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Bernhardt’s seriousness, humor aids run for judge

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From the Baltimore Examiner.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rick for a number of years.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Julia, a public defender in Baltimore City, on a number of occasions.

They are wonderful people who are dedicated to public service.

In February 2005 I was honored when Rick asked me to write the following letter of recommendation to Governor Ehrlich when Rick was seeking an appointment to his current position.


Governor Ehrlich,

As an active member of the Howard County Republican Party I have served in many capacities promoting Republican issues, candidates, and grass roots activism.  I am the immediate past President of the Howard County Republican Club, and was recently appointed as the Howard County Republican Party’s liaison to our Annapolis delegation.

As such I am often asked to write letters of endorsement on behalf of individuals seeking jobs with your administration, or appointments to vacancies as they occur.  I do not regularly honor those requests because very often I am only merely acquainted with those individuals.  Recommendations to such positions should not be given lightly.

In this case I am pleased that Mr. Richard Bernhardt has asked me to write you on his behalf.  It is an honor to recommend Rick to you and ask that you appoint him to the position of Judge of the Circuit Court of Howard County, which was recently vacated by Judge James Dudley.

I know Rick to be an intelligent person who is fair and practical in all matters in which I have witnessed.  He has a keen mind that persuades him to be a conservative and moderate thinker.  As you review and consider his resume you will note his extensive experience and involvement in his profession and in his community.  What you will not glean from his resume is his active participation in Howard County and Maryland. 

Although I note Rick’s activism it isn’t to give you the impression that he is a partisan in his politics views.  Rick is a voice of moderation and reason, and a man of principle.  These are traits which we all value in all things.

When you have the opportunity to interview Rick I am certain you will come to the same conclusion as those who know him best.  That conclusion being that Rick is uniquely qualified for the position of Judge of the Circuit Court of Howard County, that he will honor and respect his role and responsibilities, he will bring pride to the citizens of Howard County, and he will reflect well upon you and your judgment in appointing him.


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