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COPE Candidate Forum Tonight

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I can never make it to these events!!!!  I hope you can.

COPE – Citizens for an Open Process for Everyone is holding a Candidates’ Forum for County Executive and County Council/Zoning Board on:

Wednesday, October 4 at 7 pm
Ellicott City Senior Center on Frederick Road behind the Miller Library. 

COPE will concentrate on land use and zoning issues.  Four out of five of the County Council members will be new after the election; one of the Council members will have served for 6 months.  It is imperative that we know who we are voting for based on their consideration of our neighborhood concerns.

COPE was able to collect close to 8000 signatures because of the CompLite bill which permitted increased density; increased commercial in areas that were never meant to be rezoned and a disregard for older neighborhoods.
These signatures were collected in Columbia, Clarksville, Ellicott City, Elkridge and other parts of Howard County.  For you to know what the future holds for development here, please attend this meeting.  Angie Beltram

Print this and bring it with you.

We have responses from all 5 GOP council candidates, 2 Democrat council candidates, Steve Wallis and Chris Merdon.  Please ask Ken and Courtney, Mary Kay, and Calvin a couple of these questions, and ask why they didn’t respond to the bloggers forum.

Would someone also ask Ken to clear up the questions about his resume?
What was your title “Governor’s Director Board of Public Works” or “Liason, Board of Public Works”?
What were your responsibilities as “Secretary of the Cabinet?”  and “Does that mean you were a member of the Governor’s Council?”


4 Responses to “COPE Candidate Forum Tonight”

  1. Jim Adams said

    Good morning, David.

    It looks as if you are taking advantage of Angie’s forum. Should’t we keep it to topics that of a concern to COPE

  2. hocomd said

    Jim, glad to see you are still around. Relative to the Ulman questions…they are inappropriate for the COPE forum. Relative to the blogger questions – some of them are very relevant.

  3. Jim Adams said

    David, glad to be around, I still enjoy your blog. Asking blogger questions other than those relative to COPE, may open the door to other areas, this could make the forum exciting.

  4. reouuyte7 said

    Hack again?!

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