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County Council District 5 Poll Update

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, August 25, 2006

As of 6:40 AM August 25th.

Greg Fox leads with 14 votes (50%)

Jim Adams follows with 8 votes (29%)

Wayne Livesay has 6 (21%)

I am not surprised by the results so far.  What surprises me is the low number of votes.  This site gets over 200 hits a day and we only have 28 votes?  With that many visitors this is still a close poll.

We had 130 votes for the District 1 poll and it was only open for about one week.  We had 200 votes for the County Exec. race.

Here is a link to the poll.  The poll will remain open until August 31st.


One Response to “County Council District 5 Poll Update”

  1. Mary Smith said

    Realizing this is a straw poll, and some are aghast that it’s even posted, it’s an irresistible draw for analysis.

    After the exchange with Greg Fox, three votes were cast last night, one for each candidate.

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