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Weekend Open Thread

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ok, I am taking a long weekend.  In my absence Mary Smith and Bubba will be in charge :=)

Mary and Bubba.  Fight nice.

Talk about what you want.  Keep it clean.

Also, watch for an article in the Baltimore Sun on Sunday regarding this.


8 Responses to “Weekend Open Thread”

  1. Jim Adams said

    Mary, since I am answering a question or hopefully questions on the County Council District 5 site, would you do me the pleasure of telling me “Who is Mary Smith”. Is she a Princess from some far off place, the headless Horseman, or a local political junky. Thank you.

    p.s. Details are appreciated.

  2. Mary Smith said

    Mr. Adams,

    Mary Smith is a lovely person who cares intensely about the future. And the present.

    She is a parent, life has been good for Mary. And difficult. She is passionate about truth and having the simultaneous courage and humility to see truth even if it’s unpleasant, or not what she had espoused prior.

    She is fascinated by good. And she is fascinated by the struggle between good and evil often prompted with the onset of power.

    Mary’s prayer is that she continues to be humble, without regard for the level of power that God provides to her, and those with tremendous power use it humbly, with all the wisdom (knowledge of truth) and goodness that anyone could possess.

    That’s pretty revealing! And specific.

  3. Jim Adams said

    You bet, and I hope you understand, that I chuckled as I read your poetic, and refreshing summary of Mary Smith.

    Have a nice weekend

    Humbly yours, Jim Adams

  4. Bubba said

    There is no way I could quarrel with you over anything (as Dave suggested) after reading your wonderful post! QT Courtney is another story entirely….But I can wait for David’s next blog to address that.


  5. Mary Smith said


    See my post in the press release comments section (click the highlighted word ‘this’ in the ‘Weekend Open Thread’ section above. I was hoping the comment would be moved to this section, I should’ve posted here.


  6. Bruce said

    I just wanted to drop in after picking up the Sunday Sun and mention how I respect what you and the other Howard County Blogs are doing for this election season. I lean center-left but with a libertarian streak on economic issues over at my blog Crablaw Maryland Weekly and I invite your (and your colleagues’) contributions there at any time on any issue but particularly those with a Howard County impact.

    Bruce Godfrey

  7. Mary Smith said

    It’s 8am Monday, do you know where your District 5 council candidate is?

    Greg Fox (supported by the author of this site) and Wayne Livesay (has posted here) have not responded to the barameter of intent to represent question posed on Aug 17 – asking to state a position on comp lite.

    In fairness, we’ll want to post Livesay and Fox positions from reports and quotes in traditional news sources. The reason this question was selected is because voters may want people in office who represent citizens rather than special interests, and comp lite is a good barameter for detecting that intent.

    Ignoring citizens has not killed campaigns or elected office tenure in the past. But independent voter ranks are swelling, by all reports. If this group decides to ignore campaign money support, ignore campaign signs, ignore ‘organized’ support from groups that actually comprise one or two individuals running a personal agenda, then ignoring citizens will become deadly for campaigns. I look forward to that day.

  8. hocomd said


    I know Greg is going to respond. I can’t speak for Livesay.

    I can predict that Greg’s position is similiar to mine on all things comp lite. Again I can’t speak for Mr. Livesay but I feel he is more of a property rights man than a developers man. I think he has it wrong on comp lite and is getting bad advise

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