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Patuxent Press Endorses Merdon

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, October 26, 2006

I call it a trifecta.  Dave Wissing calls it a hat trick (he is a hockey fan in case you were wondering).

Voters face a choice of not just two but three credible, qualified candidates to succeed James Robey.

Our endorsement goes to Republican Christopher Merdon.

Harper’s Choice Middle School principal C. Stephen Wallis has waged an admirable campaign on a shoestring as an independent and County Council Democrat Kenneth Ulman is an effective legislator with plenty of ideas.

But Merdon’s two terms on the County Council give him firm footing when it comes to knowing how the county government works. Perhaps more important is his experience as an executive in a large company, which will give him the wherewithal to manage an operation with a budget that exceeds a billion dollars.

In additon

District 1 – Courtney Watson (D)
District 2 – Gina Ellrich (R)
District 3 – Donna Thewes (R)
District 4 – Mary Kay Sigaty (D)
District 5 – Greg Fox (R)

See Dave’s comments for more.  I will add, I continue to support Tony and Tom.  I think they are teriffic and credible candidates worth voting and working for in order to win these seats on the County Counci.

In all I am please with the Merdon endorsement.  I am also pleased that I don’t owe anyone a Guinness but if you see me maybe I will buy you one to help celebrate.

In all, The Sun, Post and Patuxent endorsements are great.  The Democratic and Independent endorsements were better.  The real endorsement and the one that matters will come on November 7th.

Despite who you support in this election cycle just please vote.


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