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Courtney Watson

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 4, 2006

  cwatson.jpg image_70.jpgUpdate10-4-06 at 2:30 PM: I really wasn’t trying to, but I seemed to strike a nerve.  A fellow blogger brought this to my attention.  The photo on the right has appeared on Courtney’s web site since I originally posted this on October 2nd.  It is photo number 70 and the newest photo on her site.  It is placed next to photo 35 (two away from Merdon) and between photo 46 and 35.  Here I was thinking no one was paying attention to me.  David Wissing thought it was worth noting.  Now I have a new question.  Why are there not photos of me?  Now, lets see if any show up ;=)

Update 10-4-06 at 7AM: I said it first.

From the Baltimore Sun

Democrat Angela Beltram, a former County Council member who led an unsuccessful effort to petition the omnibus zoning bill called Comp Lite to referendum, and Courtney Watson, a Democrat running for Merdon’s council seat in District 1, both attended Merdon’s news conference. Beltram said she probably would vote for Merdon.

Anyone have any idea why Courtney Watson is seen here (center of photo in purple) at Chris Merdon’t most recent press conference regarding his zoning initiative?  More to the point, why isn’t she going near the Ulman campaign?  Might as well ask, why wasn’t Ken Ulman at the press conference?  Tony Salazar, the GOP candidate for District One, is in the room too but he is out of camera shot – just in case you thought he was at an Ulman press confernence :=)

Jim Robey had nothing but praise for Courtney and said he would support her for any office that she decided to run for.  However, she seems conspicuously absent from the County Democrat’s main event.  Is she sending a message by being here?

Clearly Harry Dunbar was sending a message.  He attended the event and endorsed Chris Merdon for County Executive.  As expected Ken Ulman dismissed Mr. Dunbar’s endorsement as “expected” referencing that Mr. Dunbar supported Chris Merdon’s campaign for a second term on the County Council.   Mr. Ulman does not distinguish a couple of important facts in that 2002 general election, and the 2006 primary race.

  • Mr. Merdon was a well qualified incumbent in 2002
  • Mr. Merdon’s opponent was unable to get an effective campaign started
  • Mr. Merdon was not running a county wide campaign
  • Mr. Dunbar is a registerd Democrat and Mr. Ulman’s opponent in the Democratic primary.

If one takes a look at the photo gallery on her website one might note that their is not one photo of Courtney and Ken Ulman.  In fact their is no photo of Ken Ulman on her site at all.  However, you will find one of Chris Merdon.

I think this speaks volumes regarding Chris’ bi-partisan approach to government that he has apparantly won over Courtney Watson.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

I wonder how the Democratic constituency is going to take this in County Council District One, or is this an indicator of how the Howard County Democratic Party feels things are going for them in 2006.


11 Responses to “Courtney Watson”

  1. Ann said

    This is the same press conference where Dunbar, the Democrat who garnered 22% of the Dems vote in the primary, is endorsing Chris for County Executive. I believe there is significant lack of support for Ulman by the Dems, at first it was unspoken, but now as we get closer to election it will become more obvious.

  2. observer said

    I think the Dems saw what happened when Feldmark hailed himself as Ken’ protege and failed miserably. Courtney is just doing what she needs to do to win, attach herself to Chris.

  3. Jim Walsh said

    Courtney Watson is smart enough politically to know that it helps in her district to distance herself from Ken Ulman. A suggestion to Tony Salazar: don’t let her.

  4. S. Davis said

    Salazar is the one taking the picture. He was quite furious that Courtney showed up. She was there to hear about growth and Chris’s plans for it. Afterall, she has been working with him on growth for the past 8 years of his term. As for Ulman, she works with him too. The true bipartisan leader here is Courtney!

  5. hocomd said

    S. Davis. Thanks for the comment. It is needed insight regardless of one’s perspective.

    What is your opinion about using Howard County School resources for personal/political purposes? Just curious.

  6. Jen said

    I agree with Steve Davis. Although I think its odd that Mr. Salazar took the picture… you were a little less than forthright about that information. Mr. Salazar seems like an honest, if clueless, contender. I doubt he’d want you to purposely mislead anyone about that. Also- regarding your query: Mr. Keelan, Don’t be coy. Spell it out. Was Watson using school supplies to take notes… or are you referring to something else? Let’s be big boys and girls, excercise our forthrightness and check the innuendo at the door. You are way better than that.

  7. hocomd said

    Jen, yes, Tony took the picture and he told me to say so and I didn’t. I often protect my sources of information. Know what I mean 🙂 I don’t think their is anything in my post that is critical of Courtney Watson – so I hope you are not offended. My point is Merdon is finding himself surrounded by more and more Democrats (Watson, Beltram, Dunbar, and more to come I hope). Forgive the misleading title of the post, but I was writing about Ulman. Now that we are in the General Election I am eager to see all Republican’s win – nothing personal mind you – but especially Chris Merdon.

    Was Courtney using school supplies? Tell me more. I really think people would want to know more. Seriously, that was not a swipe at Courtney. I was actually referring to something else specifically regarding S.Davis and I was perfectly willing to leave it at that and between me and S.Davis.

    Now since you are calling me on it I won’t be coy… If you recall one of our previous conversations you might remember that I get IP addresses when people leave comments. Sometimes I get a domain name. In S.Davis’ case I got a domain name ( So my question such as using school resources goes specifically to accessing the schools internet and computer resources for personal and political purposes. Let me know if that satisfies your curiousity as soon as possible because I would like to remove this part of the comment so that if S.Davis could get in trouble it won’t be as a result of this blog.

    Now, in defense of Tony and the “Clueless” comment. That is not generous and certainly not true. Tony is an attorney, a community leader, a graduate of Leadership Howard County, a former Congressional Candidate, a fine father and husband, and, as you said, an honest person.

  8. hocomd said

    Jen, I do have a criticism of Courtney. Why didn’t she respond to the blog forum? Tony did.

  9. Mary Catherine said

    I’m glad that Courtney was there to listen to what Chris had to say about development. I would have liked to have been there but could not. I know that Angie Beltram was there, as well. Growth and development has been building as an issue in this County for a long time. I’ve been following it closely since 1998 and I know who else has paid attention to it from the early days and who has not.

    This is a non partisan issue. The strongest grass roots advocates have consistently been Democrats. There is no similar consistency for elected reps. Over the last 25 years elected representatives from both of the main parties have at various times been pro-rapid growth or pro-slow growth. (You are likely too young to remember the drubbing that Liz Bobo got when she tried to stand up to rampant growth as County Executive).

    I have yet to figure out a rhyme or reason that dictates which party will come down on which side of the issue. In Frederick this year, it is the Republicans who are pro-rapid growth and the Democrats who want to hold the line.

    I think that in this County at this time- the two main political parties are getting in the way of real progress. I’ve said it before… but when the ‘machines’ dictate how our elected officials vote on an issue… or even who will represent us- it ultimately limits our ability to turn out the best possible product.

    Mr. Kittleman was quoted in the news recently as saying that he was a firm believer in the two party system. I’m not so sure that the two party system isn’t our undoing. At this level we should be voting for the best candidate for the job. But we don’t because we foster and nurture that which divides us and allow to wither away that which unifies us.

    Competition is healthy when it encourages new ideas, but in our current climate we discourage and disparage anything that we can not claim as “ours” and we all suffer for it.

  10. hocomd said

    I would have liked to have been there too. Unfortunately, I had a 102 temperature the night before.

    Thanks for the insight MC.

    I agree that political parties highlight our differences. However, I also believe that well meaning people coming at in issue from two different perspectives who really want to solve a problem will usually arrive at a solution that is good for most people.

    Our young people encourage new ideas, they keep us young and our ideals intact. I don’t want to teach my children how to be Republicans I want to teach them the same things I believe in and let them decide. That is the way I try to approach political differences of opinion.

    Interesting about Frederick and Liz Bobo. I guess it depends upon which way the wind is blowing and when. I also think circumstances are different. Frederick is still very rural. and Howard is running out of space and it is small as it is – Liz Bobo may have saw it coming.

  11. Eric said

    I was at the Forum this past Wednesday at the Ellicott city senior center, and I was interested to see the banter between Waston and Salazar. If I were an undecided voter, that lived in District One I would have no choice to vote for Watson.

    1. Watson handled herself like an adult when being heckled by the man in audience.
    2. She handled herself like an adult when Salazar insulted her personally.
    3. She made her points, and let people know where she stood, without attacking Salazar.

    For the record: I am a Republican.

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