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Another Smear Web Site

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 18, 2006

As you know I did not like it at all that someone (you know who) put up an anonymous website (and tried to hide behind the democratic party) which is a complete hit piece on Chris Merdon’s record.

I would not publish the site on principle.

Now get this.  Someone (not you know who) has come to this blog (specifically “Desperate UPDATED“) and tried to post links to two websites accompanied with nasty rumors.

I considered posting the comment however, when I looked up the IP addresses, the Domain Name Servers, and the Domain Name Registration.  They shared the same Domain Name Servers, same ISP, and the author of the sites is concealing their identity.  They are attacking someone from the shadows.  Since they won’t associate themselves with the attacks they don’t have the courage of their convictions. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t trace it to anyone.  I do know that the person who tried to post the web site did it from a Comcast connection in Montgomery County.  If I find out who it is I will publish it and I don’t care who it is.

This time the websites are about Democratic Candidate for State Attorney General Doug Gansler whom I don’t support.  I think the Democrats made a big mistake in this case.  Regardless, I am not going to publish that kind of information on this blog. 

These anonymous smears of political candidates is just plain BS.  If you can’t stand by your words then just shut up.  I don’t care if the target for this kind of tactic is a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or other.  Please don’t try to post here again.

Should I expect someone to claim I am making this up?  Well if you do send me an email and I will forward the comment – I saved it for the doubting Thomas’

Here is part of it.

Interesting that you mention these tactics. Look what someone is saying about Doug Gansler.

Not that I like to be hearing bad things about democratic candidates, but I’ve uncovered some interesting information.

What is this person thinking?  I am partisan but not that kind of partisan.  If I wouldn’t publish one smear site I am not going to publish another.

The smear about Gansler is aweful.  I don’t know if it is true or not.  If it is then…  Anyway, I don’t distinguish between the vicious Gansler attack by an anonymous person/s and Ulman’s attempt at an anonymous attack against Merdon regardless of the nature of the attacks.  They are both anonymous and the authors/commissioners have shown a great lack of character.


5 Responses to “Another Smear Web Site”

  1. I got an email about this site yesterday as well as an attempted comment on my website. I never actually visited either site, but I agree with you entirely, it is just idiotic.

    Were you able to determine whether Scott Rolle’s campaign is behind these two websites?

  2. hocomd said

    No I wasn’t able to determine if Scott Rolle’s campaign was behind it. That was actually the first place I looked. I also checked MDGOP. Nothing there either.

  3. jen said

    I am soooo confused!! Are you saying that Ulman has not only created a site to smear Republican Chris Merdon, but that he has also created a site to smear Democrat Doug Gansler? That someone from that same domain and ISP are equal opportunity smear-ers? Oooo this sounds awfully messy.

  4. hocomd said

    I don’t think it was Ulman. Why? Do you?

  5. hocomd said

    Jen, I pounded that post out real quick. I re-read it and understand why I confused you. Hopefully it is clearer.

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