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Dyer & Zou Slate?

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A press release from Allen Dyer and Di Zou

October 3, 2006


Allen Dyer – Phone: (410) 531-3965 email: 

Di Zou  – Phone: (443) 527-0775 email:


Howard County, Maryland — Independent Board of Education Candidates Allen Dyer and Di Zou have found common ground in a shared belief that a diverse board will enrich and expand the board’s discussion and deliberations.  On the strength of that shared belief, Dyer and Zou have joined forces to promote diversity and encourage voters to focus and cast their votes in a way that will create a diversity of perspectives on the new Board of Education. 

Currently, Candidates Dyer and Zou are using candidate forums and voter handouts to explain the tactical value of using focus voting when five seats are open.   In addition, Allen and Zou would bring much needed information technology backgrounds to the Board of Education and are jointly working on a series of web videos that promote diversity and focus voting. 

Diversity brings new ideas.  For example, candidates Dyer and Zou have added their experiences together and are working in creative ways to: 

      Test joint campaign mailings as a way to reduce the cost of campaigning for all candidates willing to work together—cooperation saves money. 

      Explore use of technological trends to encourage youth political participation.  

      Broaden students’ horizons by bringing back vocational education and skills training to local schools.  

      Empower our teachers, staff, and students by providing more information technology training and support. 

      Strengthen student relationships during times of growth and transition by supporting a feeder school system. 

      Provide the public with information necessary to hold the Board accountable by supporting the Open Meetings Act and on-line availability of public information.


2 Responses to “Dyer & Zou Slate?”

  1. Jim Walsh said

    My thanks to Mr. Zou; by aligning yourself with Mr. Dyer you have narrowed my choice of School Board candidates.

  2. Chris Pickett said

    I think Mr. Zou and Mr. Dyer make a great team and would bring a unique perspective to the Board.

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