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School Board Meeting

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, August 18, 2006

UPDATE 8-18-2006: From an interested reader (Don M) regarding last night’s meeting. 

At the BOE meeting tonight there wasn’t much said about this when the subject was brought up. 73-100% (depending on the high school) of the schedules are now completed. There has been staff overtime for data clerks & registrars but no mention of how much it costs. It was brought up that this SIMS was the low cost option. A “real” system normally costs in the $7-14 million range. Your local high school might need some help stuffing the envelopes so students can get the schedules the middle of next week. School officials are meeting with Pearson/Chancery officials next week.

County school board to meet Thursday

This is a good time to come out and ask for explanations on the Chancery SMS, Budget, and Backpack issues.

The Howard County Board of Education will hold a its regular meeting at 4 p.m. Thursday in Room B-37 of the Applications and Research Laboratory Building, 10920 Route 108, Ellicott City.

The afternoon session and an evening session, which begins at 7:30 p.m., will begin with a public forum during which members of the public can address the board on any topic for which there is no formal hearing process. Sign-up in advance is preferred.

The board will hold public hearings during the evening session on Policy 2411 (Research Projects Involving Employees and Students); Policy 2700 (State and Local Testing Protocol and Responsibilities); and Policy 11500 (Civility).

The board will also hold a public hearing and predevelopment public work session on the fiscal 2008 capital budget and the fiscal 2009-2013 capital improvement program. Those who want to testify are asked to limit the presentation to three minutes and provide 15 written copies of the testimony at the time of the hearing.

To sign up to speak at the forum or to testify at a hearing: 410-313-7194.

Potential Topics of Interest our Board Members would like you input on:

  • Chancery SMS software issues
  • Back pack literature.  Do they or do they not have a policy and why does it keep changing?  Is the policy targeted toward specific groups or just one lone group?  More on this and in greater detail later.
  • Zero based budgeting.  If the board (or certain members) supports zero based budgeting why is the report justifying the existing school budget items out of date by more than 2 years?  More on this one too since it is a theme of Courtney Watson’s campaign for County Council.  Zero based budgeting is a type of budgeting in which all expenditures must be justified each new period, as opposed to only explaining the amounts requested in excess of the previous period’s funding.  How can their report be 2 years out of date?

2 Responses to “School Board Meeting”

  1. Bubba said

    Hmmmm. Her right high Majesty of wasteful spending on the throne for the average under educated Howard County denizens to question? Should be quite a show, wonder if the board will even allow questioning of software procurements during meeting?

    The Bubbster

  2. Bubba said

    Well now I see Queen of Tax Courtney Watson out blaming the Chancery Software company in the Baltimore Sun this morning. According to the Queen it’s totally the company’s fault. Which begs question – does the school board not worry itself with minor $803,000 taxpayers acquitions? No review of expenditures or progress reports or worry about missing student schedules or overtime expenditures? tsk.tsk.tsk

    As an overburdened taxpayer would expect – no accountibility from the Queen – “The buck stops somewere else – I have a council race to run”….


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