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County Council 5 Straw Poll Results

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, September 1, 2006

Greg Fox:47

Wayne Livesay: 20

Jim Adams: 18

Total votes: 85

View for yourself


10 Responses to “County Council 5 Straw Poll Results”

  1. JK said

    It amazes and shocks me the Jim Adams a self proclaimed Republican candidate for Howard County Council would hoist a sign for David Osmundon for Delegate in his yard. In my opinion it’s okay to support Republicans, but not Democrats for the General – what next an O’Malley sign? – Jim has lost my vote this primary season – guess I’ll have to decide between Livesay and Fox now….

    A Disappointed Mt. Hebron Republican,

  2. Mary Smith said

    Ah yes. The party affiliation/loyalty question. According to recent press reports from all area newspapers, it could be going the way of the dinosaur, but some will still hang on. Maybe not in 1992, maybe not this year, maybe not in ’08. But it’s changing like a tidal wave, the warning for which few party loyalists will acknowledge in sufficient time to develop a sensible risk mitigation plan.

    When the split in loyalty voters face comes down to what is good, right, accurate v. what is good for the party, more and more voters are choosing what is right/good for all citizens rather than simply advancing the goals of their own political party.

    The example du jour is found in the Outlook section of the Post this Sunday, page B2 by Marc Ambinder. He doesn’t do justice where the basis is concerned, but some good statistics are presented.

    39% of Iowa voters are registered independent. 85% of new registrants in New Hampshire are choosing unaffiliated status.

    And outside of this article, the local newspapers quote the recent registrant numbers in Howard wherein republicans are ranked third in numbers of new voter registrations.


  3. Mary Smith said

  4. Bubba said

    That post sorta makes me wanna think twice – Jim Adams supporting the party of Queen Tax Courtney….I’m concerned!


  5. Mary Smith said

    Bubba! How are you on this holiday? Good to see you posting.

    I can’t argue with you, one of my favorite bloggers. Whatever you say Bubba. Let’s just go with that.

    I’ll reserve the right to be disagreeable only after the holiday is over.

  6. Bubba said

    Hopefully you are enjoying a rest? I’m excited to just relax and take in family today.


  7. Mary Smith said

    Yes, family is a wonderful thing. Just ask Chris Merdon. (Ed: this counts toward saying something positive).

    I’ll have to sign off soon, going to mow the north 40. Just kidding. I actually have to teach a ballet lesson. Ok, kidding again. I’m going to the shooting range. Oh, there I go again. Really, I have to finish writing my patent application. No, again. Can’t be serious today! Guess it’s a good thing I’m signing off. Have a wonderful day, go outside, it’s beautiful weather.

  8. Bubba said

    Er, Uh,

    Would the real Mary please stand up – my head is spinning and I’m confused…


  9. Mary Smith said

    What a difference a day makes…

    Let’s get on with what David is posting.

  10. ed said

    No Mary, it does not.

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