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GOP Sample Ballot

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, September 9, 2006

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Sample Ballot Errors
SUNPAPERS to run double truck correction!
All Voters and Primary Candidates are surely aware of the error laden Sample Ballot which appeared in the Howard County TIMES/Columbia Flier and Baltimore Sun this week.

Brian Harlin, Central Committee Chairman, has contacted The Board of Elections to investigate the problem. He has been told and he has reviewed documentation assuring him that the errors are completely attributable to the Baltimore Sun.

The Board of Elections contracted with the Sun to compose and distribute the tabloid sized ballot. An electronic file was provided by the BoE to the Sun. Three proofs were submitted to the BoE, all of which were incorrect. Unfortunately, the Tabloid went to press before the corrections were completed.

The Sunday Sun will run a two page ballot correction on Sunday 9/10/06 in the Main Section. As of last proof, there are still errors and omissions. Corrections have been requested.

The BoE ballot, downloaded to each touch screen voting machine has been audited and appears to be correct. No machine problems are expected.

For an official Sample Ballot, please follow this link:

Then click on your election district, 1 – 6, and then click on the precinct number where you vote. You can then click on the SAMPLE BALLOT – Republican link which will display a PDF of the ballot for your precinct.

You can try this link too Sample Ballott


2 Responses to “GOP Sample Ballot”

  1. Ralph said

    Interesting to me how all of the Democrats names and offices appear to be correct, but several Republicans (Steele & Hlass) have their names mis typed, and Apparently are mostly running for the wrong office. Interesting how Democrat names were not mis-spelled and office were correct.

  2. Mary Beth Tung said

    I don’t think there was any malice here – I think it was a classic lesson in not sending Word files – send them as PDF’s instead. It appears to me that the table files had some of the cells shifted when the Sun opened the file. We have enough issues to deal with – this is relatively minor. I just hope the real ballots are correct!

    They did manage to get Ehrlich’s name correct – something the Sun had difficulty with in the last election!

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