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Washington Post Endorses Merdon

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, October 22, 2006

Two down and one to go…

Here are some bullet points 

  • Chris Merdon has the credentials to lead the county (my personal favorite)
  • County Council Chairman Christopher J. Merdon (R) is our choice over council member Ken Ulman (D) (that is the only mention Mr. Ulman receives)
  • Mr. Merdon is best equipped to tackle the challenges of change, by virtue of experience, temperament and outlook.
  • an ability to work across party lines
  • he brings a nuanced philosophy
  • he has some good ideas on how to restore public confidence.
  • reasonable when it comes to taxes
  • His campaign is noteworthy for the level of detail he is providing to voters about what he would do if elected Nov. 7.

What is Ken Ulman’s response?  This morning he posted the three special interest endorsements that he has managed to secure so far in this campaign.  He is not distinguishing between the Washington Post endorsement and the Baltimore Sun endorsement, and special interest endorsements.  They are not the same.

The Washington Post and Baltimore Sun are different in that they have a perspective and an interest on behalf of the entire community not just one special interest.

I am going out on a limb here.  It is great  and very important that Merdon got these two major endorsements.  However, I think the endorsement that is really important is the Howard County Times.  I hope I don’t end up eating my hat on this one.  I don’t know when they are endorsing, but the first person to email me and take me up on it I will buy you a Guinness if Merdon doesn’t get the Ho Co Times endorsement.*

* employees of the Patuxent Press, it’s parent company, editorial board, or relatives are not eligible.


24 Responses to “Washington Post Endorses Merdon”

  1. mary smtih said

    You’re not serious.

    Bin Laden could visit these newspapers and get an endorsement if he had a good website and could sell himself.

    Truely. Check it out.

    The human beings who make these lofty pronouncements have no connection to the Howard Bureau, meet the candidates once and base their decision on salsemanship. Unbelievably true. What’s next, we ask the Sacramento Bee to endorse a candidate?

    Why would news sources do endorsements in the first place? It is terribly skewed, no matter who they select.

    David, make all the endorsements you’d like. You’ve been honest about your bias. But news sources have no place grabbing power this way.

    Rate the rater seems in order. Anyone for a little free speech and democracy?

    On a positive note (as you requested), I agree with David on the issue that the newspapers are too biased, narrow in view, to provide readers with an honest representation. And further, we’re in good company: Expect some Thomas Jefferson quotations this week.

  2. mary smtih said

    I guess we won’t expect a response from “Ralph” on the free speech item, opposed as he is to those sorts of irritations.

  3. hocomd said

    Mary, I guess that means you are not taking me up on the bet?

  4. mary smtih said

    What bet?

  5. ed said

    mary, you just equated merdon with bin laden. do you understand why that kind of comment makes sane people very uncomfortable? it’s angy and meanspirited even for you.

    the washington post is dead on. you are a little off.

  6. mary smtih said

    I did no such thing. You’re looking for things that aren’t there, Ed.

  7. mary smtih said

    Wait, there’s a campaign slogan for Merdon which would be true: Not as bad as bin Laden.

  8. Ralph said

    If I didn’t believe in “Free” speech I wouldn’t be tormenting you here!

  9. mary smtih said


    My statement was a reference to an earlier dialogue which culminated in a quote for you after a comment I interpreted to mean that no one who disagrees with you should be allowed to post.

    I’ll say it again: The quickest, most efficient path to truth is often through presenting all sides of disagreement, and perspectives with of course a healthy dose of research and documentation. Monumentally more intellectually stimulating (even fascinating) than a bunch of people getting together to reinforce illusion.

  10. hocomd said

    Quite honestly I have not seen you present any research or documentation.

  11. Tom Berkhouse said

    I would like to make a motion. I move that Mary Smith be nicknamed either (1) Squirrel (because she’s absolutely nutty), or (2) Zeppelin (because she’s completely full of hot air). Dave, can you set it up for commentors to vote?

    Mary – you have never once offered any FACTS of any sort in your rambling, left field diatribes. Please, return to your room at Springfield, immediately.

  12. Don M said

    I think the Ho Co Times is publishing its general election guide this Thurs 10/26. Guess the endorsements for county exec will be in this issue?

  13. DeputyDenny said


    You wrote this on another post:

    “Wait, there’s a campaign slogan for Merdon that would be true: Not as bad a bin Laden”

    You may think that’s witty and funny, but it is not. I lost a very close freind at the pentagon attack. His wife and kids lost a husband and father.

    So please do not compare any of our local public servants to the mass murdering monster again. And do not say that the local newspapers would endorse the monster if he “had a website and sold himself”. That’s insulting and crazy, but what else is new for you?

    Unless you are a campaign operative faking as “Mary Smith” (which is probably the case), you should seriously consider seeking professional help.

  14. Right of Center said

    Wait – after you and your cohort at Hedgehog Report spent all this time whinning about how the Post and the Sun always endorse Democrats? And saying that a liberal paper endorsement hurts rather than helps Republicans? (See comments from the 9A delegate primary).

    I’m not an Ulman fan, but be internally consistent. Seriously, all this says is that Chris is failing to be a real Republican – what value do the laptops in schools have to the 2/3 of County Taxpayers who don’t have kids in schools? Why should we pay for it? I would be more impressed if Chris campaigned like a Republican and began talking about fee-for-service and rolling back some of the stupid regs (like no indoor smoking), promoting business, etc. Not talking like a Democrat.

  15. hocomd said


    I answered this question before. I can’t speak for Wissing.

    I was speaking in terms of the Republican Primary.

    The Sun and Post endorsements in a republican primary -v- a general election are different animals.

    Given the general perceptions of republican’s of both papers I questioned the value of receiving those respective endorsements during the republican primary. The papers are speaking directly to republican voters in a republican primary. I don’t think they speak with much authority to that audience.

    The endorsements of both papers in the general election are completely different in that the papers are now speaking to a much wider audience.

    In the 2006 Howard County republican primary the endorsements were directed at the roughly 11,200 republican primary voters in Howard County.

    In the 2006 Howard County general election the endorsements are directed at over 96,500 voters (2002 Howard County voter turn out) consisting of republicans, democrats, independants and third party voters.

    As far as most Republicans are concerned I think they will vote for the candidate they want regardless of the endorsements. For Dems, etc. then I think it makes a difference.

  16. mary smith said


    Don’t equate anything I say this way, you are grossly misrepresenting what was actually, and verifiably stated.

  17. Jim Walsh said

    When the Baltimore Sun or Washington Post endorses a Democratic candidate, that’s expected. When the Sun or Post endorse a Republican candidate, it means that the Democratic candidate must be a total zero.

  18. Peter Tocco said

    I don’t think Ulman is a zero. But from the moment I met him, when he showed up at my door three years ago cavassing for a vote, wife and kid in a stroller out in the street, I began to wonder about him, mainly because his glossy brochure told me nothing about his political positions. The message was completely bland and generic. I concluded that he was already running for governor, at least in his mind. Then this year, when I saw his gaudy sign campaign, outstripping all others, I was again reminded of his tremendous ambition. Beware!

  19. I wish my Dad was Loaded... said

    Agreed. I don’t think Ken Ulman could care less about County Executive, except for the stepping stone it would give him to become a statewide big name. He’s way too slick for me.

    This guy has had roughly 10 jobs in 10 years since college, including 4 state jobs in 2 years while he was going to law school (I would call those internships, he calls them “Secretary of the Cabinet” and “Governor’s Director of the Board of Public Works”)

    Let’s not forget that Lou Ulman was head of Maryland Racing when his son got hired by Glendening. Must be nice!

    After Maryland state, Ulman went to work with Dad’s law firm (didn’t he start working there AFTER he had declared his candidacy?) I wish a law firm would hire me so I could spend my time campaigning! I wonder how many hours he actually billed to clients?

    Since Ulman joined the Council, he “led the fight” to save Merriwether and “his efforts” were successful. I thought there was a whole committee involved? I guess their contributions were unimportant!

    Although Ulman has shown he can certainly spend money in a campaign, a County with a budget over $1 billion deserves more substance.

    I think Democrats should distance themselves from this guy. Why did no Democrat run against him? Just because of his family ties?

  20. hocomd said

    Loaded, I have to tell you I really liked your email address. LOL.

    Anyway, you asked the right question. Why did no Democrat run against him?

    Maybe it was family ties and political ties. Remember his dad and Glendening strong armed Robey into endorsing him during the primary in 2002 (and he still only won by only 36 votes).

    Anyway back to your question. Lets think about some democrats that could have run.

    Kasemeyer – he would have been tough
    Turner – he would have had a hard time in the west but better than Ulman
    Vernon Gray – why not?

    Any other ideas.

  21. mary smith said

    It never ceases to amaze me, the accusations being speared toward anyone who opposes anything said by anyone who claims to be conservative, yet to monumentally true of the claimant. Amazing lack of grace would be an understatement.

    Talk about analogies, here you go:

    This site is as much like JR. Tolkien’s ring as anything I’ve ever seen, and while Golumb is in place, there are far too many non-Froto-like thinkers who succumb to the weakest suggestion by the most powerful looking entity.

    Advice to onlookers: pass by this road to Judecca and count your blessings, it’s going to be even more ugly these last two weeks as sheer desperation kicks into high gear, with all the wild reactions and baseless accusations and ridiculous name-calling ever seen, all based on fear.

  22. Actually, Harry Dunbar did run against Ulman in teh Democratic primary and got 22% of the vote….

  23. […] Washington Post Endorses Merdon Howard County Maryland BlogTwo down and one to go Here are some bullet points Chris Merdon has the credentials to lead the Two down and one to go Here are some bullet points Chris Merdon has the credentials to […]

  24. Alex said

    Thank You

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