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House of Delegates 13

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, August 27, 2006

I wrote about this in “Howard County Races Shaping Up” and not much has changed.

District 13: Currently held by Shane E. Pendergrass (D), Neil F. Quinter (D), and Frank S. Turner (D). What is interesting about this race is that Quinter declared his intent to seek Ben Cardin’s congressional seat. Then he changed his mind. Problem is that Guy Guzzone (D) at the time declared he would join the Pendergrass/Turner slate thereby freezing out Quinter.

Republicans on this ticket will be Mary Beth Tung, Lorettta Gaffney, and Rick Bowers

This race will be the most competitive in Howard County. Although the district leans Democratic, the Democrats will have a difficult time keeping all three seats. Republican Mary Beth Tung, as a first time candidate in 2002, was the top vote getter in the Primary (out of 6), eventually losing the general election by only 2000 votes, less than 2%. (from Wikipedia)

The Baltimore Sun published an article by Larry Carson on the race on Sunday, August 27th.  Although it was mostly about the four main democrats in the race, the slate Guzzone-Pendergrass-Turner, and then Neil Quinter.  All vying for 11,000 votes on September 13th.

I thought this would be a bruising primary.  So far it hasn’t looked very bruising.  However, we still have time.

The most disagreement I have heard is what was quoted in the article.

Quinter, a strong supporter of tougher laws on sexual crimes, also stressed his support for full-day kindergarten and criticized plans for redevelopment of downtown Columbia as “very overblown. We don’t need a bunch of 20-story office buildings to make it look like Bethesda.”

His priorities if re-elected are enactment of a new assault weapons ban and tying minimum wage levels to inflation to make wage changes automatic.

 I agree with all of his positions except for the “sounds real good but does absoluting nothing assualt weapons ban“. 

 The Sun Lies made this very good comment on Quinter’s relentless attack on assualt weapons.

In 2006 the Maryland General Assembly made a point of passing every bill they wanted to last year and this year overriding 37 gubernatorial vetoes, but Delegate Quinter couldn’t pass his Assault Weapons Ban because the Governor stood in the way? (as Quinter claimed to the Baltimore Sun) How can The Sun honestly print this when Quinter has been unable to get his bill out of the Maryland House of Delegate, let alone passed by the Maryland Senate? For a Governor unable to stop 37 gubernatorial veto overrides we find it highly unlikely that he was suddenly able to quell one particular piece of legislation. Delegate Quinter should redirect his fiery anger towards the Maryland General Assembly leadership because clearly they had the abilities and powers to pass any legislation they wanted to.

His criticism of the redevelopment of Columbia as “very overblown” is a direct criticism of Guzzone and Ulman.  Overblown?  Well when Ken and Guy were up and arms about 1,600 new residential units and now we are talking about 5,500 ne units and Ken and Guy are fully supporting it then I think Quinter may have a point.  In the very least I think the planning has been poor.  They started backwards.

Nina Basu got some mention as well.  It was token at best considering the piece on District 9A and that attention lavished on Melissa Covolesky.  Turner call Basu a candidate for the future.  Unlike Melissa at least Nina has some experience in the community serving on the Long Reach village board.  I don’t think that has prepared her for Annapolis though.

I believe in a citizen legislature.  The concept of a citizen legislature is to avoid career politicians to let the citizens represent the citizens.  However, it was intended that prepared and experienced citizens participate.  Then come home and live among their peers.  Annapolis is not a training ground or a launch pad for a political career.  Some make think my position is stupid.  I respectfully disagree, and I respect their right to think what they want even though the language is less than charming.

Mr. Turner was quoted as fretting that his name being last on the ballot may cost him some votes.  Well then it would seem that by that logic Basu would get those votes.  Basu, Guzzone, and Pendergrass?

We may still see some fireworks here given the amount of money that could be spent.


4 Responses to “House of Delegates 13”

  1. Right of Center said

    Of course, we have a citizen’s legislature and then want to stop anyone under the age of 105 from participating. That seems reasonable in a democracy. We’d prefer that our legislators already have experience in accepting large bribes. If they don’t already know, they might have to learn on a back alley in Annapolis.

  2. hocomd said

    Of course, I don’t subscribe to right of centers beliefs (whether real or sarcastic).

  3. Angie Beltram said

    Guzzone has more money in his campaign fund – much of which was gathered while he was on the Zoning board and came from developers. When he was considering running for County Executive, he also started to receiveMORE money from developers. Give me Quinter, an experienced, independent legislator. He was named “Legislator of the Year” by Maryland prosecutors for his attempt on assault guns and for his successful legislation to increase the punishment of child predators.

  4. Mary Beth Tung said

    David – thanks for your highlight of District 13.

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