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You could call it passion…

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, October 28, 2006

…I supposed.  Maybe it was inexperience. 

Remember this article in the Howard County Times from October 2003?

Ken Ulman has probably matured and wizened a lot since then.  I would hope that in three years we all have.  But I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the type of “demeanor” the 22 democrat and independent community activists that endorsed Merdon meant.

County Council, school board wrangle over budget proposal

The board”s cuts sparked anger from County Council member Ken Ulman, who, in the midst of the board”s Oct. 9 budget session, called two board members and demanded that they not cut projects he favored.

Ulman phoned board member Courtney Watson four times during the meeting and said he wanted to speak with her and Kaufman, Watson said.

When Watson and Kaufman called Ulman back during a break, Ulman lobbied for projects he favored. Watson said Ulman”s comments left her with the impression that he was lobbying for projects specific to the west Columbia district he represents.

After an argument _ which both Watson and Ulman now say was a misunderstanding _ Ulman became angry, cursed and hung up on the board members, Watson said.

Cuts draw criticism

Ulman this week said he has a right to try and influence the board.

“I was very upset and I continue to be upset at the cuts that were made,” he said, adding that he apologized to Watson for the tone of his comments but stood by their sentiment.

I don’t want to be accused of taking Luke Broadwater’s words out of context so here is the entire article for you to read.

In the event that Ken Ulman wins on November 7th I certainly hope that he has wizened a lot since 2003.  Because if he hasn’t and this is how he is going to treat people it will be a long and difficult four, perhaps eight, years. 

If this is how he treats two separately elected officials (one past and one future School Board Chairs) how is he going to treat the rest of the County’s employees?  Is this his management style?  Is this how to motivate people and “How to make friends and influence people”. 

Since this was Ken’s first experience with the budget perhaps this was an isolated incident or just simply his Cattail moment.

I don’t know.  However, he has to be feeling a lot of pressure.  He doesn’t plan on stopping at County Executive and if Merdon stops him here it will take him four to eight years to recover politically.

Merdon has a lot of momentum going into the final week.  Will Ken respond as he did to Watson and Kaufman or Sigaty and Lancos?  Well, we have about one week to go in the election cycle.  Lets see how Ken is going to try to make friends and influence the outcome of the election this time. 

Will it be negative and will he put his name on it?  Will he discuss his record and plan?  Will he continue to push therealchris?  Will he spring a “November Surprise”?


2 Responses to “You could call it passion…”

  1. jen said

    Wasn’t there another article like that in the Times about Mr. Ulman and Ms. Dottie Moore? Or am I thinking of something/someone else?

  2. hocomd said

    Yes, but it was the Baltimore Sun. No cussing either.

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