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HoCo Times Primary Endorsements

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, August 31, 2006

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We have endorsed candidates only in races where there is a contested primary election. We will offer endorsements in all the locally relevant contests before the General Election of Nov. 7.

House of Delegates District 9A: Republicans: Gail Bates, Warren Miller

Melissa Covolesky raised $1,025 in the most recent finance report (due tomorrow) and has $15,500 on hand.

Warren Miller last reported he had $16,900 on hand.

I feel vindicated

House of Delegates District 13: Democrats: Shane Pendergrass, Neil Quinter, Frank Turner

The fact that Guzzone didn’t get the nod is surprising to me.  Don’t count him out.  He has $150,000 on hand.  That is a lot of name recognition and he can spread that money around to other candidates to help get his message out.

County Council District 4: Democrat: Mary Kay Sigaty

Given that Guzzone and Ulman are supporting Josh Feldmark I am a little surprised.  Josh raised $5,000 in this period and has $6,700 in cash on hand.  I am sure some will come his way from Guy.

Mary Kay raised $1,400 and only has $1,000 on hand.  Perhaps the endorsement will help her campaign raise much needed cash.

For the Democratic Primary for County Executive Ken Ulman got the nod.

County Council District 5: Republican: Greg Fox

Finance reports are due tomorrow.  Wayne Livesay reports $10,000 ($1,500 more than he had on hand last time) on hand and raised $6,056.80.  Fox had $15,000 on hand from the last report.  His most recent report isn’t on line yet.  Charlie Feaga has $13,200 on hand and one must wonder what he will do with the balance.  Give some of it to Wayne I suspect.

I feel validated

Board of Education:

Frank Aquino, Larry Cohen, Ellen Flynn Giles, Patricia Gordon, Joshua Kaufman

I think it was a mistake not to endorse Roger Lerner.

I wish the article went into more specifics regarding he reasoning behind all the endorsements.  It touches on the issues they discussed, but not in great enough detail to satisfy my curiousity.

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