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Robey backs Ulman for Lorsung council seat

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, October 23, 2006

Here is some news from the past…

The Columbia Flyer, August 22, 2002

In explaining his endorsement:

Robey, the former county police chief, said he met Ulman early in his 1998 campaign for county executive. Ulman and his parents, Louis and Diane, offered “minor financial support and a lot of political support,” Robey recalled.

In addition, Ulman “provided a line to the governor that I never had before” when Ulman was Gov. Parris Glendening’s liaison to the state Board of Public Works, which reviews large building contracts.

Prior to this an article appeared in the Columbia Flyer on August 9, 2001 describing Mr. Ulman’s background and experience this way.

The younger Ulman’s resume includes duties as regional director for the Iowa caucuses and as state director in Wyoming in President Clinton’s 1996 campaign. He also coordinated events for Glendening’s 1998 campaign and later was Glendening’s administrative representative to the state Board of Public Works, which reviews large expenditures.

Note: Neither describe Mr. Ulman’s position as “Director of the Board of Public Works

2 Responses to “Robey backs Ulman for Lorsung council seat”

  1. MJT said

    Mr. Ulman is no dummy. He understands that if he listed his title as “Administrative Representative to the state Board of Public Works”, then voters might catch on to the fact that he has absolutely no executive experience whatsoever. What a resume – low level political appointee, lawyer at Daddy’s firm, and on the staff of his brother’s non-profit. Give him credit for two things though, he knows how to exaggerate his experience and play dirty politics.

  2. hocomd said


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