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Early Voting Ruling Upheld

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, August 25, 2006

The Maryland Court of Appeals upheld an Anne Arundel Judge’s earlier opinion that Maryland’s Early Voting law is unconstitutional.

The Baltimore Sun report

Washington Post report

The General Assembly is earning a black eye in the Court system.  Their over reaching antics are being proven for what they are – over reaching and Ehrlich bashing.

From a WBAL Radio report on June 20, 2006

In an April 5, 2006, editorial, the Post said, “Before they voted, Democratic lawmakers stripped the bill of provisions that would have permitted Republicans an equal role in deciding where to place the early-polling stations and that would have required that the station’s locations would be geographically central. The conference committee that wrote the bill was composed of six Democrats and zero Republicans.”

The newspaper warns, “With such arrogance and abuse the Democrats will only erode their majority in Maryland.”  It would be wonderful were that true, but I have my doubts.  The one-party monopoly in Maryland is so entrenched that it has been openly waging war against the interloper governor without any fear of comeuppance.

As the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund reminds us, Maryland Senate President Mike Miller boasted early this year to his party caucus, “We’re going to shoot [Republican leaders] down. We’re going to bury them face down in the ground, and it’ll be ten years before they crawl out again.”

Fund calls the legislature here the worst in America. Here’s his complete column.


2 Responses to “Early Voting Ruling Upheld”

  1. Mary Smith said

    So, the Democrats pushed party politics into early voting, and then the Republicans responded by killing it.

    No on present to opt out of dividing the infant. Both parties would divide the tot in two in order to have an equal share (in the crime, that is).


    Bubba come back.

    If you’ve gone because of inaccurate words leveled toward you, please focus on the perspective of readers like me.

    The statements made about an entire group of people (using you as example) were Mel Gibson-esque stereotyping in the worst way, and convey more about the source than the targets. I’m still shaking my head at the misguided and, unfortunately for the writer, permanently recorded statements that seem to have more gravity as time passes, instead of less.

    Also, readers get the irony wherein a few weeks ago you were falsely charged with the very infraction that was perpetrated against you last week.

    Come back, Bubba. It wasn’t about you.

  2. Bubba said

    No offense taken! Just on holiday and settling back into my reading and enjoying this fine form of media (no liberal censorship here on David’s Blog!)


    PS- Courtney is getting a free pass here anyway tsk tsk tsk

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