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Aliquid Stat Pro Aliquo

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, September 5, 2006

That is Latin for “Something that stands for something else” or the recent Baltimore Sun Legislative 9A and 13 endorsements.

Each of the candidates were given 13 questions and asked to provide a brief biographical background.

Candidates were warned that The Sun was looking at an enormous number of races and questionaires.  Furthermore, it would be unlikely to interview many candidates either.

Why any candidate would subject themselves to this process is beyond me.  That is why I like the local paper’s approach to the endorsement process.  Get the candidates in a room with a group of knowledgable editors and go at it.

In District 13 Guy Guzzone was passed up again.

Guy Guzzone was an effective member of the council, but he gives the impression that he views the House of Delegates as a step back from the rigors of running a local government.

What?  Granted I didn’t see the answers but I saw the questions.  What could Guy Guzzone have said to leave The Sun with that impression?  Did they interview him over the telephone or in person?  I think this is more relevant for District 13 than it is for District 9A and may actually cost Guy some votes.  However, the man still has $150,000 in the bank.  That buys a lot of name recognition.  If I were a betting man I would bet on Guzzone.

In Distrct 9A Gail Bates and Melissa Covolesky got the nod.

The Republican neophyte candidate is a compassionate voice for immigrants and a proponent of limiting the sprawl that threatens her district. She gets The Sun’s endorsement. Of the district’s two incumbents, The Sun endorses Del. Gail Bates, a Republican who joined the legislature in 2002 and was named deputy minority whip.

A compassionate voice for immigrants.  Please clarify that statement.  I know of few people who are not compassionate about the plight of legal immigrants.  Warren Miller has compassion for the plight of legal immigrants who have difficulting assimilating into our culture.  Take my immigrant children for example.  Warren has always expressed a great deal of interest in their well being as have Tony Salazar and Courtney Watson.  I am grateful for their concern.  Warren has always inquired about their English skills knowing that is a key to their success in adapting to a new culture and to school.  So, I wish the Sun would explain what this means.  By calling this out are they inferring that it is the only one of two qualifications for the House of Delegates?

Warren Miller is also concerned about sprawl.  He advocates funding for the State’s “Smart Growth” initiatives which he claims have been underfunded.  He is a life long resident of the district and lives on the farm he grew up on.  He advocates for additional support for ag prev.

I don’t get it.  But then again I didn’t see Melissa’s answers either.

In any event.  The bottom line is this.  The Sun endorsement in this district is “Something that stands for something else” and that is less votes for Melissa, Gail and Wayne. 

The Western part of the district won’t care about this endorsement.  They care about the Kittleman, Schrader, and Ehrlich endorsement.


2 Responses to “Aliquid Stat Pro Aliquo”

  1. Melissa said

    I knew this would come up and Yes, I agree, the Sun does me no favors with their endorsement. I answer questions often not because I am seeking such support, but because I don’t want people to say I don’t answer the issues or I am ducking positions that the voters have a right to know about. Here is my complete, unedited answer to the specific question about the immigration issue. I can’t imagine it was that different than Warren or Gail’s answer actually. Maybe I’m wrong. But regardless, I do see both my opponents as compassionate and caring people.

    9. How can the state best adapt to a growing immigrant population?

    The way we have always adapted to immigrants moving into our state – by allowing the greatest opportunities for education and jobs. Immigrants over the centuries have incorporated their belief and value systems into the existing communities. However, it usually takes 1 or 2 full generations for the immigrant families to feel part of the larger community. I don’t know why we are suddenly expecting all new (legal) immigrants to assimilate the day they enter the country. Look at Little Italy and other pockets of immigrants around Maryland and you will find many long-term, first generation residents that cling to the “old ways” (customs and language) of their home country. To expect differently of today’s immigrants shows a xenophobia we need to stop. However, the illegal immigration issue is different altogether. Allowing illegal immigration only leads to the creation of a sub-class of residents that harms the illegal immigrants themselves and creates a degradation of services that we can provide to our legal residents. I do not support granting illegal immigrants benefits such as reduced in-state college tuition or state supported work programs. We have a national policy on immigration for reasons that make sense in economic and security realms; I support that policy.

  2. hocomd said

    Thank you Melissa. I for one do not expect assimilation the day of entry. It has been over a year since my kids arrived here and they are still adapting (although they have come a long way).

    I am 3rd generation Irish on one side and 2nd generation on the other. I still cling to the “old ways” as much as I can. Take Guinness as an example.

    The key is English. I believe that is what Warren said too.

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