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Adams Endorses Livesay

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.  Jim had hinted to a development in the papers earlier and I suspected this might be the case.

As reported in the Baltimore Examiner.

There isn’t much to add to what Dave Wissing said about this development.

If pointing out the obvious (party switching) is dirty politics then I guess I am guilty too.

Relative to Jim.  This doesn’t change my opinion about him.  I just think he is mistaken.

Jim is a stand up person.  I would hope that the next County Executive finds a role for him in the next administration or that the School Board finds a role for him.  A suitable role would be in the area of financial oversight ie: Spending Affordability.

Do I think this will impact the race?  I don’t know.  In any event every candidate must stand on their own feet.

If people are turned off by pointing out that Mr. Livesay switched parties to run in a Republican district they probably would not have voted for Greg Fox anyway.

Another point the article states this was held at the Merdon Headquarters giving the impression that the Merdon Campaign was supporting the Adams endorsement.  I have been told that Jim and Wayne asked to conduct the press conference inside the Merdon Headquarters but were asked to “take it outside”, which they did.

I have to give it to Wayne.  He is making a valiant attempt to tie his campaign’s fortunes to Chris Merdon’s campaign and giving voters the impression that Wayne has been endorsed by Chris Merdon.  Seems to me it is an underhanded way to try to beef up his less than steller GOP credentials.

He got it into the papers though didn’t he.

Is this an integrity issue?  Hmmm…

In closing let me add this.  In my mind Jim Adams is a fine man and deserves respect.  I have never ever heard him say an unkind word.  If you support Wayne I am sure you are delighted.  If you support Greg I am sure you are disappointed.  Jim should be thanked for his service and expressing his opinions.  I look forward to buying the man a beer.

Update: It has come to my attention that people are saying that Greg Fox dredged up some unfortunate incidents that occured in the Police Department during Wayne’s watch.  I have been told they are related to legal matters.  I can tell you that is not the case.  If that is the basis of Jim’s angst with Greg Fox I think he has been misinformed.


16 Responses to “Adams Endorses Livesay”

  1. Mary Smith said

    No one is commenting on this development?

    1. Adams repeating what Livesay is saying about switching parties is just Livesay talking through Adams. There must be more than this to the story. Jim Adams should let us, who were going to vote for him, know what the remainder of the story looks like.

    2. Voters are left with no republican who’ll support citizens. Livesay or Fox will not be good for the district/county based on what both of them have done, regardless of what they are saying.

    3. Don Dunn is the only alternative. A benign alternative but maybe we need someone representing that age group in county government.

    4. Refer back to the Post Outlook article from Sunday. The real reason people of all affiliations vote independently of parties is demonstrated right here today, a very poignant example of what is wrong. Parties are backing the wrong people. Campaign financing sources support who’ll work for them once in office. Citizens have no good choices.

  2. Jim Adams said

    Mary Smith, thank you very much. maybe we should have a coffee and chat.

    The words you have read are mine, all mine.

    In reference to your 4th comment, attend the Sept.18 th meeting for Independents. I attend the meetings, and there are many good people with good thoughts aat the meetings. he lady, Mona Brinegar is going an excellant job organizing
    these meetings and bringing issues to the surface.

    p.s. although I dropped out, and will support Wayne without regrets, Mary Smith your comments make me fell some sadness. Thanks for your support.

  3. timactual said

    There is another reason that Adams withdrew, but I do not want to get into that. He knows what I mean.

  4. Freemarket said

    Mary- your comment #4 generally applies to all levels of government, and I would take it a step further. We really have the illusion of choice. At the end of the day, republicans want government to distribute wealth up the chain to the elites through corporate welfare programs, while democrats want government to stick its nose in the market where it (usually) does not belong. The average voter loses in either case.

  5. Mary Smith said

    Freemarket for District 5 county council seat.

  6. Jim Adams said

    Dave, in reference to Chris Merdon’s headquarters. Wayne wanted to go with this on Wednesday, Kenny mentioned using a restaurant. I said, It has to be Monday, the rest of the week, I would be working 12 hour days. Someone ? mentioned Chris’s headquarters. I have a key, we could go in, out of the wind, sounded great, but we could not get in touch with Chris to get his permission. So it was outside. It was all about convenience, not politics.

  7. treehugger said

    I leave for a few days to go help clean up the Bay and all this happens. I have worked with Jim and do consider him a friend. I may not agree with his comments about support for Wayne but that is what makes our Republican Party strong. We may all agree to disagree but this party does not select its leaders, Republicans voters do. (WE are not like the Columbia Democratic Club/Committee who tell voters who to vote for thru thier endorsements).Jim I just hope that you take time and think about what you truely believe and don’t get caught up in the Livesay words and mistrusts.Wayne has supported may issues that are against the views of most voters in district five and thoses issues have to be addressed like his support for comp-lite, taxes and against a person’s right to own a firearm. Wayne has supported the Dems. position on these issues and I believe that highlighting facts that Wayne doesn’t want us to know is not dirty politics.

  8. Jim Adams said

    In reference to #3 above, this sounds like the conspiracies are starting. Is timactual, Deep Throat, will timactual want right’s to this story. The truth is there are no hidden reasons, and it sounds that this is getting blown out of proportion.

  9. Mary Smith said

    O, stop. Republicans certainly direct who is supported, albeit less formally. What? Now you’re O’Malley, thinking you’re changing history by stating another story? Really. Wayne and Greg both have done things that are less than honest (Livesay’s lack of support for law that protects citizens from comp-lite situations, and Greg with the phone poll, ugly!).

    Neither candidate is a good option.

    Regarding the strength of the party, it’s an appealing item. But it belongs to too few, and you are loosing ground as a result. Ignoring that fact will not change the course of history.

  10. hocomd said

    Mary, did you participate in the phone poll? What were the questions. I think Jim said he was called.

  11. Mary Smith said

    I’m operating from what I’m reading. See hedgehog’s item and Adams’ reply.

    Really, David. You can’t possibly support someone who would do this.

  12. hocomd said

    Mary, I assume you mean this?

    “…used trash questions in reference to Liversay, and has not released the results.”

    Why release the results? He paid for it. Ulman and Merdon aren’t releasing their poll results.

    What trash questions? I have been told that the questions were along these lines.

    Wayne voted in two Democratic Primaries.
    Wayne doesn’t support the 2nd amendment (I apologize I know that is broad – but he has issues with the GOP position on the 2nd amendment)
    Wayne switched parties 3 times in 4 years.

    It has been alleged that Greg asked about legal issues in the Police Department. Many people deny that. It would have been inappropriate if he had and what is more Greg knows that too.

    Relative to pointing out his GOP rival’s Democratic credentials – I see nothing wrong with it at all. It is a matter of public record. The Livesay campaign acts like they are ashamed of Wayne’s Democratic credentials and are running away from it as fast as they can. It is fair game.

  13. Mary Smith said

    I got nothing but time, and will patiently wait for the light bulb to illuminate.

    I also have a basis for trust in you, David. The down-side to that trust is now I expect you’ll want to do the right thing. And I think you will. Even if you don’t post it, I think you want to know what was said in those telephone polls, or you wouldn’t have asked me.

    It would be interesting to find an impartial individual who can tell us what was really asked.

    The results are inconsequential, unless you’re referring to the voter misinformation results….

  14. Freemarket said

    I am not going to discuss whether or not timactual thinks that space monkeys are responsible for global warming, but he knows what I am talking about.

  15. hocomd said

    From what I have heard Timactual may have to explain why Jim Adams was misled into believing that Fox said, printed, or polled something that he never did. Fox won’t go there. What could it be? It will come out and then Jim will have a decision to make. My question is “Will his endorsement of Wayne Livesay stand?”

  16. timactual said

    Gee, I thought that it was acceptable to make insinuations about unethical conduct without backing them up. I guess you have to be a member of the club. My bad.

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