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Next Round District 5

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I will be writing about the Greg Fox v Don Dun and Jim Adams race in district 5 next.  Stay tuned and thanks to Freemarket for the swift kick.


5 Responses to “Next Round District 5”

  1. Jim Adams said

    Hocomd, which one, you or I have become the most predictable.

  2. Evan said

    HoCoMD, are you trying to imply that Don Dunn has broad support across party lines by saying that Jim Adams (a guy who seemed to be widely respected in the Republican district 5 primary and the discussion of it on this blog) is supporting Don Dunn?

  3. Evan said

    Oh, and where is Charlie Feaga in the current west county election? Who is he supporting?

  4. hocomd said

    Evan, I would not call it broad support I would call it Jim’s support.

    Look around this blog and you will see Jim’s comments. It isn’t a secret. Jim was supposed to work on the Ehrlich campaign and the County co-ordinator walked into a local diner and Jim and Don were sitting with each other. He said he was working on Don’t campaign.

    Charlie is not doing anything.

    Jim is a very nice guy. I like him. He can do what he wants. I suspect that Jim doesn’t like Allan Kittleman. He sounds bitter. Drops out and opposes Greg Fox. Greg wins he supports Don. I don’t think he has anything against Greg except his association with Allan.

  5. Jim Adams said

    Hocomd, your close to the truth. I admire you and once again for something new, your insight. Greg needs more experience, his Grayhound decision with educational issues was wrong. He did not have the wisdom to ask himself if it was the right thing.

    After the Howard Co. times interview (reporters and Greg, Wayne, and myself)Greg and I talked, I told him he did a find job, very professional. I knew about the push poll, and told him it was dirty. He looked at me as a son would look at a father, as though he felt disapointment in himself. I would have left all of this along, but he continued his attacks on Livesay, and had a three hour heated conversation with a fellow Republican, trying to defend his push poll, and showing that person great disrespect.

    I felt his youth and Allan Kittleman’s negative influence, which I am sure is there, would have more adverse affects on Howard County’s future then what we can afford.

    When I pull off of 695 on to 70, when I take the first exit on to 29, I know I am just not going home, I am going to a place of dreams and memories, a place were I feel safe and confortable. I don’t want someone lacking in wisdom, or some one greedy for power taking that away from me. Hocomd, you know in your heart of hearts were I am coming from, and were I want to go.

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