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Comp Lite Notes

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Interesting tidbit in this article.

As I have said earlier.  For comp-lite to have been legal the County Council should never have considered the 18 additiona properties that were not considered in comprehensive rezoning.  Those 18 properties should have gone through the piece meal route and proved that a substantial change had occurred or the zoning was wrong.

Well, it turns out that one of the properties did go that route.  Guess what happened?  They were denied.

From the Baltimore Sun:

To approve piecemeal rezoning, the board had to find that the character of the neighborhood had changed substantially, making existing zoning no longer viable, or that the council erred in not rezoning the land in 2004 as originally sought, or both.

On May 11, the Zoning Board voted, 3-1, to deny the piecemeal rezoning, saying that neither standard had been met. But in its formal and written decision and order, the board did not specify the reasons for the rejection. Instead, the board dismissed the matter, said it no longer had jurisdiction and that the case was moot.

What does this mean?  It means that COPE is right, Merdon is right, this blog is right, and so are the thousands of people who signed the referendum.  Comp-lite was a farce and was used by members of the County Council to get around strict county zoning laws and citizen participation in the process. 

To have included this property in comp-lite when it hadn’t been considered in comprehensive rezoning is bad enough.  But then to come back over 1 year later in a 3-1 decision they said they hadn’t met the piece meal standards basically says they knew 1 year previously that the property wouldn’t pass the piece meal test and tried to circumvent the process.

Yes I am talking about Guy Guzzone and Ken Ulman.


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