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Howard County Times Sample Ballot

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, September 7, 2006

Everything you wanted to know about Ken Ulman 

Want to play a game?

Who can point out the most errors in the Howard County Times Sample Ballot for the Tuesday primary?

Let me start you with three…

  1. Michael Steel is running for US Senate.  They forgot the e at the end of Steel
  2. Howard County has no one running for County Council, instead we have 16 candidate for the US House of Representatives
  3. Who is running for House of Delegates District 13?

8 Responses to “Howard County Times Sample Ballot”

  1. I found a couple you missed

    Patuxent Publishing should be embarrassed….

  2. hocomd said

    Dave, someone at your place said the BOE was responsbile for the sample ballot. That only makes me feel worse. I do have to say that my absentee ballot was just perfect. No flaws.

  3. Mary Beth Tung said

    Gee – I hope the REAL ballots are correct!

  4. Mary Smith said

    A Judge Candidate’s correct name is Titman, not Tillman.

  5. Mary Smith said

    I know, this is not a newspaper. But a little tolerance may be in order.

    The Week in Review (Blessings & Curses):

    Magnificent week on the hocomd site as the numbers of readers surpassed all prior records, and responses demonstrated an engaged votership reminiscent of the Founding Fathers (except of course, more diverse).


    Rough week on the hocomd site while bloggers lobbed sometimes dirty bombs at one another in the form of too often poorly formed sentences, not to mention misspellings, and the painfully egregious sound-logic infractions.

    I’d vote for the first description.

  6. Fran said

    I’m still better looking than Mary Smith.

  7. Fran said

    Although not required, you have to wonder why the guide listed Democrats first? For the first time in what, 30 years, Republicans will be listed first on the ballots! I would have a guide developed to help voters would have followed a similar format!

    Please don’t mention the alphabet either. If the GOP were actually named AAAA-Republicans, then we still would have been listed 2nd…

  8. MBT said

    Fran – the “official” listing from the Times generally listed the Republicans first, but didn’t do it for Merdon’s race, nor did they follow alphabetical in the judges race.

    There just seemed to be a total lack of editing.

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