn’t post my comments I would find another forum to do so)or disrepectful on any topic or about any person. I do however, continue to point out inconsistencies, and what I believe to be deceatful statements about particular candidates instead of reporting fairly and accurately in an unbaised manner about all of our republican candidates.

    I believe each and every candidate has something valuable to offer. Let’s not put words in their mouths or report about things we have not determined to be factual. Let’s give all of the candidates the benefit of the doubt and view their documentated statements on various issues and make the appropriate judgements for ourselves. We do nothing for our Republican party by bickering back and forth.

  12. hocomd said

    HoCo Republican, I am glad that Mr. Gable was able to straighten you out on the subject of the FOP endorsements and the department.  Since I don’t have any credibility with you I wasn’t going to try.

    I don’t think Mr. Gable suggested you used the term “red headed step child”. I think his point was, irregardless of the term no one should treat the Sheriff’s Deputies the way they have been treated.

    +34 active duty members not the 29 total members of which some are retired or associate members.
    +As to the role and responsibilities of the Sheriff Deputies I think Mr. Gable has also made it very clear that even though they are no longer the primary law enforcement agency in the County their responsibilities are in some cases (if not most) greater.
    +As for Mr. Livesay’s lack of an FOP endorsement. I think that Mr. Gable makes it clear that the 34 voting members of the HoCo FOP felt Mr. Livesay lacked respect for the Sheriffs Deputies as evidenced by his prisoner transport policies and exclusion of the Sheriff’s Department in the planning and use of the PUBLIC training facility.

    I am certain Mr. Gable and Mr. Mackert would be happy to go into greater detail when they send you the transcripts of the meeting in which Greg Fox was endorsed.

    HoCo Republican, all of the comments you have made in defense of Mr. Livesay, your interest in the transcripts relating to Greg Fox’s FOP endorsement, the fact that not once (not once) have you come to the defense of any other candidate I have criticised (you didn’t even come to the defense of Cave or Robey in this post – just Livesay), I wish you would quit hiding behind the fantasy that you are an objective voter.

    When I write about Wayne Livesay I know to expect a comment from you – you are like clock work.  I write about Melissa Covolesky, Courtney Watson, Ken Ulman, Jim Robey, Guy Guzzone, Shane Pendergrass, Neil Quinter, etc. but never a word from you.  By all appearances you have been a Wayne Livesay supporter before you ever learned of this blog. Yet you claim objectivity.  Well in your zeal to discredit me (in an objective manner) in the defense of Wayne Livesay you insulted the HoCo FOP and the Sheriff’s Deputies (I didn’t say so Mr. Gable did). You claim objectivity and criticise me for being biased while I have never claimed to be anything but biased.  You question my integrity?

    Even your apology to Mr. Gable is half hearted. Your sorry, but you were only trying to point out the differences? Either you are sorry or you aren’t.  Mr. Gable made it very clear. There are practically no differences. The deputies respond to law enforcement issues just like a police officer. Their lives are on the line.  Do you really want to bicker about which department issues traffic citations and which one doesn’t or which is primary and which is not?  In the end  I don’t thing anyone sees the difference between a dead deputy and a dead police officer.

    In the end you express your gratitude of the deputies service.  I am pleased that you feel the same way as I do.  I suppose it just bothers you that I express my concern for the treatment of the deputies and my disdain for the ones that I feel are primarily responsible for that treatement.

    As to your comments and behavior. You email me at my personal email address threatening to expose me as a biased blogger, you send complaints to the Baltimore Sun (I still have the emails) you belittle me for not  publishing your comments as soon as you submit them. Pardon me if your comments are held in moderation and I can’t approve them for publishing on your time table.  You call me deceitful, unfair, and inaccurate. You claim that I put words in other candidate’s mouths. You have claimed that I edit your comments.  You bicker over minor points and refuse to answer the most basic questions in any of my posts.  Your comments and behavior are a cause for concern.

    Yet in the end your unedited comments are here. Every letter, word, paragraph, punctuation, and thought you expressed on your keyboard.

    I wonder, have you ever commented on this site under any other name or anonymously? Some of the other comments I have deleted from this post have a similiar style to yours?  I have suspected that they were yours when howardcountyrepublican suddenly appeared.  I tried emailing to that address and it bounced back – then suddenly it became an active email account.  Funny how things work out.

    In any event, I look forward to your next comment.

  13. Howard County Republican said

    Making wrong asumptions about me again. The reason I don’t comment about the other candidates you write about it because you don’t personally attack them like you do Mr. Livesay.

    You really don’t have a clue. Because I challenge what you say, you obviously get offended. You say I’m threatening because I send a letter to the Sun about you not posting my comments. After I send you a courtesy copy of the letter my comments suddenly appear on your blog. You question me sending you an e-mail to your “personal” e-mail account. If you recall, you were the first one to send me an e-mail to my personal e-mail account. Now that I send you a copy of an e-mail I sent to the Baltimore Sun you claim I am harrassing you and if I contact you again you will call the police. My friend, you need Mr. Gable’s help in learning the laws of harrasment. I will not give you the courtesy of copies of any of my e-mails in the future. You say my aplogy to Mr. Gable was half hearted…first it wasn’t an apology, it was a clarification, I have nothing to apologize for. Second, who are you to judge what I say is sincere.

    Mr. Gable corrected me about the “facts” of the FOP. My quotes came directly from President Mackerts letter posted on their FOP website. Maybe somebody needs to correct President Mackert. You see, I do seek the truth, I look for the facts, I thought that I could believe what the FOP President wrote in his letter and that why I used those “facts” in my post.

    I look forward to Mr. Gable’s response about the vote tallies for Mr. Fox’s endorsement for District 5 and clarification to my question as to why Mr. Adams, Mr. Livesay, and Mr. Dunn were not invited to the meeting with Mr. Fox where these endorsements were handed out.

  14. hocomd said

    Making wrong asumptions about me again. The reason I don’t comment about the other candidates you write about it because you don’t personally attack them like you do Mr. Livesay.

    So you were only offended by the Livesay part of the “Robey, Livesay, Cave tour of shame” comment. I have said worse (but no less true) about other candidates. You may characterize my criticism of Mr. Livesay as personal attacks as much as you want. You haven’t provided a detailed counter point to any of my criticism for over 3 months.

    You really don’t have a clue. Because I challenge what you say, you obviously get offended.

    I am only offended by your tone and demeanor.

    You say I’m threatening because I send a letter to the Sun about you not posting my comments. After I send you a courtesy copy of the letter my comments suddenly appear on your blog.

    If you were interested in facts you would have noted the open thread message that I was on a long weekend. You also omit the fact that I told you in relpy to your email message that I had no access to a web browser to approve your comments. Once I had access to a web browser your comments appeared. Not because of your letter to the Baltimore Sun. You call it a courtesy copy. Please. Like all your other email messages to me they are meant to intimidate into releasing your commetns.

    You question me sending you an e-mail to your “personal” e-mail account. If you recall, you were the first one to send me an e-mail to my personal e-mail account. Now that I send you a copy of an e-mail I sent to the Baltimore Sun you claim I am harrassing you and if I contact you again you will call the police. My friend, you need Mr. Gable’s help in learning the laws of harrasment.

    I emailed you first? After a search in my mailbox you are correct. The tone of my one message to you is very different from yours. My single email to you was not intimidating at all it was in direct response to your statements and an attempt to explain the post to you. Since that time all of your correspondence to me (which I haven’t replied to except to say your comments will be posted) have been an attempt at intimidation.

    All of your personal correspondence to my email account have been meant to intimidate me. It is incredible that you would characterize them as a “courtesy”.

    I will not give you the courtesy of copies of any of my e-mails in the future.

    Thank you. Please do the same relative to this blog.

    Text of our email correspondence of which you reference.

    Mr XXXX, Thank for taking the time to write. As you might know I am presently out of town as the post “Weekend Open Tread” indicates. As “Your” comments are moderated and I do not have full functionality of a web browser on my Blackberry approval of your comments will have to wait until I return home. I wiil post your comments including the charges that I edit comments on the post even though it isn’t true. Additionally I will not retract my statement that Mr Livesay didn’t know Andy Mackert’s name because he referred to him as Mackey the very night fox received the endorsement while he was on the phone asking why he did not receive the endorsement (according to Mr Mackert) I am sure you will find time to share my reply note with Ms Harris so she can wonder why your comments are moderated, but quite frankly Mr. Bell it doesn’t matter to me. I find you to be tending toward harrassment. I will be sure to note that, with copies of you previous messages, to Ms. Harris, and to the Police if you contact me outside of my blog again. Regards David Keelan PS. I do mean it Mr. Bell. I am once again requesting that you post what you will on my blog but do not contact me directly again or I will report this to the police.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: “XXXXXXX”
    Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 10:38 AM
    Subject: Sunday Comment to Your Post

    Ms. Melissa Harris
    Baltimore Sun

    Ms. Harris;

    I have forwarded you a copy of a comment to a David Keelan post on his blog that I made Sunday night. You will see it does not appear on his post / blog anywhere. An example of his biased censorship. I and a number of other real republicans in Howard County who pride ourselves on listening to all sides of a story and giving every candidate a fair shot, would love to talk with you regarding a follow-up to your Sunday article.”

    You say my aplogy to Mr. Gable was half hearted…first it wasn’t an apology, it was a clarification, I have nothing to apologize for.


    Second, who are you to judge what I say is sincere.

    Ok. I could ask the same question. You never have disputed any of the facts that I presented.

    Mr. Gable corrected me about the “facts” of the FOP. My quotes came directly from President Mackerts letter posted on their FOP website. Maybe somebody needs to correct President Mackert. You see, I do seek the truth, I look for the facts, I thought that I could believe what the FOP President wrote in his letter and that why I used those “facts” in my post.

    Perhaps you could speak to Mr. Mackert. I do speak with Mr. Mackert.

    I look forward to Mr. Gable’s response about the vote tallies for Mr. Fox’s endorsement for District 5 and clarification to my question as to why Mr. Adams,
    Mr. Livesay, and Mr. Dunn were not invited to the meeting with Mr. Fox where these endorsements were handed out.

    Why do you insist that the Council 5 candidates were at a meeting? I saw no indication of a meeting. I understand the Sheriff’s candidates spoke to the FOP members. I don’t believe any other candidates were invited to address the FOP members.

  15. Facts said

    Its a shame that deputies have to take cheapshots at Patti.She is always polite and pleasant. Patti has never had a bad thing to say about anyone in the office. If you have problems with the Major take cheapshots at him. Howard County has hire husbands, wifes, mothers, fathers, etc. Since day one.

  16. My name is Andy Mackert. I am a Sheriff Deputy in Howard County, Maryland.

    As the Presdent and co-founder of the Howard County Sheriff’s F.O.P. I am surprised but pleased that this Post on my friend David Keelan’s blog has generated so much interest.

    That the F.O.P. could so quickly generate the passionate interests of Howard County citizens confirms that our concerns are being noticed. Now we need to ensure that action will be taken. Our endorsements were just the first step in a long process. Long after I and others have left the Sheriff’s Department we hope that positive changes will last.

    As the Voice of the F.O.P as a whole I am in a position where some people love me and some don’t. Looking back setting up the F.O.P. may have been easier than running it. The endorsment process is an example where all the members did not agree on the endorsements. Not that anyone expected full agreement. One of the things I love about this department is that we all can agree to disagree.

    Let me set the record straight for some of you today!

    The Deputy’s endorsed Jim Fitzgerald.
    Fitzgerald 16 Votes
    Cave 6 Votes
    No Endorsement 11 Votes

    Sheriff Cave DID support our job protection bill.

    Sheriff cave DID support the starting of a F.O.P.

    Sheriff Cave tells us and others that he asks Jim Robey for more people, and better benefits all the time. Jim Robey tell the Deputy’s that Sheriff Cave never asks. Many members had that in mind when they cast their votes.

    Sheriff Cave DID NOT support our bill on Collective Bargaining.

    Sheriff Cave DID NOT fight at a meeting with Herman Charity for what is now a Watered down worker compensation bill.

    Many of us feel that we are so under manned that there are not enough deputies to do the job safely.

    Our sheriff’s office has horrible benefits. For the richest county in the state and for the responsibilities of this Department, that Mr. Gable outlined so well in his comments, the public should be very upset.

    Our F.O.P has nothing against Chuck Cave. He is a very nice person and we respect him as an individual and for his service. I would stand him a beer anytime. That does not change our concerns that we are over worked, and under paid, that we don’t have the retirement or other benefits we deserve for the level of work we do as law enforcement officers. We feel that someone else can better represent our interests as Sheriff. We want a leader who will fight for our rights. We all knew that when we signed on, and if we want change then we need to be prepared to make difficult and uncomfortable choices. I believe all of our endorsement reflect our faith in those individuals that we believe will help or, as may be the case, continue to help us gain the same rights and benefits as other public safety officers.

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