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Governor’s Director of the Board of Public Works

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, October 12, 2006


I do have a document that shows that the Glendening administration actually did publish the title, “Director” relative to his liaison to the Board of Public Works for Ken Ulman’s predecessor, William F. Goddard, III. (goddard.pdf below)

In my previous post I linked to a document that showed that Ken Ulman’s title was printed / published as Liaison.  I am linking to it here again for your convenience. (1999-md-gov-office.pdf below)



I add that there is a major distinction between:

  • Director of the Board of Public Works
  • Director, Board of Public Works
  • Liaison, Board of Public Works

Mr. Ulman has never directed an organization.  Rather than explain this he would rather create a web site that only serves one purpose.  Smear Chris Merdon.


3 Responses to “Governor’s Director of the Board of Public Works”

  1. Numbersgirl said

    Hmmm. The document you posted didn’t quite match what you posted. It was a capital-D Director, and I don’t see the “comma, Board of Public Works” that you point out. Did you post the right document?

  2. hocomd said

    you are right. I mis-spoke.

    I have corrected the post.

    However, the point I was trying (clumsily) to make is that the Glendening administration used the title Director, they used it in writing, and they used it relative to the Liaison to the Board of Public Works.  So it seems as though it was an official title rather than an informal or working title.

  3. Numbersgirl said

    I am surprised. After seeing so many people post responses when the question was asked and the allegation of resume-fluffing was originally made, I was expecting to see many more responses to this post.

    Do the facts not interest readers of this blog?

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