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Weekend Open Thread

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, September 29, 2006

I am out of town with my son – playing!

Talk about what you want.  Keep it clean and play nice.


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Ken Ulman’s Curriculum Vitae II

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, September 29, 2006

My previous post on this topic Ken Ulman’s Curriculum Vitae

First, Ken worked in the Office of the Secretary of State in the Charities Division and then in Intergovernmental Affairs, serving as a liaison to local governments and municipalities across Maryland. Later, Ken served as the Governor’s Director of the Board of Public Works and Special Projects, as well as Secretary of the cabinet.

No one has provided any answer to the question.

What is the Director of Public Works and Secretary of the Cabinet?

Why do I bring this up again?  I read on Evan Coran’s blog about the County Executive race.  Someone posted the following comment:

Straight Talk said

Ulman’s website says he was “Secretary of the cabinet” in Maryland. Really? No record of this in the Maryland state archives! Below is a link to a list of state Departments – which agency did Ulman head up?

I’d vote for the candidate with the real record of accomplishment. If this guy wants a future in politics, he should dispense with the distortions…

Ken Ulman’s website biography

It got me thinking again and wondering why no response?  I get a lot more readers now than I used to so maybe someone can finally answer this question.  Does anyone who reads this blog know what those offices Ken references are?  Do they still exist?  Who has those positions in the Ehrlich Administration?  Under Glendening what were the responsibilities? 

Ken Ulman doesn’t describe or explain what his responsibilities were in those roles anywhere that I can find and they have been attributed to him since he first ran for County Council in 2002.  In additiona, it is on the Maryland Democratic Party website, it is on the Howard County website, and the Howard County Democratic Party website.

I found a reference in the Columbia Flyer (Sept 19, 2006) that said Ken Ulman worked in the office of the Secretary of State.  There is a Business Monthly Article from 2002 that says Ulman “served as the staff member for the Board of Public Works.”

Business Monthly, January, 2006

Ulman, a lawyer like his well-known father Lou Ulman in the field of elder law, had served as cabinet secretary and Board of Public Works liaison for Gov. Parris Glendening.

Ok, that is different thant Director of the Board of Public Works.  Cabinet Secretary – Sectretary of the Cabinet?  Maybe it was a subcabinet position?  Maybe the office is now defunct?

Anyone have a clue?  Is Straight talk onto something?  Is Mr. Ulman distorting his record and dressing up his resume?  Anyone want to drive down to the state archives and look this up for me?

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