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Ken Ulman’s Curriculum Vitae III

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, October 9, 2006

October 7, 2006

Dear Editor,

In an election year it is especially critical for candidates to public office to be very clear about their experience and background.  I believe Mr. Ken Ulman’s background is open to speculation and I think he should clear up the matter.

According to Mr. Ulman’s biography as posted on his campaign website he states:  Ken served as the Governor’s Director of the Board of Public Works and Special Projects, as well as Secretary of the Cabinet.”

This biographical information is repeated in a number of other places including the Howard County Government web site, the Maryland Democratic Party website, and the Howard County Maryland Democratic Party website and in various news media over the past four years.

However, some of the same news media have described Mr. Ulman’s title much differently referring to him as liaison or staff member.

According to the Maryland Archives the only reference I can find on this matter is that Mr. Ulman was the Governor’s “Liaison, Board of Public Works”.  I could not find any documentation that Mr.  Ulman reported directly to the Board of Public Works.

A significant difference exists between “Director of the Board of Public Work” and the Governor’s “Liaison, Board of Pubic Works”.

A Director presumably is directing the activities of a staff of people and in this case it leads me to believe he directed the Board of Public Works.  As a Liaison I am left with the impression that the person represented the Governor to the Board of Public Works in order to facilitate communications and cooperation for the purpose of briefing the Governor prior to the meetings.

I can not locate anything in the Maryland Archives that mentions Mr. Ulman’s role as Secretary of the Cabinet.

(Documents I did find. One, Two, Three)

Perhaps the best way to clarify this matter is for Mr. Ulman to release copies of his job descriptions (MS-22) related to these positions when he held these positions.

David W. Keelan


58 Responses to “Ken Ulman’s Curriculum Vitae III”

  1. Lies, Damn Lies.. said

    The press should have covered “Resume-gate” a little more thoroughly. Especially in light of Ulman’s “staffer for President Clinton” claim. That is a just a downright lie.

    But I am sure he is telling the truth about everything else!

  2. Confused said

    How is this topic one of the “Top Posts” on the site. The most recent posting is from November?

  3. WordPress compiles that information and posts it based upon the number of views a particular post receives. The information is not compiled by me. I don’t know why a post that is months old would be so popular today. I can only speculate that people must be conducting searches using Mr. Ulman’s name.

  4. Google Search said

    Google Ken Ulman and resume and you find a lot of hits, but nothing more recent than a blog on Hayduke. Someone claims to have called the MD personnel office, but there is no resolution.


    This website has the latest. According to this, the State of Maryland has NO record of a position EVER EXISTING called ‘Secretary of Cabinet’ — the title that Ulman claims he held for a period of time.

    The only responses were personal attacks on the person who called the state. Things like ‘you must be anti-Semetic’ etc. Nobody could refute the evidence and prove that the position ever existed.

    This is one of those things that will haunt Ulman if he ever tries to run for higher office.

  6. A lot of talk about resumes. Interesting Robert Novak column in today’s Post. The “resume padding” he alleges refers to Hillary and her civil rights beliefs when she was in high school/college.

    I would rate fake job titles as a far more serious transgression, but it is interesting how one can’t escape the misdeeds of the past.

  7. cindy vaillancourt said

    Are we really going back to high school to check out candidate’s teenage “civil rights beliefs”? yikes, that’s a lot of territory.

    cindy v.

  8. To Cindy said

    I agree – the teenage civil rights beliefs is a bit much. Ulman’s inventive resume is much more serious, much more extensive (and much more recent).

  9. Over One Year... said

    Amazing that this issue is still out there after over one year. A smart politician would have conclusively provided whatever evidence he had to put the matter to bed quickly. Unless, of course, it happens to be true. Judging by the lack of records at the statewide level, it doesn’t look good.

  10. Local politics said

    And Ulman says he drives a hybrid …. that’s a lie.

  11. To Local Politics said

    I see a pattern here.

    It is pretty scary that he holds elective office.

  12. cindy vaillancourt said

    Without commenting on Ulman specifically – the whole “i drive a hybrid, but i’m being driven around in a crown vic” distinction would warrant a “BS Flag” at my house – I am interested in how the easy dissemination of information, video, etc OUGHT to be keeping public figures “honest” … and yet….

    I mean, if you knew there were reliable witnesses with the ability to broadcast the “truth” — why keep spinning?

    cindy v.

  13. Cindy,

    Because he keeps getting away with it. He gets away with it because no one is willing to hold him accountable. When he is running for Gov. (and higher stakes) someone with a lot more money and time will hold him accountable.

  14. To Cindy said

    I think it shows a fundamental character flaw when someone repeatedly lies and/or is delusional about one’s experience to inflate themselves.

    Narcissism? Insecurities?

  15. To s/he who cannot let it go said

    Sour grapes? Personal vendetta?

  16. Neither. Just the way it is.

  17. Agree with D.K. said

    I love how Ulman supporters refuse to even address or rebut the resume issue with facts.

    All we here is “let it go”

  18. cindy vaillancourt said

    It is stunning how much information is out there – and how many people hear/see/read it – and some how never actually “process” it.

    I agree that the age old practice of just sticking with a story – even a fictional story – is sadly effective… and the result of a character flaw – not just on the part of the “beneficiary” of the lie but also the folks who accept the lie because it supports their own agenda.

    In the “old days” when people only “heard” a fairly limited amount of information, individuals could almost be excused for not knowing the truth or not knowing which of the few available information sources to “believe”. But today we have the ability to look deeper – and an obligation to look deeper.

    Of course, then you get into the controversial topic of how the “news” is filtered or slanted… and where to find raw data or unbiased sources. I would continue to argue that “the truth is out there” —- it is often hidden and “spun” and lost in the chatter — but we have to try to find the truth.

    cindy v

  19. To s/he with the grudge said

    I love how Merdon supporters villify Ulman with trumped-up charges and refuse to acknowledge or address the current allegations of fraud and wrongdoing against Merdon.

    How much time and effort did this blog put into smearing Ulman? And no current mention of Merdon’s current troubles with the state and his employer?

  20. To Post 20 said

    The above post just proved the point. Nobody will actually acknowledge a fake resume – people just change the subject.

    There are many qualified Dems in the County. Ulman is not one of them, regardless of how much he puffs his resume.

  21. I honestly don’t know why after writing this post 6 months ago this post is still so popular. I thought this would have died down a long time ago – like the day after the election. It hasn’t and I am as surprised as the staunchest Ulman supporter. I expect it to be brought up again with a fury when Ulman runs for a different office – in about 7.5 years.

    As to Merdon.

    You could take a longer look at this blog. The Merdon/ISIS issue has been addressed here. There is nothing else to write about at this time – but there will be.

    As to post 21’s response. I agree. No one wants to speak to the issues raised except to say “get over it”. Further comments to the contrary will only further post 21’s position.

  22. Ken Saved Merriweather! said

    So what if Ken first called him self “Director of the Board of Public Works”

    So what if Ken then changed it to “Liason, Board of Public Works”

    So what if Ken affirmatively removed any mention of his past work “experience” from his official biography within 1 week of the election.

    So what if Ken added to his bio the non-attributed “quote” that he “has been called ‘smart, committed and focused'”


    He left out self-absorbed.

    So what if Ken had about 10 different jobs in 7 years after graduation.

    I don’t know anyone who has had as many different jobs as Ken, even friends in their 40s.

    To me it shows an inability to get a job done.

    But, based on his resume, he sure is willing to take credit for everything.

    Remember his quote: “I saved Merriweather”

  23. Ken Saved Merriweather! said

    I forgot this gem:

    “Before being elected County Executive, Ken ran his own law firm in Columbia which has provided him with experience as both a leader and a businessman.”

    Yes, for how long? A couple of years.


    How many employees? I count one.

    How many clients? I haven’t heard of any, except a few wills referred by his father.

    He sure seems qualified to me.

  24. An MIT dean resigned yesterday due to an exaggerated resume she first presented 28 years ago.

    Her apology was especially interesting.

    Anyone who fakes a resume should apologize and resign.

  25. Blast from the Past said

    This from from Ken Ulman’s County Council race, when he bought the election from the more qualified MKS.

    Is any of this true?

    How could Ulman, at age 28, have “spent the last 20 years as a community advocate in Columbia and Howard County.”

    Oh yeah, I forgot about all of the 8-year old community advocates…

    What about the Planning and Park&Rec Boards? How could he have been a members since he graduated High School, yet gone to college and then go to law school (while working)?

    Ken Ulman (D) Age: 28 Reside …
    [FINAL Edition]
    The Washington Post – Washington, D.C.
    Date: Oct 31, 2002
    Section: 1
    Text Word Count: 408

    Elected offices/civic activities: Howard County Planning Board, 1992-present; Howard County Recreation and Parks Board, 1992- present; member, Columbia Council, 1988-90; member, Hickory Ridge Village Board, 1983-88; member, Atholton High School PTSA executive board, 1993-present, and president, 1999-2000.

    “I have spent the last 20 years as a community advocate in Columbia and Howard County. I served 10 years on both the Howard County Planning Board and the Howard County Recreation and Parks Board. I worked with the community as a member of the Columbia Council, the Hickory Ridge Village Board and several PTA executive boards. I am the only council candidate, including incumbents, who has previously participated and voted on comprehensive rezoning. I see the County Council as an opportunity to make optimal use of the knowledge and insight I have developed during my years of community service.”

  26. Hayduke said

    I’m not even sure why I feel the need to respond to this, but you have things totally mixed up. The paragraph you cite describes Joan Lancos, Ulman’s Republican opponent in the race. See this Business Monthly story.

    For someone so concerned with the veracity of others’ claims, it’s striking to see so little concern for your own.

  27. Liza M. Yass said

    “Anyone who fakes a resume should apologize and resign.”

    Should anyone who makes false and defamatory statements about someone apologize?

    I guess Blast from the Past owes Ulman an apology?

  28. To Hayduke/Liza said

    I just checked the Post archives. I think the fault may lie with the Post.

    The article under Ken lists the above quote, which is apparently wrong.

    Any documentation for the “Secretary of the Cabinet” position yet?

  29. Liza M. Yass said

    You are raising a colossal stink about the capitalization of two words in Ulman’s resume. You misread information about Ulman in the Post and tried to make an even bigger stink.

    I really hope that Hayduke’s point about your concern for the veracity of others’ claims while having no regard for the veracity of your own claims is not lost on you.

  30. More than Two Words.. said

    When you say “you” I assume you mean “you” in general referring to more than one person.

    Regardless, it is more than two words.

    “Secretary of the Cabinet” (4 words)

    “Clinton White House Staffer” (4 more, for a total of 8)

    “Governor’s Director” (2 more, make that 10 words)

    “I saved Merriweather” (3 more, for 13 words)

    Should I go on? What about his “experience as both a leader and businessman” (7 more words) from his part-time law firm job which he held for how long?

    10 jobs in 10 years?

    I agree with those who say it shows a pattern.

    When he runs for higher office, he will have to release his bar association application. By law, applicants must list past work experience and any disciplinary actions.

    Any omissions or discrepancies would go to show the intent behind his actions.

    He will not get a free pass because he won the election.

    He also will not get a free pass because of who his father is.

    He also will not get a free pass because he removed the information from his official bio after he won the election.

    I think we should expect more from our public officials.

  31. It is quite a leap to go from:

    Ken Ulman (D), may be only 28 but he has lived all those years in Columbia and set his sights on politics at an early age… words of praise from Gov. Parris Glendening, whom Ulman served as the staff member for the Board of Public Works…

    to Director of the Board of Public works and Secretary of the Cabinet in the span of 4 or 5 years.

    It will come back to haunt him but enough of that.

    I am amazed this post is still alive after more than six months… Ulman has 4 years to prove himself. Despite the resume issues, can he govern and behave like an executive despite his lack of experience.

    This is called “baptism by fire”. Lets hope he can avoid being burnt for our sake.

  32. Really? said

    David, why are you amazed? This post is still alive because one person keeps rehashing the same old pointless crap. Then, for some reason, certain readers treat it as new and exciting information, when nothing additional has been said.

  33. To Really? said

    I think this post is still alive because he continues to compound his exaggerations and repeat them enough in hopes of making them true.

    I think something is only “crap” when it is untrue. Buy nobody has stepped up to defend the resume on its merits.

  34. Question said

    If Ulman claims that he held these impressive-sounding Glendening administration positions, let’s assume it is all true. We should hold him accountable for the actions of the Glendening administration during his tenure.

    Lest we forget some of the highlights of the Glendening years.
    * Flipping his position and declaring the ICC dead, thereby delaying its construction and lengthening commutes for thousands of Howard County residents.
    * Allegations of conflicts of interest, including some dealing with the Public Works Board.
    * A culture of corruption and self-dealing not seen in Maryland since Spiro Agnew.

    The Secretary of the Cabinet would surely have to bear some of the responsibility.

  35. To Webmaster said

    He should sue your a** for slander!

  36. So sue him so we can finally get an answer said

    Maybe he should sue so he finally answers the question. Although there is no basis for slander in this post. “To Webmaster” what is the basis for a law suit pray tell?

  37. So sue him so we can finally get an answer said

    “To Webmaster” the word you are looking for is not slander. If you don’t know what slander is then how could you possibly think that Ulman could sue over a post that only asks questions and provides supporting documentation as the basis for those questions.

  38. No Slander said

    To win a slander case, the person must establish that the claims are untrue. Ulman can’t do that, because he definitely exaggerated. Whether it was malicious deceit or simply arrogant self-importance, that is an open question.

    The longer the issues go unanswered, the more I might conclude that it was the former.

  39. Why Did Ulman leave HUPK? said

    Does anyone know why Ulman left his position with Hodes, Ulman, Pessin and Katz? Has he ever given his version of events?

  40. To why? said

    I would be surprised a Republican has not asked Ulman why he left his dad’s firm, then asked someone else who worked there (other than Ulman’s dad) why he left his firm, then compared the answers. I bet it’d be an interesting exercise….

  41. Middle Wing said

    Ulman wants record spending on Public transportation,are you kidding me. So more section 8 people will migrate to Howard County where people like me pay premium prices for houses and taxes to escape the problemsm of the inner city. Typical liberal move, politician that has never seen the destruction of welfare in a city because he was shielded from it but now all of a sudden can relate because it is worth a lot of votes. I

  42. About Ulman's Big Firm Job said

    I have it on good authority that Ulman was ASKED TO LEAVE his job, even though his father was a partner. I don’t know why, but I think Ulman would admit it.

    Is this what you are driving at?

  43. Keep Up the Good Work said

    If he was fir.., I mean asked to leave, there wouldn’t really be any record of it. I would encourage your “good authority” to step forward, at least before the next election. I don’t think Ulman would admit it if he were asked to leave.

  44. Did You Read... said

    …the Post “article” about Ulman today? The Post did not mention anything about his resume, other than mentioning the items from Ulman’s Dem Party Bio.

  45. Yes I saw it. It was a puff piece. They let him off the hook with the resume and the housekeeper.

  46. General Zod said

    Write letters to the Examiner and Sun? Why wait for someone else to expose Ulman.

  47. Post Article said

    Was the Post article about Ulman the first in a serious of profiles about trust fund babies who use their family connections, money and fake job titles to make it to the top regardless of their actual merit?

  48. Speaking of Fake Resumes... said

    Anyone who fakes a resume should be impeached or (if he had any remaining honor) resign.

    A board member of the 9/11 charity was fired because she may have lied about her 9/11 experience. But partisan loyalty comes first.

    Why won’t the Democratic Party at least investigate Ulman’s resume? Off the record, several Dems tell me that they believe the allegations.

    Hopefully, we can find someone qualified next election (instead of having to blindly defend someone who only claims to be qualified).

  49. Keep Talking... said

    You should all be ashamed. Ken Ulman did not exaggerate anything. There was an article which proved that everything he said was all true. You saw the article. Even the former governor came out and spoke in favor of Ulman. To keep talking about his resume even after the election is a sign of desperation and should subject you to defamation law suits. Even though it is a comment blog, you can still be identified by someone with a good lawyer.

  50. Ashamed!!! A newspaper article!!! Yes, I read the article. I was quoted in the article. All Glendening said to the reporter was “He worked here”. That is not the ringing endorsement you try to lead people to believe. Ken Ulman’s defense – I have a business card to prove it. Wow! Did you read the attached documents to this post? Like it or not this issue, as with the housekeeper, will hang around Ken Ulman’s neck for the rest of his political career.

  51. To Keep Talking said

    A guy who gets dismissed from his only private sector job is not qualified to be a County Executive.

    Neither the article nor Ulman proved anything.

  52. Another resume fake exposed said

    why do we hold a chef to a higher standard than a lying politician? We should fire Ulman.

    Food Network chef fired after resume fraud

    NEW YORK (AP) — After rising to culinary stardom preparing impossible meals on his Food Network series, Robert Irvine has met an obstacle his kitchen prowess couldn’t overcome — an embellished resume.
    The star of “Dinner: Impossible” has acknowledged fabricating some of the more fantastic parts of his resume, including having cooked for Britain’s Royal Family and various U.S. presidents.

    Following the revelations, the network announced it would not renew Irvine’s contract, though it would air the remaining episodes of the current season, the series’ fourth.

    “I was wrong to exaggerate in statements related to my experiences in the White House and the Royal Family,” Irvine said in a written statement. “I am truly sorry for misleading people and misstating the facts.”

    The Food Network said it might revisit its decision at the end of this season, but for now would begin searching for a new host for the series, which challenged Irvine to cook under arduous conditions.

    “We rely on the trust that our viewers have in the accuracy of the information we present, and Robert challenged that trust,” the network said in a written release.

    Irvine, who is from England, first acknowledged the fabrications in a Feb. 17 story in the St. Petersburg Times.

    Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  53. Anyone else in 2010 said

    Former “Secretary of the Cabinet” Ken Ulman is already looking ahead to higher office. Montgomery County viewers can look forward to seeing him spin his “Former Clinton White House Staffer” (i.e., summer intern) experience into state-wide office.

    I love how he takes 2010 for granted and is looking ahead to 2014. Won’t someone with a real CV run against him?

    See the release below:

    Ken Ulman, the 35 year old County Executive from Howard County will be on the “Political Pulse” TV Show on Channel 16 TV in Montgomery County.

    County Executive Ulman is a rising star in the Maryland Democratic Party and there are already published reports that he might run for statewide office in 2014 when he would be term limited as County Executive. Mr. Ulman addressed that subject during the interview and he talked about some of the other future possible candidates for higher office in Maryland, like Anthony Brown and Doug Gansler.

    Other subjects that were discussed include Howard County’s new health care initiative which is receiving some national attention, how Howard County is doing in these tough budget times and Mr. Ulman’s hands-on approach to government.

    Political Pulse now airs 6 times a week and the Ulman interview will air on Channel 16 TV:

    Tuesday, June 16th at 9:30 p.m.
    Wednesday, June 17th at 6:30 p.m.
    Thursday, June 18th at 9:00 p.m.
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June 19th, 20th and 21st) at 6 p.m.

  54. Another Exaggeration said

    So Connecticut Senate candidate says he was in Vietnam and this is a front page story in the NY Times. A local politician who makes up job titles and then removes them from his webpage after the election seems much worse. Where is the outrage?

    The Dems still have a chance to nominate someone qualified to run against Ulmman.

  55. chat said

    Google Ken Ulman and resume and you find a lot of hits, but nothing more recent than a blog on Hayduke. Someone claims to have called the MD personnel office, but there is no resolution.

  56. Lance Armstrong.. said

    Lance Armstrong endorsed Ulman. Turns out Lance lied about his resume…

  57. No Ulman said

    It is one thing to fake a resume to become County Executive, but using a fake resume to win statewide office like Lieutenant Governor? That is embarrassing for Maryland.

    Hope voters have sense enough to send him packing.

  58. Ulman exposed said

    Ulman could not even win Howard County for the Governor’s race. Ulman has been exposed for the fraud that he is. Maybe now he will have to get a real job (one that his daddy didn’t buy for him).

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