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Washington Post Endorses Ehrlich

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Read it yourself

It isn’t all glowing but here are some highlights

The Good

  • Proficient, pragmatic governor
  • He has chalked up successes on transportation, the environment and education
  • Those are real achievements — particularly when weighed against the monolith of Democratic dominance in the state legislature
  • Mr. Ehrlich was able to revive, accelerate and push through approval of a highway to connect interstates 270 and 95 north of the District, which would be the first major road to be built in the Maryland suburbs in years and one that is badly needed.
  • The “flush tax” bill, under which households pay a $30 annual fee to finance upgrades in sewage plants that pollute the Chesapeake Bay; it represents an important step toward cleaning the state’s waterways.

The Bad

  • Mr. Ehrlich could be a more effective governor if he applied himself more to the mechanics of governing and less to the skewering of his enemies on talk radio.

The Ugly

  • More worrisome yet is the fact that an O’Malley victory would herald a return to the brand of one-party Democratic rule that has served the state poorly in the past.

In closing

  • Mr. Ehrlich, for all his faults, has shaken up the old guard in Maryland politics — while appointing plenty of Democrats to his cabinet and judgeships. If he were wise, he would use a second term to start anew with the legislature and build on his record of achievement.

One Response to “Washington Post Endorses Ehrlich”

  1. Jim Walsh said

    I guess the Post thinks O’Malley’s a real loser.

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