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Last Minute Sleaze

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 25, 2006

O’Malley Campaign: DUI Story “Last Minute Sleaze”

Anyone who reads this blog knows I can’t stand this stuff and I don’t support O’Malley.

Bob Ehrlich should condemn this leak.  It has no place in the debate.

The actions of a 20 something year old student, though reckless, has little bearing on the person O’Malley is today.

Over the past 10 years that I have been aquainted with Martin O’Malley I have shared more than one pint of Guinness with the man.  I have never seen him drink to excess or behave recklessly when it came to alcohol.

Charges that Ehrlich’s campaign is behind this are unfounded.  If it ends up that Ehrlich’s campaign is involved then Ehrlich should apologize on behalf of the campaign, and those responsible should be “removed from the payroll”.


30 Responses to “Last Minute Sleaze”

  1. I agree, which is why I didn’t even mention it this morning. He was acquitted too, which makes it that much more of a non-story.

  2. mary smith said

    “Anyone who reads this blog knows…”

    Oh stop.

    What anyone who reads this blog while conscious knows is that every so often you pick a topic on which to support the opposition in order to boost your own credibility to push your agenda.

    Really, David. “Independent Republican”?! That might be a stretch right over the line for those who are not allowed to vote in the primary, and those who were unhappy to see the party line candidates who remain.

    You’re staunchly republican, stop adding this stuff about the other party and all the others. If you really believed the Republicans could win without the Independents, you’d be the first in line to dismiss the lot of them. You need them temporarily, and I suspect they already know this.

  3. hocomd said

    I don’t want to have coffee with you anymore 😦

    You may disagree but being staunchly republican doesn’t MEAN I AM BLIND, or condone smears. I call it like I see it.

    If you don’t like it read the disclaimer at the top of the page.

    Being an independent doesn’t give you license to question another persons sincerity either.

  4. Jim Adams said

    Hocomd, keep it clean.

  5. Jim Adams said

    Your half way there.

  6. hocomd said

    How is that edit Jim?

  7. mary smith said

    What sincerity? I sincerely want to know.

  8. mary smith said

    I want to see the unedited version, did something happen?

    Come on David. Let’s see what it looks like, a part of the permanent record.

  9. hocomd said


    Your comments have been very bitter lately. I didn’t perceive you as a bitter person. My perception was just the opposite. It was my impression that you were open minded, shared the same burden of certian bias’ like the rest of us, and enjoyed dialogue – not put downs.

  10. mary smith said

    Calling names again?

    Oh stop.

    I posed a question about sincerity. Should I look for an answer? It wasn’t rhetorical. It was sincere.

  11. mary smith said

    Now David,

    Moderating my comments? I’m the one of the most harmless commenters on this site.

  12. Jim Adams said

    Thank you.

  13. mary smith said

    And why the shouting, “MEAN I AM BLIND” ?

    Calm down.

    And use of the term ‘blind’ is not allowed here when not referencing the literal meaning, or are those Politically Correct speech restraints placed only on non-conservatives?

    Truly, that is my question. Again sincerely, and humbly,


  14. hocomd said

    I used a word and violated my own policy and Jim reminded me. I replaced the offending word with “mean I am blind.”

  15. mary smith said

    I guess the answers to my sincere questions are not forthcoming.

    Oh well. All I can do is ask.

  16. Jim Adams said

    Mary Smith, he was directing the word at himself, not you or any one else. He made the correction, as a Gentleman would. Trust me,it’s time to move on.

  17. mary smith said

    And, I’m still in moderation.

    Why so?

    a. It’s two weeks prior to the election and we can’t have this free speech thing messing up our chances to win.

    b. People like mary smith are not welcomed here

    c. fear

    d. all of the above

  18. hocomd said

    Your company IT department asked me to.

  19. mary smith said

    Now David,

    Is that nice?

    I used to think highly of you and even supported you for the position you wanted.

    Oh well.

    Have a nice evening in any case.

  20. mary smith said

    (fingers pressing forehead)

    Oh My Gosh, I can be so naïve. I get it now.

    The email you sent me from August, the information contained.

    You’re tracking reader/commenter employers. And birthdays too?! That one went whistling by me the first time. Addresses come from the same source as birthdays, so it’s logical to think those are being tracked as well. I/P addresses, the lot. The FBI passed up a good candidate here. Well, that is, if this is what they do to innocent people.

    This…..seems…..vaguely familiar….something. Oh! It’s in keeping with the national guys as well. There’s that link again. Nasty thing, that link.

  21. hocomd said

    Mona I mean Mary.

    Tracking IP addresses is a feature of blogs. For the most part they don’t tell me anything except the name of the ISP and the IP address they assigned you when you logged on.

    When Greg Fox is reviewing the blog I pretty much know it is Greg because I see the constellation domain name. I actually get a visitor from (Executive Office of the President). Same with your employer.

    When lets say Hayduke gets on I don’t know it because he might use or and I can’t tell who is who.

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  23. Jim Adams said


    You screwed up big time you worthless bag of horse manure.

  24. Bubba said

    Wow, looks like somebody is crying over endorsing a loser?

  25. Nanners said

    Oh Jim, sticks and stones, sticks and stones…Hocomd, I doubt you are losing sleep over Jim’s attacks but just in case he spiked your blood pressure for a second I want you to know that you sparked my interest in politics again(googled howard county blogs one day in July) and I started volunteering for Merdon in July. I haven’t worked on a campaign since the 80’s(worked for Helen Bentley). I will hopefully introduce myself to you at Merdon’s victory celebration:)

  26. hocomd said

    The best compliment I got in a long time. Thanks Nanner

  27. MBT said

    #23 – Jim – what is the name calling about? One post you are talking about David being a gentleman, and the next you offer nothing but vitriol. What gives?

  28. Jim,

    What on earth has happened to you?

  29. Freemarket said

    Jim- that was unintelligent and disrespectful. I think an apology is in order.

  30. hocomd said


    Just because I can see an ip address doesn’t mean I can pear through a person’s television screen.

    As I have stated repeatedly, all an IP address tells me is who the domain name belongs to ie: comcast, verizon, constellation. Sometimes I don’t get anything but an ip address.

    In this case I put 2 + 2 together and made a guess. You replied and confirmed it. If you replied and said I don’t know what you are talking about then I would have believed you.

    So, no. I don’t know who Ralph is. For all I know it could be Martin O’Malley (although I would probably get a domain on that – hmmm).

    No beheadings should be expected.

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