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Open Thread

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, October 30, 2006

Keep it clean and talk about anything you want.

Suggested topics:

  1. Does it matter if Ken Ulman’s father is helping him to launch a political career? 
  2. What are your impressions of Chris Merdon’s “Horatio Alger” story?
  3. How negative do you think this last week of electioneering will become?
  4. Do you think that Jim Robey’s attacks on Sandy Schrader’s support on women issues is meant to distract people from his tax issues?
  5. Is Frank Turner siding with developers or is this more negative campaigning?

21 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Freemarket said

    I don’t think it matters one iota that Ulman’s dad is helping him start a political career. Does it matter that George H. W. Bush helped George W. Bush? I don’t know any specific examples, but I would be willing to bet that Robert Kittleman helped Alan Kittleman start his political career also. So what if Ulman’s dad helped him? Other than making Ken’s arrogance that much more irritating, what difference does it make?

  2. hocomd said

    Freemarket, I agree.

  3. hocomd said

    Relative to point 4 above. This is regarding a mailer that discusses Frank Turner’s support for the exercise of Eminent Domain  legislation that would have permitted Baltimore County to utilize E.D. to take 1,600 homes for redevelopment. 2000, SB509

  4. Jackman said

    This issue isn’t only about 1,600 homes in eastern Baltimore County, you’ve got to include the creep factor in the equation. If Baltimmore COunty had been alowed to steal private property from the current land owners, other jurisdictions would have copied the practice. Frank Turner voted for the bill! It is his record. Negative campaigning is lying. The postcard with Frank Turner’s record on it is not a lie.

  5. To Freemarket said

    I believe in meritocracy. I don’t believe that someone should get a job because of who they are related to. See the Bill Gates, Jr. example under “Merdon Rakes”

    My issues re: Ken’s family connections are as follows:

    1 – Ulman touts his experience heavily, though it is likely much of his experience (even if truly reflected in his resume) was acquired due to his father. To me, it devalues the limited experience he does have.

    2 – Papa Ulman hired his son to work at his law firm while he was campaigning for County Council. I recall complaints in 2002 that Ken was “campaigning full-time” for the County Council position. I doubt that is the case, but I also have doubts as to whether Ken was held to the same standards (and grueling schedule) as other legal associates. If so, would it rise to an undeclared “in-kind” campaign contribution? I doubt we’ll ever know.

    I have other questions about Ken as well that would otherwise prevent me from voting for him. These questions (such as the resume questions, Comp Lite, maturity level, negative campaigning, spending inordinate amounts of money to buy the position, whether he is using the County positions as mere stepping stones, his willingness to listen to others, I could keep going) have been well-covered elsewhere on the site.

  6. Freemarket said

    To To Freemarket- Your point about the undeclared in-kind campaign contributions through employment with the old man’s firm is ludicrous. His father has at least 3 other partners in that firm, and if they have any concern for profits at all, would insist that Ken pull his own weight. Either provide some evidence for your claim, or quit spreading it, because it is complete speculation.

    You admit in your comment that you doubt the accuracy of the of the accusation that Ken was campaigning full time on daddy’s payroll, so why do you bring it up unless you aim to assassinate Ken’s record with falsehoods?

  7. MBT said

    As I remember correctly, Ken had to leave his father’s firm soon after being elected b/c of conflicts of interest with his position on council and some of his father’s firm’s clients, I think something to do with the public schools. That is why he has his own firm.

  8. Jim Adams said

    What makes a Good Republican???????

    An individual who places Republican party interest above the interest of other political parties.

    What makes an exceptional Republican???????

    A Republican who places the interest of the citizens above the interest of the party.

    Charlie Feaga has two Don Dunn lawn signs on his yard.

  9. observer said

    sorry you backed a losing candidate Jim, get over it. Greg Fox is infinitely more qualified than your guy, there is no comparison.

  10. Jim Adams said

    Observer, not watching any educatinal T.V. lately?. Just having fun, we both know who the best is. Have a nice day.

  11. Freemarket said

    MBT- I am not supporting Ken, but you do bring up a good example of his integrity. He left his “cushy” job with his old man to avoid a conflict of interest. It sounds to me like he did the right thing in that circumstance.

  12. observer said

    stop drinking the cool aid Jim

  13. Jim Adams said

    I’LL save some for you ,Observer. It’s a Dunn deal.

  14. observer said

    I like the pun, its nice to know you have a sense of humor

  15. MBT said

    Freemarket – I just brought it up as some background to the posting theme #1. I’m not sure he had any choice, but yes, he did the right thing.

  16. Fran said

    When is Jim Adams going to give up on the anti-Fox rhetoric and register as a Democrat? Get over it. Fox won! Thank God (or the-deity-of-your-choice)!

  17. Jim Walsh said

    Dave Osmundson, the Democratic House of Delegates candidate in Dist. 9-A (the Bates-Miller district), devotes virtually his entire campaign ad on what seems to be his apparent personal hot-button issue, “truth in pricing.” I am completely serious when I ask: Does anyone know what he is talking about?

  18. Jim Adams said

    Fran, Fran, Fran.

  19. Jim Adams said

    Hyduke, I tryed to post to your site, but was unable.

    Thanks for the response, to my question in reference to what you are reading, and what a great response from everyone else.

    Like you, my Christmas list has grown.

  20. hayduke said

    No problem, Jim. Thanks for asking. That was one of the more enjoyable posts to write.

  21. George Berkheimer said

    What Dave Osmundson is talking about: I’ve had this conversation with him myself. As I understand it, he would like to see product price tags list the total cost of the item including state tax, not simply the cost before tax. The argument is that it saves people mental gymnastics (hey, some people really can’t figure out 5%) and might cut down on the number of cash-strapped folks who clog register lines when they pull out their wallets and come up short because they forgot to consider sales tax when they loaded up their cart.

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