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Democratic County Council 1 Results

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Evan brought up a good point with the Ulman v Dunbar race.

Looking at the numbers for the County Council District 1 Democratic Primary I am curious as to why the former Chairman of the Board of Education got such a large under vote.

Granted it wasn’t as poor at Don Dunn in District 5 but District 5 is not a swing district.

Of the 5323 votes cast in this district Courtney Watson only got 3742 votes (70%) in an uncontested primary.  Coupled with the fact that District 1 had the 2nd highest turn out of Democratic voters among the County Council races (uncontested and contested).

These are just the overall numbers, but I wonder if this apparent weakness will prove out when we look at the precinct level results.


4 Responses to “Democratic County Council 1 Results”

  1. MBT said

    David – Courtney was Chair of the Board of Elections? I knew about her being Chair of the Board of Education…

    Just wondering.

  2. hocomd said

    I fixed it. I type too fast….

  3. Jen said

    If there was an undervote, I would guess that it was because Courtney is really more Republican in many ways than Democrat. Her signs seemed equally placed with Democratic and Republican signs and she seems to have a strong following in both parties. Perhaps that scares the most left wing end of the Democratic party away and prevented the moderate Republicans from casting the vote for their preferred candidate?

  4. hocomd said

    Thanks for that perspective Jen, but I don’t agree with your analysis. Salazar had over 83% of the eligible voters that came to vote actually make it that far down the ballot.

    It could be as simple as Republican’s are more retentive than Democrats or Democrats don’t vote in uncontested races. Maybe the undervote is a message or means nothing at all. It is just a footnote.

    Anyway, the precinct level data will be interesting to review.

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