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Voting Results

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, September 13, 2006

UPDATE: Howard County Board of Elections has the unofficial results posted. 

I can’t add much to what Dave, Ian, and Evan had to say about the reporting of results from the Howard County Board of Elections.  At 6:00 AM this morning the State Board of Elections was reporting results from almost every County except Howard County.  I am very disappointed that the Howard County Board of Elections has not updated their web site nor does it appear that they sent the results to the State Board of posting this morning.

Is also especially disappointing when coupled with the problems in Montgomery County (Leggett appears to be leading by a significant vote) and Baltimore City.

We got the first whiff of a problem when Ian started posting bottom line results instead of by precinct.

A noble idea from Evan gone haywire due to no fault of Evan’s.


Central Committee

Kittleman, Trent M 6482 11.96%
Becker, Joan M. 4903 9.05%
Harriman, Sandra N. 4713 8.70%
Browning, Margaret 4668 8.61%
Mitchell, Heather L. 4189 7.73%
Winter, Roger P. 4031 7.44%
Shields, Loretta H. 4027 7.43%
Ballinger, Robert D. 3940 7.27%
Bailey, John W. IV 3776 6.97%
Harlin, Brian 3532 6.52%
Keelan, David W. 3451 6.37%
Patrick, Edward L. 3434 6.34%
Wafer, John D. 3050 5.63%

This goes first since I want to get this out of the way.  I didn’t make it to the Central Committee.  I won’t know for sure until the Board of Elections posts results.  Neither did John Wafer (a dedicated and very hard worker and current member).  Also, our current Chairman Brian Harlin didn’t make it, and Ed Patrick failed to win a seat.

People kept saying I am sorry David.  Thanks.  Honestly, I am going to do the work with or without the title so I am not going anywhere.  A lot of people were dismayed that we have members elected that have not in the past  done any work on behalf of the Central Committee, or the party outside a couple of campaigns.  Notable exceptions of course and they know who they are.  In any event we will have a very different Central Committee and they have their work cut out for them for 2008 as they do not take their seats until after the General Election.

County Executive

Dunbar, Harry M. 5072 21.38%
Ulman, Ken 18646 78.62%
Total 23718 100%

I am surprised that Dunbar got over 20% of the vote.  The buzz at the GOP HQ was pretty much the same among observers wondering what this might mean for Chris Merdon in the General Election.  I wish I had some numbers to look at, but from what I recall before I left at 12AM was that the turn out was large enough for that race to pose that very question.

Harry Dunbar garnishing over 20% of the vote?  He didn’t campaign much beyond the newspaper and candidate forums.  I am not sure what this means and neither does Hayduke.

I do remember in the last Gubernatorial race that people were surprised that little know Robert Raymond Fustero managed to garnish 20% (19% in Howard County) of the primary vote against KKT.  KKT went on to lose Howard Couny by garnishing 44% to Ehrlich’s 55%.

House of Delegates 13

Guzzone pulled it off.  I said to Dave Wissing and others last night that I wondered what he was doing with his campaign cash.  He either spent it at the last moment or knew something I didn’t (of course he did).

House of Delegates 9A

Bates, Gail, 3872, 41.85%

Covolesky, Melissa R , 1917, 20.72%

Miller, Warren E., 3463, 37.43%

I am pleased with the results.  I was also pleased with the warm comments all of the speakers lavished on Melissa.  They all echoed the same thing – stick around we want to see more of you.  Well done Gail, Warren and Melissa.

County Council District 5

Name, Votes, Percentage

Adams, James C. 177  4.10%

Fox, Greg 2582 59.84%

Livesay, Wayne 1556 36.06%

Someone said that when the Fox campaign realized that they won 4 precincts that should have gone to Wayne it would probably go their way, and it did.  I am very happy about the results here.  Especially since I don’t have to eat my hat.

Greg gave the longest remarks last night, but everyone hung on every word.  Dave Wissing and I were even given an honorable mention by our next County Councilman.  Greg is a very sincerce, serious, and gracious person.  You will note in the Sun he refuses to dismiss Don Donn in the General Election even though a Republican is almost assured victory.

I was remiss to not mention Wayne Livesay’s spirited campaign.  It was well run and organized.  I got a call from the Baltimore Examiner who wanted to know not only why did Greg win but why did he win by such a large margin.  I gave them a quote.  In reality it doesn’t matter now.  I think the best person won and Wayne Livesay did a great job of making Greg prove he was the best person for the job and working for the honor to represent District 5.

Good luck Wayne.

Now it is off for the General Election.  Time to put the primary behind us and unite as a single team bent on achieving victory in November.

County Council District 4

Combine this with Ulman’s results in the County Executive race does this begin to tell as story?  Josh lost to Mary Kay.  I thought Josh had it all going for him.  Ulman support and Guzzone support.  Resentment that Mary Kay was leaving her Board of Ed position if she won.

Once the numbers are available I will review them office by office and precinct by precinct compared to 2002 and report anything interesting.

Now some more good news.  The Howard County Bloggers Association (I think that is what we are calling ourselves) has devised a list of questions for our candidates.  We are in agreement on the format.  We will distribute questions tomorrow and asking for responses by October 1st.  This should go a lot more smoothly in that we are not depending upon the Board of Education for something to write about….  However, we are dependent upon candidate responses.

I think the local papers are going to continue to mention the blogger’s forum for the duration of the elections based on some side conversations with some members of the 4th estate last night.  That might help prod some reluctant pols (a.k.a. Jim Robey).


43 Responses to “Voting Results”

  1. Reader said

    “I am surprised that Dunbar got over 20% of the vote….I am not sure what this means and neither does Hayduke.”

    These were anti-Ulman votes. People are very unhappy with Comp-Lite and with Ulman’s refusal to advocate for responsible downtown redevelopment. Ulman has been ignoring the message that many have been trying to send. Perhaps he will find the ballot box convincing.

  2. Mary Smith said

    Exactly. No mystery here. The 5,000 votes were against Ulman, ie., comp lite, land development, business-as-usual.

    And David, call Fox anything, but don’t call him gracious unless you want a response from me every time. Completely untrue, he’s got the character of Robey even prior to becoming a council celebrity, and would only grow worse after discovering the power he’d garner. Why, why, why do we continue to elect people like this? That’s rhetorical, no need to respond, because I already know the answer: he’ll tow the party line. OMG! this is intensely frustrating.

  3. Hayduke said

    Many of those Dunbar votes aren’t just anti-Ulman, they’re anti-status quo. Maybe they go to Wallis in the general, but I don’t think they go to Merdon.

  4. Melissa said

    Thanks Dave 🙂

  5. Ed Patrick said

    I am also sorry that Dave didn’t make it onto the Central Committee, but there is still new blood joining that team. The Central Committees are a fine example of a place where the rank and file citizen can become one thread in a greater political tapestry. Not all politics is about hard work, paybacks, nepotism, name recognition, or good luck. Sometimes, it’s just plain democracy, and as a political activist, I applaud it.

    In the Spider Man movie, Cliff Robertson’s character (the uncle of character Peter Parker), says it all: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Just being a citizen in this country is a huge responsibility, and many have forgotten this.

    There are two principles which define my politics — freedom and the rule of law. The first was passed down to us by our Fathers. The second is the framework for how we keep it. We each have a duty to them both, and we may often take them for granted or forget them. However, the people of Hungary — who were about to live through the events of exactly 50 years ago this election season — probably appreciate their responsibilities more (with the exception of George Soros, of course).

    Good luck to Howard County, its Republican Central Committee, and its immensely qualified candidates.

    Ed Patrick

    “But he stood in the midst of the ground and defended it…”
    II Samuel 23:12

  6. Greg Fox said

    Unfortunately, as far as I know I have never met you. If you are willing to expose yourself, I am inviting you to breakfeast at the Double T to discuss issues and other things. My guess is that you will probably decline and continue to take unsubstantiated potshots. However, since I do like some of your comments on certain subjects and you do actually seem sincere about your concerns about the county, there might be a chance that you will accept the offer.

    Again, I hope this cost me a few bucks and you accept. I look forward to the potential dialogue.

  7. Greg Fox said

    I echo the comments of David in the post as well as Gail and Warren last night. You (and your husband, David) are great people and I hope to continue to see you around.

  8. Mary Smith said


    Political cornering? You must be kidding. To paraphrase: Mary, if you don’t do what we want then you must be spouting “unsubstantiated potshots”.

    You continue to confirm my position.

    I would no more expose my identity for you than…. I can’t even come up with a strong enough example. Elected officials who say the things you have said, do what you do, are the very reason to maintain anonymity. Livesay and you have much in common. There were no choices this round and incumbency is a siren song to many voters. You won. Citizens loose.

  9. Melissa said

    Thanks Greg. It was a great experience and I look forward to continuing to work with everyone I’ve met over the past year since I’ve been back home.

    Let me know what you need for the general elections (not today obviously!! Have a few signs to take down yet, LOL) and I’ll do what I can. Congratulations on the win!

  10. Mary Smith said


    Political cornering? You must be kidding. To paraphrase your “invitation”: Mary, if you don’t do what we want then you must be spouting “unsubstantiated potshots”.

    You continue to confirm my position.

    I would no more expose my identity for you than…. I can’t even come up with a strong enough example. Elected officials who say the things you have said, do what you do, are the very reason to maintain anonymity. Livesay and you have much in common. There were no choices this round and incumbency is a siren song to many voters. You won. Citizens loose.

  11. another reader said

    I wish Maryland would allow Independent-minded voters to vote in primaries as some other states do. I am delighted to see Melissa with such a substantial percentage of the votes — she hardly “came out of nowhere,” folks, she has spent a lot of time serving our country and in my book that counts — and it would have been greater had I been allowed to vote for this thoughtful, intelligent, and widely-experienced person. Congratulations to last night’s winners.

  12. Mary Smith said

    And let’s explore Hayduke’s comment above:

    “Many of those Dunbar votes aren’t just anti-Ulman, they’re anti-status quo. Maybe they go to Wallis in the general, but I don’t think they go to Merdon. “

    You bet they’re anti-status quo, and keep in mind that the “turnout” didn’t include the majority of voters, in fact, many voters are prohibited from participating in primary election “democracy”. Merdon represents the same things Ulman represents, and too many people know this. Please, ask me for examples.

    And for those who like the word ‘incumbent’, here you go: It’s incumbent upon us to vote on Nov 7, particularly considering so many voices are not being heard, and in fact aren’t encouraged by current procedures.

  13. Mary Smith said

    And let’s explore Hayduke’s comment above:

    “Many of those Dunbar votes aren’t just anti-Ulman, they’re anti-status quo. Maybe they go to Wallis in the general, but I don’t think they go to Merdon. “

    You bet they’re anti-status quo, and keep in mind that the turnout didn’t include the majority of voters, in fact, many voters are prohibited from participating in primary election “democracy”. Merdon represents the same things Ulman represents, and too many people know this. Please, ask me for examples.

    And for those who like the word ‘incumbent’, here you go: It’s incumbent upon us to vote on Nov 7, particularly considering that so many voices are not being heard, and in fact aren’t encouraged by current procedures.

  14. Reader said

    I disagree with Hayduke. Those Dunbar votes could go to Merdon. I am a registered Democrat. I am undecided in the Executive race. I have not ruled out voting for Merdon. But Ulman still has time to win back voter’s loyalty if he listens to what voters are saying.

  15. Hayduke said


    Did you vote for Dunbar? Would you consider voting for Wallis?

    I’m not trying to start anything. I’m just curious about the mind of the undecided voter.

  16. Fran said

    I am still prettier than Mary Smith.

    Greg, Mary Smith has never met you…

  17. Mary Smith said

    OK, you’ve persisted irritating to the point where now I’m prompted to produce a couple of pearls of wisdom.

    The opposite of what you seek is prompted from your strange obsession with physical appearance of at least two people you’ve mentioned. Thanks for making me the high standard for physical beauty to be compared, but please, no thanks. Feel free to post a ‘’ photo but then readers would have to wonder whose photo it really was. It’s painfully clear what’s in your mind, and I’d encourage you to stop for this reason as well as another.

    Francis, Frances? Fran. You are using a woman’s name, and reflecting poorly on our gender. Please consider modifying your approach, we’re a forgiving bunch, and an incredibly accepting group of posters. Feel encouraged to use your brain rather than whatever else is driving the inappropriate comments (please don’t elaborate; in your case I’m sure it would be too much information).

  18. Freemarket said

    Good luck the “Howard County Bloggers Association” with their questionnaire. That sounds like a great idea. I, for one, would be unwilling to vote for a candidate unwilling to participate in this project.

  19. Ann said

    In response to Mary Smith’s comment about Ulman and Merdon being the same. Chris Merdon was not made on his father’s coat tails and political connections, he has made his way based on his own hard work and dedication. He came from a true working class family. He is committed to the county and looking to make a true difference. He not looking for the County Executive position to be a stepping stone for higher office. Take a look where the both of them have come from, there you will see the biggest difference, as well as the way that they vote, i.e. Comp Lite, and 30% tax increases!

  20. In regards to the County Council district 4 results: Is this Sigaty victory is good or bad news for Mr. D’Asto? I think its a good sign as Feldmark had Ulman support, so maybe Merdon will be able to pull it out in the County Exec race. Anyone?

  21. Don M said

    Thanks to everyone that supported me in the Board of Ed race. It is a little sad that with about 38,000 voting
    only 18,000 votes were recorded. Did most ppl leave their ballots empty? I don’t think most ppl realize what is about to happen to the BOE with the expanded Board and many new Board members. Please be sure to ask the candidate’s blog education related questions like where the money will come from to deal with much needed school repairs/renovations. If you need some good ed questions, please let me know. I think Glenelg High School has waited long enough for its renovation/septic upgrade.

    I really learned a lot about running for office and it is much harder than your average citizen realizes. I have a little more free time to help with other campaigns.

    Don Marston
    GHS Class of ’84

  22. ed said


    the KKT/Ulman analogy is dead-on. the coronation is off!!

    Ulman can buy all the slick commercials he wants.

    his vote on comp-lite will haunt him forever – and rightly so.

    noone in this county has done more to try to turn us into an overdeveloped, gridlocked nightmare than this frighteningly smug young man.

  23. Don M said

    Get those Merdon Against Comp Lite sign additions out there! 🙂

    A few artist drawings of the “new” Columbia Town Center with 20+ story buildings and gridlock everywhere might convince the voters. Imagine Columbia Mall looking like Towson Town Center?

  24. Melissa said

    Don, I pulled up some signs that were left at the schools today. Do you want yours back? If so, please let me know or I’ll just get rid of them. But if you’re planning to run again, they might be helpful.

    Sorry you didn’t make it – you had my vote.

  25. Mary Smith said

    So that’s the one redeeming line, the reason to vote for Merdon: in the 11th hour, he voted against Comp Lite. I’d agree if Merdon hadn’t already voted with Ulman on every other disputed development. Comp lite is a good example to distinguish between who will hear citizens and who will work for developers, but only for candidates who haven’t worked against citizens for years. In Merdon’s case, he might have sided with citizens prior to the election year. He won’t change; if in office in ’07 he’ll be back to doing what he is so good at:

    a. support for those who financed his campaign
    b. planning and running for re-election
    c. raising campaign funds
    a, b, c, all over again until enough voters realize that those campaign finance statistics are there as warnings against those who will not work for citizens.

    Merdon, a working class family? Come on! I’m shocked at the level of misinformation. He’s lord of the manor, just like Ulman except with sheep’s clothing. (I guess that would make Ulman a more honest choice.)

    Still, something is missing. Oh, yes. The >30,000 independent voters who no one hears, and no one dares speak about, and who no one knows which way they’ll vote because they were excluded from the democratic process Sept 12.

    That sounds a bit like citizens being excluded from the process during comp lite.

  26. I don’t have any problem with people not affiliating with a political party and agree that they could have a huge impact in November on the election, but I am confused by your statement that independents are “excluded from the democratic process” during the primaries? Why should voters who make the concious decision to not affilate with one of the two parties be able to then help choose the nominee of those parties that they don’t want to be a member of?

    Now you can argue whether political parties as a concept are a good or bad idea if you like, but as long as the system is there, then it seems to me that those who choose to be a member of the political parties should be the ones that have the full say in who their standard bearer is going to be in a General Election.

  27. hocomd said

    You don’t know Merdon’s record otherwise you would not be saying some of these things. Merdon was on the record months before comp-lite was voted on as saying he would not support it. It was not 11th hour. It is documented in the press. He also opposed Maple Lawn. Lots and lots of examples.

    Additionally, among indep. voters Merdon has always done well. Overall he has wond 66% of the vote in 2002. In a majority democratic district he would not have won without strong indep. support.

    Lord of the manor? That is not fair. Merdon and his siblings were raised by a single working mother. They struggled to get a college education. He was not raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. To suggest otherwise suggests you don’t really care about knowing the real Chris Merdon.

  28. mary smith said

    Dave Wissing:

    Growing numbers of voters are reluctanct to affiliate with a party, but in many states do not relinquish their right to vote in partisan primaries that will affect the field of candidates in the general. You know the numbers: Unaffiliated is the fasted growing group of voters in terms of percentages, and the volume places them second in Howard County for new registrations. Why would you want to continue to exclude this growing number of independent minded people from selecting candidates who will govern us all?


    I would have voted for you, Hayduke supported you. Keep that in mind when you place your loyalty in those who voted for Fox but lack support for you.

  29. hocomd said

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I haven’t seen the break down by precinct yet.

  30. I actually disagree with those states that allow people not affilated with the party to vote in the party primaries. If we are going to have political parties that select nominees to represent that party on a General Election ballot, then my opinion is the members of that political party should be the ones, and the only ones, to pick who that nominee is. It doesn’t prevent anyone else from running for office as an Independent (as Stephen Wallis is this year) or independents from helping any candidate they wish for the General Election.

    The other option, which I am not opposed to and would, I believe, accomplish Mary Smith’s goal, is a jungle primary system akin to Louisiana or Los Angeles. Everyone runs together on the same ballot in the “primary” with the sole purpose of winnowing the field down to two people and then the top two people run in the General Election, regardless of which party they are a member of. The parties then would be in more of a support role of a candidate they like, but the candidate would not be an official representative of that party. I could support a system like that.

    But as long as the system is set up the way it is right now where parties pick a representative for the General Eleciton ballot, then I believe that should be left up to the members of that party.

  31. ed said

    to be clear Mary does not know or care about knowing Chris Merdon, just maligning him. see Keelan’s post # 27 re maple lawn & merdon’s family background. did you know those facts Mary? do you even care?

  32. Reader said

    Yes I voted for Dunbar. It was an attempt to send a message to Ulman.

    Yes I would consider Wallis. I would like to know more about what he thinks though. So far he is mostly just saying that he would listen to everyone and pick people’s brains. I would like to know more about what he personally stands for.

  33. mary smith said

    Dave Wissing:

    There is a third option. Allow voters to select first, second, and third choices from the candidate field, and have the instant run-off you’d need with >2 parties.


    Visit Wallis’ website and contact him directly. I would think any candidate would be happy to hear from a voter with your questions.

  34. Jim Adams said


  35. mary smith said

    Please don’t focus on me, Mr. Adams. I’d have to put you in the same category as Fran. Now, you don’t want that.

  36. Jim Adams said


  37. Ann said

    Dear Mary,
    Your facts are incorrect in the comparison between Ulman and Merdon, your credibility is suspect.

    Please refer to “The View’s” Mother’s Day coverage of Ms Merdon and Ms Ulman, both seem to be nice ladies.

    Ulman’s father is an influential attorney, and at dinner little Ken would discuss politics with his family at the dinner table.

    Ms. Merdon is a single mother, who was earning her college degree while her kids were in school. Chris would be at the dinner table with his mother, both doing their homework.

    Chris Merdon didn’t have his father to pave the way for him, he had to earn everything. People like this understand how hard it is to have the “American Dream” and what it takes to keep it. There is no “lord of the manor here,” Mary – it is you who are truly misinformed.

  38. mary smith said

    Oh Ann,

    Let me guess. Consummate party supporter, needs much guidance, not comfortable with individual judgement calls, runs in the same direction as the pack regardless of the cliff location.

    Why would I say that? The credibility stab was a dead give-away. When you don’t like what I say, it’s time to attack the source rather than pull apart the argument.

    Can we shift the conversation back to a higher plain?

    Can someone please jump in here and give me something that might change my mind? Substance rather than emotion. Intellect, rather than herd-dynamics. Politics rather than desperate-for-a-date responses (fran).

  39. Ann said

    I have always voted the person not the party, and for years I am a registered independent – no herd mentality here baby!

    You do lack credibility, I haven’t seen a good response to my statement. I think your jabs are telling. I am a fact driven person – so show us the facts, instead of just the barbs and rhetoric.

    We are all waiting…

  40. hocomd said


    Ann made the same point that I did. Merdon was raised by a single working mother. He has no silver spoon back ground as you stated earlier. He is not cut of the same cloth as Ulman. He had to climb his way up and pave his own path. No one laid the road down for him.

    Those are the facts. Although I suspect she is a Merdon supporter stating those facts doesn’t make her a Merdon supporter any more than it would make Ulman a Merdon supporter for saying so.

    If Ann should not have challenged the credibility of the “Silver Spoon” comment please explain why. If it isn’t true then why not call it out. If you meant something else please explain.

  41. mary smith said

    Cut and paste into Word and check for the silver spoon comment – it was never made by me.

    I didn’t state he had a silver spoon, foot or any other silver in his mouth at birth. (Gotta love Ann Richards, inflection perfected)

    What I did say is that he is not different than Ulman. Merdon supporters instantly interpret, albeit incorrectly, that I’m talking about birth. I didn’t bring up his birth, but his current status which coincidentally seemed to blossom after he took a council seat.

    I’m talking about power. What he has done with the power he was given. He has raised half a million dollars to run a county campaign – obscene amount of money for a race like this. And businesses, yes, land developers who helped finance his campaign do so because it’s a good business investment.

    If you, Ann, want to continue to take this to a lower plain, I will not respond again.

  42. hocomd said

    I stand corrected. I said “Silver Spoon” you said “Lord of the Manor”. I don’t see much difference. I have expressed my thoughts on his current status already. I don’t need to go into it again.

    Relative to the money he has raised. I hope he raises more because if he doesn’t then Ulman will be the next County Executive. I hope Merdon raises exactly what he needs to win this race. Less than 33% of the money Merdon raised comes from developers. 33% is the standard set among anti-developer groups in Montgomery County.

  43. Ann said

    Dear Mary,
    All I like are the facts.

    Mr. Merdon has done well by BOTH he and his wife becoming educated, working hard, and saving – hats off to him, there should be no shame in that. Just another fact, his wife is a medical doctor, and graduated about the same time he became councilman, which could account for his status “blossoming.”

    He is getting support due to his leadership capabilities, not because of an influential parent.
    Support has come in the way of votes, last election he earned the support of 67% of his district, most which were Democrats. Mr. Ulman earned only 34 votes more than his opponent in his district – where he grew up! What does that say?

    I am glad I challenged you on the facts, and will continue to do so in the future, whether I get a response or not does not matter to me. Credibility makes it own statement.

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