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Election Year Posturing???

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, September 22, 2006

I stole this entire post from David Wissing at The Hedgehog Report not only because I couldn’t say it any better, but because I am really busy today and very lazy about blogging.


I haven’t been really commenting on it much, but Republican candidate Chris Merdon, in recent weeks, has been coming out with new initiatives he hopes to accomplish when he is elected as County Executive. There are located on his website. It started last months with proposals for a 311 Call Center and a Senior Tax Relief Plan and has been followed up after Labor Day with proposals for Middle School Competitive Athletics Programs and, earlier this week, a forward-looking environmental plan for Howard County.

The initiatives have been getting rather positive coverage in the past week. The Senior Tax Relief plan even managed to garner these headlines from the two liberal daily newspapers, The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post.

Warm Greet for Plan to Cut Senior’s Property TaxSeniors Back Tax Cut Plan

Not unexpectedly, the Democratic candidate, Ken Ulman, has immediately criticized Merdon for these bold proposals despite the fact that he actually admits they are good ideas in some cases. In fact, in a Baltimore Examiner article from earlier this week in regards to Merdon’s environmental plan, he had this to say:

Ulman attacked Merdon’s move, saying it was “cynical to announce a plan 50 days before an election.”“Some of them aren’t bad ideas, but voters see through this election-year posturing,” he said.

So reading this quote from Ken Ulman, one would be under the impression that no candidate should be allowed to propose any ideas within 50 days of an election because it is nothing more than “election-year posturing”. That is what his quote is implying, right?. So imagine my surprise when I read this in this morning’s Baltimore Sun.

Zoning and child care are subjects that don’t often intersect, but as Howard County’s three-way race for county executive heats up, Ken Ulman, the Democratic nominee, staked out new positions on both this week. Ulman said he wants before- and after-school programs in Howard County to expand and to eliminate a 448-child waiting list countywide, helping working parents.
At the luncheon, Ulman said he now favors a separate county Zoning Board — a position closer to one held by Angela Beltram, a former county councilwoman and a leader of the Comp Lite opponents.

Wait a minute…is Ken Ulman proposing a plan within 50 days of an election? Would Ken Ulman consider this “election-year” posturing? Never mind the fact that Ulman is obviously trying to pander to Angie Beltram, a former Democratic councilwoman who threatened to vote against anyone who voted for Comp-Lite (which includes Ulman), by switching his position within 50 days of the election. Is that “election-year posturing”?

By the way, questions are starting to be raised about certain items on Ken Ulman’s website resume. Apparently, he may be claiming job titles that he never quite had. I’d be curious to see if the media picks up on this….

Posted by Dave Wissing


One Response to “Election Year Posturing???”

  1. timactual said

    Ah, here we go again. Dueling promises. Around election time the air is filled with the scent of paradise just around the corner. And of course noone cares how much all these new proposals will cost, but they sure sound nice. Perhaps we should judge politicians on their records, and not their promises. As the old saying goes, “promises are meant to be broken”, and none more so than campaign promises. Does it really matter who wins? I am sure that no matter who wins, the winner will implement all the promises made by both candidates, since they are all so good.

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