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Parris Glendening Who?

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lets take a poll.

In 1994 Prince George County Executive, Parris Glendening, won the Governor’s race by a slim slim margin.  In fact, he lost Howard County in that election 46% to 54% .  The race wasn’t settled for months.

In 1998 Glendening ran for re-election and won Howard County by practically reversing those numbers 53% to 47%.  The power of incumbancy played a large role in that he only won by 5,500 votes while Robey won re-election by over 8,200 votes (of course that was before Robey went on a tax and fee binge).  Glendening won despite the fact that his approval ratings were slipping at this time.

One must wonder with the high approval numbers Ehrlich has at this time can he repeat what Glendening managed to do?

When Glendening left office he did so with a 37% job approval rating just one month before the General election.  At the time Bob Ehrlich had a 58% favorable rating in Howard County and 60% State wide.  Glendening watched on the sidelines as his protoge KKT lost the Governor’s race to Bob Ehrlich. 

Governor Glendening has kept a very low profile since he left office and I wonder if we might see him in the 2006 General Elections.

Governor Glendening’s legacy is certainly a mixed bag, but I think by most standards he accomplished little during his term.  His keynote initiatives were Smart Growth and The Chesepeake Bay.

He also left a gapping $1billion hole in the State budget (the same practice he employed in Prince George County).

He will also be remembered for divorcing his wife and marrying an assistant while serving his second term.  I understand it was not the first time that we had two first ladies at the same time.

If you are old enough to remember share with the rest of us your thoughts on Gov. Glendening and his legacy.


One Response to “Parris Glendening Who?”

  1. Jim Walsh said

    It is my belief, as well as hope, that Parris Glendening will be remembered as one of the worst governors of Maryland since … well, for the last half of the twentieth century and maybe for the first half of the twnety-first century as well.

    Glendening’s legacies: Tax and spend, go along, get along, sponsor bad legislation that postpones hard decisions to his successor’s term.

    I can think of little good to say about his performance as governor, although I understand that his former U of Md. students though he was a good college teacher.

    To digress a bit back to the governor’s race, I have long told one of my neighbors, one of the few Democrats in western Howard, that no incumbent governor with a greater than 50% approval rating is going to lose re-election. (I believe Ehrlich has around 54% approval.) I have a dinner (and my state) at stake on this proposition.

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