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Due To Technical Difficulties…

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, September 12, 2006

…lack of a lan drop results will be posted at David Wissing’s site

9:40 – Hayduke has posted some results on the Democratic primary for County Exec. and Council District 4.  However, he is not reporting by precinct.


3 Responses to “Due To Technical Difficulties…”

  1. hayduke said

    I’m just throwing up results as they come…much of what I’m getting is not by precinct. Evan’s working on getting the numbers precinct by precinct.

  2. Evan said

    Working and failing utterly. Last election they posted each precincts results as poll workers brought them in. This year no one seemed to organize making sure poll workers brought them in. Sorry folks that my idea didn’t work out.

  3. hocomd said

    The Board of Elections still does not have the results posted on their site. I don’t blame you Evan, I blame the BoElections. Perception is that they didn’t post the results as quickly as they could have and they don’t use their own website.

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