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More Sun Endorsements

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Sun came out with it’s legislative endorsements.

Not a lot of surprises here.

I adamantly disagree with the endorsement of Jim Robey over Sandy Schrader.  He should pay the consequences of distorting her record on women’s rights.  I don’t agree with either of them, but he knows that is an issue she is strong on and he goes after her because HE believes our 15 year old daughters should be buying birth-control medications over the counter.  So what does he do?  He distorts her record.  Funny a pro-choice candidate beating on another pro-choice candidate for being pro-choice.

Mr. Robey denys any knowledge of the smear tactic.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” Robey said, adding that he first saw the mailings Monday when a reporter showed them to him


I was pleased that Mary Beth Tung was endorsed over Guy Guzzone.

Have you noticed that the Sun has not endorsed any of the sitting democratic member of the County Council?

Dave OZ Osmundson over Warren Miller.  I blogged on the candidate forum for 9A.  You can read it for yourself.  I am not voting for Dave over Warren despite The Sun :=)  Just read the candidate forum.

Rich Corkran for Senate.  Hmmm.  I don’t think so.  Allan Kittleman has been responsive and responsible.  He has a long record of public service and he really is one of the best people you will ever meet.  He really is a pleasure to know. 

In reality I feel bad for Rich because Jim Robey left him holding the bag (pardon the pun).  Robey conducted a poll last year gauging his chances to win in this election.  The end result.  He moved to district 13 and has been deflecting the criticism ever since.  He claims he planned to move the whole time.  I wonder why he conducted the poll?  I was part of that poll and I do not recall any questions about Sandy Schrader.  Hmmm.

Rick and Loretta, keep up the good work.  See you in Annapolis.


10 Responses to “More Sun Endorsements”

  1. Jim Adams said

    I was part of a Republican poll, like you I said “Hmmm”

  2. MBT said


    Also notice that the Sun did not give a reason why they were endorsing Shane and Frank – they couldn’t come up with anything nice to say about them other than the fact that they are incumbant Democrats? Hmmm…

    And thanks for the plug for Loretta Gaffney and Rick Bowers – they are working very hard too!

  3. MBT said

    Jim, It was nice to see you last night at the Professional Republican Association mixer!

  4. Jim Adams said

    MBT, you and those who work with you in your campaign, are the nicest group of people I have meet in politics. You make people around you very comfortable, while you are, at the same time, very professional. It was nice seeing you too.

  5. MBT said

    Jim – thanks for the kind words. The folks that work on the campaign are some of the nicest people that I’ve met – hardworking and dedicated too. Of course, Lynne is the secretary for the Professional Association, which is where I met her. Chris is a friend from my church. I will forward your comments to them. Campaign volunteers do not get nearly enough praise. It was good of you to notice and to comment!

  6. Freemarket said

    I disagree with you about Jim Robey distorting Sandy Schrader’s record. The statement he makes about her voting record is completely accurate. Is your problem that a picture of the wrong type of birth control pills used? If you want to talk about distortion of records, look at the letter Allan Kittleman wrote about Jim Robey in your post about the auxillary police officer that lost a leg. THAT is a distortion of records.

  7. hocomd said

    Freemarket, we are just going to have to disagree on both of these.

  8. Jim Walsh said

    A Post or Sun endorsement does not help a Democratic candidate; a Post or Sun endorsement of an opponent hurts only a Democratic candidate. As I noted elsewhere, when the Post or Sun endorses a Democrat, that’s expected. When the Post or Sun endorses a Republican, it means that even they think the Democrat is a complete loser.

  9. mary smith said

    Now, in order to be politically correct on this tightly policed site (for targeted commenters), and in order to be abstract, and in order to provide specifics, and in order to communicate so that readers get the point (have I covered all the rules?), I’ll modify a saying which will likely still get the point across, but we can only hope:

    Walsh and Wissing: The bland leading the bland. Or the illuded leading the deluded.


  10. Nanners said

    Jim Walsh, you’re right on the money. Your last line cracked me up:)…Keep typing..

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