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In Allan Kittleman We Trust

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have read a couple letters to the editor that are critical of Senator Allan Kittleman’s distribution of his campaign funds to help other candidates.

I do not understand the motivation of these letter writers.  Looking up their names on the campaign finance data base one of them might have contributed $25.00 to a campaign in 2002.  They have not contributed to Allan Kittleman so they are not talking about their own contributions.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I think that most people are like me.  When they give money to a candidate they trust the candidate they do so because they trust the candidate’s judgement.  If the candidate judges that they want to help another candidate with finances then that is fine with me.  If I don’t want my candidate to use the money for anything else than his campaign I tell him, “This is for yard signs”, or “This is for putting up and developing website, but don’t tell anyone“.

If you really care about this then find out who Senator Kittleman contributed to and find out who their primary and general election opponents were and then lets walk down the list.  I say that tongue in cheek because I am left to wonder.  Are these letter writers part of an organized campaign because Senator Kittleman did not give money to the “THEIR” candidates? 

I admit I am reading between the lines but these letters have a real tone of “sour grapes” to them.


4 Responses to “In Allan Kittleman We Trust”

  1. Jim Adams said

    Part of the criticism is that he can contribute as much as he did, over the limit allowed to both you and I.

    You right, about trusting the candidates judgement,but when they see how the funds are misused, they begin to loss that trust.

    Building a Dynasty is a costly business, and has no value to the citizens it intends to control.

  2. Ralph said

    Its interesting to me how quickly you go from being a candidate to a critic of the system…Something tells me that if you were the District 5 Councilman now your viewpoint would be different.

    You need to move on and work positively for Dunn and Corkran if thats what your doing. The nasty nature of your posts here are only hurting your former reputation as a nice guy.

  3. Jim Adams said

    Good Morning Ralph

    There is no such thing as a nice guy, unless you want to do nothing in this world. Think of those who attempt to make a positive change, and someone will identify them as other than nice. This has not been a quick change from candidate to critic, I was a critic of the system as a candidate. I wanted to seperate the zoning function. Keep posting Ralph, I like your style, and will pay attention to what you write.

  4. Jim Adams said

    Ralph, please don’t tell me your the same guy, who implied I was no longer a nice guy, as though you had some respect for me at one time, but of course never enough respect to treat me correctly in your “scientific”, or should I call it, your push poll. OMG, what are the Republicans becoming.
    You may not believe it, but we are still friends in my book, your too nice of a guy, and I may have just got in the way of a bigger target.

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