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A Plan for Growth

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 4, 2006

From the Baltimore Sun

I already said a lot on this subject.  Except this.

It is interesting that a number of Merdon’s proposals place additional burdens on current developers (further assessments, impact fees, paying for high density, panels to review infill, etc) while some accuse him of being in their pockets.

Also, it is interesting that Ulman and Wallis have nothing to say except claim Merdon is just full of election year promises yet they don’t criticize his ideas and they are not proposing anything of their own.

Merdon is putting forward his plan for Howard County.  That is what I would expect of a leader.

When I have interviewed for jobs that required leading teams of people do you know what I go into the interview with?

I go in with a 30/60/90/180 day plan.  That is management 101 folks.  Merdon is immersed in it as a businessman himself and in his role as an executive manager.

Before I didn’t go it with a 30/60/90/180 day plan and I didn’t get the promotion.  When I started to I started to move up the ladder.

Chris Merdon seems to understand something Mssrs. Wallis and Ulman do not.  This is a job interview.  The job is critical and the board of directors are anxious and wants to know that the person they choose to lead has the experience and a PLAN.

Also, I said it first.

Democrat Angela Beltram, a former County Council member who led an unsuccessful effort to petition the omnibus zoning bill called Comp Lite to referendum, and Courtney Watson, a Democrat running for Merdon’s council seat in District 1, both attended Merdon’s news conference. Beltram said she probably would vote for Merdon.


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