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Can you tell it is an election year?

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, October 2, 2006

My son and I returned to town yesterday after visiting my sister, her husband, and son in Greensboro, NC.  We went to spend the day with Thomas the Tank Engine.  The boys had a blast.  It was nice to get away from election year noise.

Well I can’t say that the election year took a pause while I was gone.  If you read the Baltimore Sun article “Party lines add tension to council tax cut vote” you know what I mean.

Merdon called for a work session to discuss the proposed Senior property tax cut and the only people to show up were Feaga and Merdon.  Mssrs. Ball, Guzzone, and Ulman accused Merdon of playing politics.

The position they stake out is”

The Democrats sharply disagreed, accusing Merdon of using the meeting to score political points after Merdon and Feaga shut them out of any information about the bill before holding a news conference last month to announce it.

How is a work session used to score political points?  Isn’t a work session used to work out differences on legislation and try to come to an agreement?

Mssrs. Ball, Guzzone, and Ulman say that Merdon didn’t speak to them about a work session.  However, Guzzone says that a Council Staff member approached him and he didn’t see a need for the meeting.  Interesting spin by Mssrs. Ball and Ulman.  Do they need a personal and engraved invitation?

Seriously, this is just silly.  They accuse Merdon of not being bipartisan yet they behave in a partisan manner themselves most recently being the zoning legislation and Calvin Ball’s disasterous CB75.

Now it seems as though Ted Meyerson, Vice Chairman of the Commission on Aging, is concerned about the cost despite the fact that the State has already estimated the cost.  This is something we can afford – he knows it.  He is quoted as saying:

“We’re targeting a population whose numbers we don’t know – whose needs we don’t know,”

Mr. Meyerson, if you don’t know our Senior populations needs then what is the commission doing?  How can you pretend to be an advocate if you admit in the paper you don’t know their needs?

Then their is the piece about the Union who endorsed Ulman blasting away at Merdon.

The Firefighter’s Union is making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Much to do about nothing.   So, Merdon doesn’t think that a dedicated fire training facility is required.  Neither do I.  A regional training facility met our needs and would continue to meet our needs.  The Fire Union believes we need a dedicated facility.

The union, which endorsed Merdon’s Democratic opponent Ken Ulman, had not approached Merdon directly with their concerns, Ruehl said, adding Merdon should had realized the error in his comments.

“This is not so much about wanting to elevate Ken [Ulman] in all this,” Ruehl said. “We just feel like we can’t sit back without responding.”

Ok!  They didn’t speak to Merdon.  Didn’t ask for clarification.  Does anyone think that Merdon considers our firefighters to be like children asking for a playground.  I don’t think any reasonable person would.  The obvious point was if you ask the firefighters “Do you want your own facility or do you want to keep traveling to a regional facility?” what do you think the answer is going to be?

2 Responses to “Can you tell it is an election year?”

  1. Numbersgirl said

    “They didn’t speak to Merdon. Didn’t ask for clarification.”

    Funny, this sounds familiar. Where has this type of quandry presented itself on this blog before? Oh, that’s right, with regards to Ken Ulman’s position held at the State.

  2. […] I asked this in a previous post: He (Meyerson) is quoted as saying: “We’re targeting a population whose numbers we don’t know – whose needs we don’t know,” […]

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