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Early Voting Ruling Upheld

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, August 25, 2006

The Maryland Court of Appeals upheld an Anne Arundel Judge’s earlier opinion that Maryland’s Early Voting law is unconstitutional.

The Baltimore Sun report

Washington Post report

The General Assembly is earning a black eye in the Court system.  Their over reaching antics are being proven for what they are – over reaching and Ehrlich bashing.

From a WBAL Radio report on June 20, 2006

In an April 5, 2006, editorial, the Post said, “Before they voted, Democratic lawmakers stripped the bill of provisions that would have permitted Republicans an equal role in deciding where to place the early-polling stations and that would have required that the station’s locations would be geographically central. The conference committee that wrote the bill was composed of six Democrats and zero Republicans.”

The newspaper warns, “With such arrogance and abuse the Democrats will only erode their majority in Maryland.”  It would be wonderful were that true, but I have my doubts.  The one-party monopoly in Maryland is so entrenched that it has been openly waging war against the interloper governor without any fear of comeuppance.

As the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund reminds us, Maryland Senate President Mike Miller boasted early this year to his party caucus, “We’re going to shoot [Republican leaders] down. We’re going to bury them face down in the ground, and it’ll be ten years before they crawl out again.”

Fund calls the legislature here the worst in America. Here’s his complete column.

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District 9A Article in Baltimore Sun

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, August 25, 2006

Article Here

The article quotes Senator Allan Kittleman

“I don’t have anything personally against Melissa,” Kittleman said. “She just came out of nowhere. In a Republican primary, people are going to want to see what you have done for the party and the community. She’s a very nice person. She should have run for the central committee.”

That pretty much sums up my position.  I have said before that I hope she sticks around no matter the outcome.

This quote from Melissa puzzles me.

“I’m not a political appointee and not an entrenched party member,” she said. As a former officer in the military police, “I bring a broader perspective.”
Those comments are a shot at [Delegate Warren] Miller … who was appointed to his seat in March 2003 to fill a vacancy after serving two terms on the party central committee.

I talked to Melissa about this very point.  It is a non-issue.  I don’t know why Melissa thinks that is going to resonate in the primary.

Altough Warren was appointed to the seat he was elected twice (County wide) to the Republican Central Committee.  He garnished about 8,000 votes of 14,000 cast.  More than half those votes came from District 9A.

Now, given that Warren garnished about 4,000 votes from District 9A in two primary elections and it is expected that 4,600 people will vote in the District 9A primary (6,838 actually voted in the 2002 primary)I think Warren stands a great chance of being elected to a full term to the House of Delegates.  They have voted for Warren before and they will vote for him again because he has served them well and responsively.  No hint of scandal.  A diligent approach to his responsibilities.  A very keen sense of the issues.  Warren is the type of person we want in public office.  Warren Miller for Governor!!!

Melissa has wonderful credentials.  They just don’t match up to Gail Bates’ or Warren Miller’s record in Annapolis.

She can continue to use “Break the Slate” as one of her campaign themes (which I hear a lot and many people talk about) but to me that theme means two things.  If a slate it is then Gail Bates’ explains it best when she points out the great working relationship she and Warren have and their demonstrated committment to Howard County.  The second thing is that the campaign is being driven by that theme (among others).  The fact that it came up in this article again shows it is a part of her campaign strategy.

I think it is dangerous of her to ignore the fact that Warren Miller was elected twice to office by large margins.  If she really feels that being an appointee to the position is one of Warren’s weaknesses why didn’t she challenge Allan Kittleman who was also appointed to the seat and has even less experience than Warren in Annapolis?

Of course the answer might be that in a three way race she can split the 4,600 votes three ways and possibly end up one of the two top vote getters in which she would only need to get 1,534 votes to win.  That is a lot easier than challenging Allan Kittleman and trying to get 2,301 votes to Allan’s 2,299 votes.

I wonder with a the primary fight for County Council District 5 and Legislative 9A (they share political boundaries) we might get a lot more than 4,600 people showing up at the polls.  I don’t think many will show up for County Council District 1 which doesn’t have a primary fight and also shares political boundaries with 9A.  So we might see a heavy turn out in the Western part of the district and a lower turn out in the Eastern part of the district.  Remains to be seen.

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