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Ken Ulman’s Curriculum Vitae II

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, September 29, 2006

My previous post on this topic Ken Ulman’s Curriculum Vitae

First, Ken worked in the Office of the Secretary of State in the Charities Division and then in Intergovernmental Affairs, serving as a liaison to local governments and municipalities across Maryland. Later, Ken served as the Governor’s Director of the Board of Public Works and Special Projects, as well as Secretary of the cabinet.

No one has provided any answer to the question.

What is the Director of Public Works and Secretary of the Cabinet?

Why do I bring this up again?  I read on Evan Coran’s blog about the County Executive race.  Someone posted the following comment:

Straight Talk said

Ulman’s website says he was “Secretary of the cabinet” in Maryland. Really? No record of this in the Maryland state archives! Below is a link to a list of state Departments – which agency did Ulman head up?

I’d vote for the candidate with the real record of accomplishment. If this guy wants a future in politics, he should dispense with the distortions…

Ken Ulman’s website biography

It got me thinking again and wondering why no response?  I get a lot more readers now than I used to so maybe someone can finally answer this question.  Does anyone who reads this blog know what those offices Ken references are?  Do they still exist?  Who has those positions in the Ehrlich Administration?  Under Glendening what were the responsibilities? 

Ken Ulman doesn’t describe or explain what his responsibilities were in those roles anywhere that I can find and they have been attributed to him since he first ran for County Council in 2002.  In additiona, it is on the Maryland Democratic Party website, it is on the Howard County website, and the Howard County Democratic Party website.

I found a reference in the Columbia Flyer (Sept 19, 2006) that said Ken Ulman worked in the office of the Secretary of State.  There is a Business Monthly Article from 2002 that says Ulman “served as the staff member for the Board of Public Works.”

Business Monthly, January, 2006

Ulman, a lawyer like his well-known father Lou Ulman in the field of elder law, had served as cabinet secretary and Board of Public Works liaison for Gov. Parris Glendening.

Ok, that is different thant Director of the Board of Public Works.  Cabinet Secretary – Sectretary of the Cabinet?  Maybe it was a subcabinet position?  Maybe the office is now defunct?

Anyone have a clue?  Is Straight talk onto something?  Is Mr. Ulman distorting his record and dressing up his resume?  Anyone want to drive down to the state archives and look this up for me?


26 Responses to “Ken Ulman’s Curriculum Vitae II”

  1. I noticed this comment on Evan’s site also. I would be curious to see where this goes. It would seem to me to be something that could be easily confirmed by the Board of Public Works in Maryland as to what Mr. Ulman’s exact title was when he worked there, which would then tell us what his exact duties and responsibilites were.

    I agree, calling yourself a Director of something if you were really only a staff member would seem to be a little silly since nobody would probably care if it was the latter, but it would be a bigger deal if he has purposely distorted his resume to make himself look better.

  2. treehugger said

    I think that it may fall under the area of personnel,you can not place a PIA request for personnel issues but someone could place a PIA request for the State’s MS22 for the Job positions listed on Ken’s resume.A MS22 is the states word for position discription.

  3. observer said

    I could of sworn Ken had actually said he was Governor at one point as well, maybe when Parris was out of town with his mistress??

  4. Inventor of the Internet said

    Why doesn’t the press verify some of Ken Ulman’s ever-changing job descriptions? Fluffing up a resume is a cardinal sin. Remember George O’Leary?

  5. hocomd said

    For those of you who don’t know who George O’Leary is:

    In 2001, O’Leary left Georgia Tech to take over as the head coach for the University of Notre Dame. Five days later, O’Leary resigned after he was discovered to have lied on his resume. On the resume, O’Leary claimed that he had earned a master’s degree from New York University when in actuality, he only attended the school but never graduated. He also claimed that he had earned three letters in football at the University of New Hampshire, when the school claimed he had not even played in one game. In a public statement, O’Leary had this to say; “In seeking employment I prepared a resume that contained inaccuracies regarding my completion of course work for a master’s degree and also my level of participation in football at my alma mater. These misstatements were never stricken from my resume or biographical sketch in later years.”

  6. whatevermanpg said

    Mr. Gore,

    Than answer to your question in post #4 is: because “the press” actively wants the Democrat to win and is not interested in reporting newsworthy facts, unless they will help the Democrat to win. Clear?

    “An inconvenient truth”, huh?

    The only honest reporting I read these days is on the electronic media. Kudos to the proprietor of this site for asking legit questions. If this candidate is a resume padder, he should take a cue from O’Leary. If those really were his exact official job titles, hocomd should apologize for questioning his authoritaaay.

  7. hocomd said

    And I would apologize…

  8. jjjohnson said

    He most certainly was not the Executive Secretary of the BPW. That post is currently filled by a woman, and the previous incumbent (who left about 6 years ago and had served for quite a while) was also a woman.

    I’m guessing he was the person on the Governor’s staff who dealt with Board issues–the one who reviewed all the items coming before the Board and flagged those of particular interest to the Governor. If so, he got to sit near the Governor with a big binder and look important.

    Secretary of the cabinet? Probably just the person on the Governor’s staff who was unlucky enough to have to take the minutes of cabinet meetings.

    Just guesses…

  9. hocomd said


    Very reasoned guesses I might add. It is beginning to sound like Mr. Ulman has been fluffing up his resume.

    Someone told me the filed a PIA for his MS22. I guess we will find out soon enough.

    If he is fluffing up his resume I wonder how Mary Kay Sigaty feels now about loosing to him in 2002 by only 36 votes. That bit of information could have made all the difference.

  10. Hayduke said

    Rather than having “the press” — that arm of the democratic party — clarify this, why doesn’t someone here just contact Ulman’s campaign?

  11. hocomd said

    I was hoping that Ulman’s campaign would respond on the blog.

  12. numbersgirl said

    If you truly believe that your accusations are rooted in fact, then you should take the appropriate steps to substantiate them. If you don’t, this is nothing more than rumor-mongering. Neither Ulman nor Merdon have the time (I hope) to monitor and address idle gossip on an indefinite number of blogs.

  13. To Numbersgirl said

    Actually they already requested information from the state.

    Fact: Ken Ulman claims he had certain positions with the state government, in order to show his experience.

    Fact: Nobody can describe what duties went along with these job titles.

    Does anyone dispute this, or have a reasonable explanation for it? The only remaining question seems to be what did he REALLY do for the state?

    Based on Ken Ulman’s distortions, I already chose not to vote for him.

  14. hocomd said

    I only asked the question. No accusations were made. No rumors were started. I am glad to hear that someone did request the information so the question can be answered. We can take it from that point on.

  15. Numbersgirl said

    Re: “Nobody can describe what duties went along with these job titles.”

    This is your “fact”? Who is “nobody”? Again, rather than relying on whoever requested information from the state (I cannot pinpoint who “they” are, as in “they already requested information from the state”), why don’t you ask Ken Ulman, directly, or his campaign, for clarification?

    Let me guess- after a period of time, if “they” don’t post information “they” gathered from the state, you will take the lack of information as proof of wrongdoing.

  16. hocomd said

    You sound paranoid. Why can’t we ask the question?
    Update: Someone told me they will send me some documentation. From what they told me at one time a Director TO the Board of Public Works existed. To the best of their knowledge no one has had the title since, and that no one was ever the DIRECTOR OF THE BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS. They told me that Mr. Ulman was the LIASON TO the Board of Publc Works.

    Once I have the documents I will post a follow up.

  17. Numbersgirl said

    Please reread my post. I want you to ask the question. However, asking the question amongst yourselves will not get the question answered.

  18. hocomd said

    Pardon the misunderstanding.

  19. To Numbersgirl said

    If I have already decided NOT to vote for Ken Ulman because of his potential resume-padding, then why would I ask for more information about him from his campaign?

    If someone goes to a candidates forum, they are free to ask him directly. Ulman has mastered the evasive, non-answer response.

    Someone may also want to ask him if Ulman’s father’s firm continued to pay him while he was campaigning full time for Council. If so, that’s an undisclosed campaign contribution.

    I wonder how many votes his father’s connections/bankroll have bought him? He only won his election by 30 odd votes!

  20. jjjohnson said

    A little Google goes a long way…and my earlier (educated) guess about Ulman’s “Director” position seems to be substantiated:

    As Director of the Board of Public Works & Special Projects, his mother points out, he was able to research many different topics which gave him a well-rounded view of government.

    “Every two weeks he had to review all proposals from the various departments and set the agenda for the bi-monthly meeting. In doing his research he became an expert on all these different topics which he studied very thoroughly,” she explained.

    [Me] I believe that means he was the Governor’s staff person who compiled (almost certainly not “set”) the agenda with items from DBM, DGS and several other agencies. But there were no doubt other people in the Governor’s Office overseeing this work, along with guidance from the secretaries of DBM and DGS anda the staff of the BPW.

    And, for emphasis:–from 2002 apparently, when puffing up a resume wasn’t quite so important, I guess:

    “His glossy four-color brochure includes not only pictures and words of praise from Gov. Parris Glendening, whom Ulman served as the staff member for the Board of Public Works…”

  21. Skeletons in the closet? said

    I sat on this tidbit of information for a few weeks, but after reading the questions about Ken Ulmann’s background and connections I figured it may be fair game.

    A friend of mine went to Centennial High with Ulmann so this is secondhand. Allegedly, during his senior year (age 17 or 18), Ulmann got into some trouble with underage drinking. According to the story Ulmann was supposed to be suspended but he bragged that his father was a lawyer and took care of it.

    Now all of us did stuff when we were young but this was only 15 years ago. If Dubya’s drinking and draft-dodging 20+ years ago is an issue then taking care of a suspension could be. For me the lack of experience is why I will cross party lines and vote Merdon. If you care I’d ask Ulmann and judge for yourself.

  22. Freemarket said

    “Now all of us did stuff when we were young but this was only 15 years ago.”

    I am no Ulman supporter, but get real. Second hand information from a high school acquaintance about a 15 year old comment?

    Does he hate puppies too?

  23. hocomd said

    I agree with Freemarket. I am not proud of some of the things I did in high school. As far as going after Bush no one has dragged out his high school experiences. There is a reason our children’s records are protected and private. Not only to keep them from prying eyes but to protect themselves from themselves. We all do stupid things in our youth.

    Also, Ulman is not running for President.

    I don’t encourage underage drinking and I frown upon it, I am glad to know Ulman might actually have a bit of rebel in him instead of just being a “wanna be”. Not that it will earn my vote.

    Ulman hates puppies? Since when?

  24. Skeletons in the closet? said

    Like I said the biggest issue with Ulman (my spelling was off before) is the potentially preferencial treatment b/c of his father’s connections, not the underage drinking. I know a few people who attended Centennial at the same time as Ken and the story I was told was apparently an open secret. If George Allen using the “N-word” in college is national news then I thought this should be shared.

    I think the lies on his resume are the disqualifier for me. Shows a ongoing lack of ethics vs. a youthful indiscretion.

  25. Mitchell said

    I went to Centennial with Ken Ulman. It’s not news what happened. Underage drinking was common – he just got caught. I wasn’t friends with him but I heard about it. I don’t know that his father did anything to help him out though. The George Allen thing is pretty absurd – it was 30-40 years ago. Unless you are Mark Foley, everything over 10 years old should be ignored.

    Some of these small incidents may show a pattern. For George Allen, the pattern is racial insensitivity. For Ken Ulman, the “I saved Merriweather” advertisement along with the resume shows a pattern of exaggeration.

  26. Ann said

    It is very unfortunate for the citizens of Howard County that their democratic nominee is a person who “fluffs” his resume, takes credit for actions which were consensus driven, relies on his father’s status and connections to: achieve his goals, land jobs and to get him out of trouble. Ken Ulman is very sad person. He has never grown up, been able to stand up by himself, and he seems to be fulfilling father’s ambitions.

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