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County Executive and Council Forum

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 11, 2006

County Executive & County Council candidates’ forum
When: Tonight, Ocotber 11th

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Where: The Smith Theater, Howard County Community College

Co-sponsors: League of Women Voters, Howard County Commission for Women, Association of Community Services, Howard County Citizens Association, Ellicott City Restoration Foundation

This event will be broadcast live on GTv Channel 70.


Oct. 22 HCC Channel 71 at 1pm
Oct. 24 HCC Channel 71 at 2am
Oct. 25 GTv Channel 70 at 12:30pm and at 8pm
Oct. 26 GTv Channel 70 at 12:30pm
Oct. 27 GTv Channel 70 at 12:30pm and 9pm
Oct. 28 GTv Channel 70 at 10pm
Oct. 29 GTv Channel 70 at 10pm


6 Responses to “County Executive and Council Forum”

  1. It was not broadcast live on Gtv.

  2. Jim Adams said

    Dave if you support Greg Fox after seeing the Forum last night, your supporting the Republican party, not the man.

    I think if Greg wants to come back from such a poor showing, he is going to have to debate Don, one on one

    I doubt he will do this, he knows he would lose.

    If he wants to prove me wrong, he knows how to reach me.

    Jim Adams, Republican.

  3. Unfortunately Jim, I did not see the forum because Gtv, for whatever reason, did not televise it as they said they were going to do.

    In all the forums I have attended with Greg and Don (some which included Wayne and yourself as well during the primary), I thought Greg did fine. He was articulate at last week’s COPE forum, which I believe I saw you at as well. So can you elaborate on what why you thought Greg did so poorly this time?

  4. Jim Adams said

    There may have been 10 to 12 questions. Greg answered 2, one was in reference to energy, but the answer sounded more like unrelated dialogue than a specific answer, the second answer was a contradiction to an endorsement he received. Don answered each and every question.

    Dave watch the rebroadcast, look at the body language of both candidates, listen to the words, Don is answering questions at the speed of light, sometimes all of the other candidates offer nothing in response, and Don has his card in the air half way into the question. Each of his answers are articulate with no pause.

    Don is showing us raw intelligence blended with extreme knowledge,and tempered with a life time of wisdom. We lose if he losses.

  5. hocomd said

    Don was good. Given that their were 10 candidates for only 1 hour and only 1 minute to speak on each question Don should have toned it down and let the others speak. After a while Grace wouldn’t recognize Don.

    Greg handled the “contridiction” perfectly. Don said given you got the fire endorsement it is odd you don’t support the referendum since you told them you would.

    Fox replied that he told the fire union that hethought the referendum language was flawed but that if the people voted for it then of course he would support it. Furthermore, it is a ballot question before the people and not the county council.

    Many of the candidates did not answer many of the questions. Why are you singling out Fox? Is it because you may only be paying attention to that race?

    What did you think about Tom D’Asto and Gina Ellrich? How about Tony v Courtney or Donna v Jen? I thought Calvin Ball was terrible. I thought Tom was fantastic and expected Mary Kay to eat his lunch.

  6. Jim Adams said

    Don was good, very good, good enough to be an excellant Council member. I was only paying attention to the Fox, Dunn questions and answers. I will vote for one of them, and I want to vote for the right reasons and the right man.

    But this race is not about the qualities of the individuals, it’s about grabbing power. Power from the State Senate, thru the delegates, county council, down to the central committee. Where is the County benefiting, or is it lossing. I think it is lossing, and that is why I am following the race in the 5th district.

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